8 Best Statistics Online Courses and Classes [Updated March 2023]

Best Statistics Online Course Certifications


“Lies, damned lies and statistics” – Mark Twain


This famous quote has been used on several occasions to describe the persuasive power of numbers and statistics to support a weak argument. Though the quote had a negative connotation earlier, the essence still stands true that any statement backed with data will have greater weightage in decision making.


Statistics is a field of work that finds its relevance in almost all industries. Since, it involves gathering, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from vast data; it will not be an exaggeration to state that statistics is the lifeline of data-driven sectors such as science, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, government, information technology, business corporates, etc.


Even if you do not work in a data-driven industry, sound knowledge of statistical tools can help you make discoveries at work and bolster your career growth. Also, statistics, as a profession, is a high-demand and well-paid job.


If you want to study stats online, the web is flooded with numerous statistics online courses. Hence, choosing the right one for you can be a baffling task. To cut your search short, 12 experts at TrumpLearning, gathered, analyzed, and concluded a list of eight best online statistics courses and online stats classes that you can take up to master statistics. Read on to know what each statistics class online has in store for you.


8 Best Statistics Online Courses & Classes:

  1. Statistics for Business – I By IIMB [edX]
  2. Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis [Udemy]
  3. Introductory Statistics for College Credit [Statistics.com]
  4. Intro to Statistics [Udacity Statistics – Free Course]
  5. Basic Statistics Online Course By University of Amsterdam [Coursera]
  6. Data Science: Inference and Modeling [Harvard University]
  7. Become a Statistics and Probability Master [Udemy]
  8. Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z™[Udemy]
Statistics for Business – I By IIMB [edX]


Using statistics in business can facilitate better forecasts and ensure preparedness. Having statistical knowledge can also help you prevent your business from unscrupulous analyses. If you are a working professional or planning to opt for a business program, this online certificate in statistics is a course tailored for you.


This course is the first part of a four-course series on statistics online courses for business. The 5-week self-paced course is one of the best online statistics course to attend an online stats class. Under this course, you will learn about descriptive statistics using spreadsheets with real data on economics, finance, and HR as the medium of study.


Key take-away from these statics class online are:


  • A problem-solving approach to understanding data
  • Extensive use of tools to learn descriptive statistics
  • Hands-on experience in analyzing data using spreadsheet software
  • Ask relevant business questions and answer them using datasets
  • Understand probability – joint, marginal and conditional probability
  • Classify variables by scale and aggregate them with pivot tables
  • Learn and apply Bayes rule of probability


Enrolled by 61,482 students, this course is mentored by Shankar Venkatgiri, faculty at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. This is an intermediate course that would require 2-4 hours of effort per week. While you can enroll for it for free, you will have to pay a fee in case you wish to procure a verified certificate on completion.


Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis [Udemy]

If you want to build a career in data science, data analytics, business analytics, or simply wish to learn statistics irrespective of your career preferences, this is the basic statistics online course to opt for.


Marked as one of the best online statistics course on Udemy, the statistics classes online under this course will teach you the fundamentals in an easy and practical way. The course is choc-o-bloc with 92 high-quality video lessons spanned over 5 hours, 93 downloadable notes, quizzes, case studies, and constant mentor support. It also includes free excel templates for you to download and use.


Some of the topics covered in these statistics classes online are –

  • Fundamentals of statistics
  • Working with different types of data
  • Descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Measures of central tendency, asymmetry, and variability
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression analysis


The course has been curated by 365 Careers Team, the best-selling provider of finance and statistics online courses on Udemy. This basic statistics online course has been rated 4.5 with 72,737 students on board. You can purchase the course with a one-time fee that also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee and lifetime access to the resources. The course offers an online certificate in statistics after completing all the classes and assessments.


Review by Quentin Churet

Really concise course to be introduced to statistics. This really helps to understand the basics and emphasize to go deeper. A real good hands-on for newbies that want to understand statistics in a funny but clear way. I recommend.


Introductory Statistics for College Credit [Statistics.com]


College students seeking college credit or recognition can take up this course to learn introductory statistics. The course has been assessed and approved by the American Council on Education for academic credit recommendation. The content of this course is equivalent to a semester course in statistics.


