10 Best SEO Courses, Certification & Training Online [Updated March 2023]

Best SEO Course Certification Training Online


So you’ve learnt (probably from friends) that digital marketing is one of the promising sectors and how your friends are making their careers in it. And now you also want to do the same. When you dig a little deeper you find that SEO specifically is something that interest you and now you are at a point where you are looking out for the best SEO course online. At TrumpLearning, 10+ digital marketing experts have compiled a list of the best SEO courses and training programs that will help you learn the ropes in the right manner. But before we get down to the actual list, it is prudent to note that essentially there are 2 kinds of SEO courses –

  • Foundation SEO Courses that will touch upon the basics and will make the learners aware about everything. Ultimately putting everything into practice is the responsibility of the learner.
  • Extensive SEO training programs that not only provides theoretical concepts but lets learners implement them under the course. Such courses are generally longer in duration and follow up with a SEO certification.


10 Best SEO Courses Online For SEO Basics

  1. SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites
  2. SEO For WordPress [Beginners]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO System
  3. Complete SEO Training With Top SEO Expert Peter Kent!
  4. SEO Courses On
  5. SEO Fundamentals
  6. SEO Training Course by Moz (Free Course on Udemy)
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization (5 courses in 1 on Coursera)
  8. Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course
  10. Certified Search Marketing Professional - SEO & Google Ads (DMI SPECIALIST)
SEO 2020: Complete SEO Training + SEO for WordPress Websites


With over 9 hours of video lectures in this course with almost 47,000 enrollments, this is one of the most trusted and sought after SEO course by students who begin their journey. This SEO training course makes