The USP of the course is that it explains some complex and difficult statistical concepts in an easy-to-understand format by using real-world examples. Its content is based on the book – “Introductory Statistics and Analytics: A resampling Perspective” by Peter C Bruce.


The 8-week long statistics class online is divided into two parts – 4 weeks each.  The topics covered in each part are as follows:


Part 1 – Fundamentals of Probability and Study Design

  • Week 1 – Study Design, Statistical Significance
  • Week 2 – Categorical Data, Contingency Table
  • Week 3 – Probability, Random Sampling, The Bootstrap
  • Week 4 – Confidence Intervals


Part 2 – Basics of Inference and Association

  • Week 1 – Confidence Intervals for Proportion
  • Week 2 – Correlation and Simple Regression
  • Week 3 – Multiple Regression
  • Week 4 – Prediction; K-Nearest Neighbors


Students enrolling for this basic statistics online course will have access to course material, private discussion board, answers to exercises, and individual feedback. The course also mentions the list of software and add-ons you will require to practice the tools. Ranked high amongst statistics online courses, the online stats class requires 10-15 hours of study and review per week. The dates of commencement of the online stats class have been mentioned on the website.


The course is taught by Meena Badade who has more than 23 years of teaching experience in statistics. This is a one-time purchase course that comes with a money-back guarantee. You can also avail of academic or introductory discounts. Candidates enrolled will receive an ACE digital badge upon course completion. You will also be eligible for Mastery or Certificate Program Credit, CEUs, and Proof of Completion or ACE credit upon request or by passing an online assessment.


Review by Lily Gadamus
I very much enjoyed the Stats 1 and 2 classes, and I think your book and approach really are excellent. I have taken a variety of stats-type classes, including calculus-based probability, but the re-sampling gave me a much more intuitive understanding than any other approach.


Intro to Statistics [Udacity Statistics – Free Course]


Udacity is quite popular for its online courses in technology as they focus on fundamental skills and job readiness. They have both free courses and popular nanodegree programs.  The Udacity statistics course falls under the free course category offered by the School of Programming and Development on Udacity.


This beginner-level Udacity statistics course is one of the best online statistics course. It has been divided into six lessons or modules that will take two months to complete. The topics covered under this Udacity statistics course are:

  • Visualizing relationships in data and making predictions
  • Introduction to probability, Bayes rule, and correlations vs. causation
  • Estimation – mean, median, mode; standard deviation and variance
  • Outliers, quartiles, and normal distribution
  • Confidence intervals and hypothesis testing
  • Regression and correlation


The Udacity statistics course offers lifetime access to the free online stats class taught by Sebastian Thrun. However, it does not offer any online certificate in statistics. If you wish to get a certificate, undertake practice projects, get mentored by the instructor, and seek job assistance, you can opt for the paid nanodegree program – Introduction to Programming which is related to this Udacity statistics course.


Basic Statistics Online Course By University of Amsterdam [Coursera]


This is another beginners’ level Coursera statistics course that can help you understand the basics of statistics. This is the third course in five statistics online courses specialization in Methods and Statistics in Social Science. By taking this Coursera statistics course you will understand how statistics can be used to draw inferences in social and behavioral science.


This Coursera statistics course is offered by the University of Amsterdam. The instructors of the online stats class are Dr. Matthijs Rooduijn from the Department of Political Science and Emiel Van Loon, Assistant Professor at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics.


The statistics class online has been divided into eight modules that would take approx. 26 hours to complete. The topics covered in the online stats class are:

  • Basics of descriptive statistics
  • Correlation and regression
  • Concepts of probability  and probability distribution
  • Sampling distributions
  • Confidence intervals
  • Significance tests


The Coursera statistics course has a rating of 4.7 and has 182,708 students enrolled already. You can subscribe to the course with a 7-day full-access free trial. You can also avail of financial aid for this basic statistics online course. This course also offers an online certificate in statistics upon completion.


Data Science: Inference and Modeling [Harvard University]


Aspiring students and professionals already working in the field of data science can enroll for statistics online courses to earn an online certificate in statistics from Harvard University. Touted as one of the best online statistics course, the statistics class online under this course focus primarily on statistical inference and modeling, the two most widely used tools in data science.


This 8-week long basic statistics online course uses the case study of election forecasting to study the use of statistical tools. The course requires 1-2 hours of effort per week to complete and earn an online certificate in statistics.


Some of the other key topics covered under the online stats class include:

  • Concepts to define estimates and margins of errors to make predictions
  • Confidence intervals and p-values
  • Bayesian statistic and predictive modeling
  • Recreate a simplified version of an election forecast and apply it to the 2016 election


While this is an introductory course, it requires a basic understanding of probability in data science or the knowledge of probability in general. There are currently 79,379 enrollees for the self-paced statistics class online. The instructor of the course is Rafael Irizarry, Professor of Biostatistics at Harvard University. The course has been listed as a free course; however, you will have to pay an online fee to acquire a verified certificate.


Become a Statistics and Probability Master [Udemy]


If you are comfortable with basic arithmetic and algebraic equations, you can enroll yourself for this basic statistics course to become a statistics and probability master. Ranked best online statistics course amongst the statistic online courses, this course is loaded with bonus workbooks containing more than 600 practice questions to perfect your skills.


The course has at your disposal 11.5 hours of on-demand video divided into 118 lectures with lifetime access. There are 63 articles and 109 downloadable resources.  You can test your skills by taking up the in-built quizzes and ask help from peers and the mentor in the Q&A section.


The statistics classes online elaborate on the following topics:

  • Visualizing data – graphs, charts,  Venn diagrams and histograms
  • Analyzing data – Mean, median and mode; plus range and IQR; box-and-whisker plot
  • Data distributions – Mean, variance and standard deviation
  • Probability – Union vs. intersection, independent and dependent events, and Bayes’ theorem
  • Discrete random variables – binomial, Bernoulli, Poisson and geometric random variables
  • Sampling – types of studies, bias and sampling distribution; confidence intervals
  • Hypothesis testing – inferential statistics, test statistics, and p-values
  • Regression – scatterplots, correlation coefficient, RMSE, and chi-square


The best online statistic course is taught by Krista King, a math tutor. This basic statistics online course has a rating of 4.6 and has 35,915 students already enrolled for the statistics class online. The course can be purchased with a one-time payment and offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. You will also earn an online certificate in statistics on completing all the classes.


Review by Malvina Pushkova
It is a great course, and if you are interested in statisctics I highly recommend it. Thanks to Krista for answering my numerous questions - I understand that was not easy. :)


Statistics for Business Analytics and Data Science A-Z™[Udemy]


Planning to make a career in data science or business analysis? The last in our list of statistics online courses is this Udemy course. This course promises to cover the core stat concepts from A to Z using real-world examples and help you bolster your career growth. The statistics class online comprise 42 lectures spread over six hours of on-demand video content. The entire course has been divided into six modules that will cover the following concepts:


  • Understanding normal distribution and t-distribution
  • Difference between continuous and discreet variables
  • Understanding the Central Limit Theorem
  • Hypothesis testing for means
  • Z-score and Z-tables
  • Creating confidence intervals
  • Understanding potential pitfalls of overusing p-values


The statistics class online in this course has been created by Kirill Eremenko, a data science management consultant along with the SuperDataScience Team. In the list of statistics online courses, this one has a rating of 4.4 and has 37,161 students on board. The course can be bought with a one-time fee along with a 30-days money-back guarantee. It also offers lifetime access to the course content along with an online certificate in statistics.


Review by Rishabh Nagaich
Brilliant course. The approach, real-life examples and the flow of the course have been well thought. Thoroughly enjoyed working on this course.



Learning statistics comes with a host of benefits and prospects as the future will hugely rely on data for important decision making. This brings us to the end of our list of best statistics online courses. If you are a beginner, the content and scope of these courses may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But trust us; our experts have scoured the internet in-depth to bring you the statistics online courses that are easy to understand and access. You can earn an online certificate in statistics and post it on your CV to make your profile stand out in the crowd. The statistics online courses mentioned above are affordable for college students and many of them do have the option of financial aid or have discount coupons.  Sit back, think it through, and then go ahead with the best online statistics course to learn statistics online. If you are already enrolled in an online Statistics course and are struggling with assignments, then we recommend TAE for statistics assignment help


Best Statistics Online Course Certifications Reviewed by 12 Statistics Experts 4.5
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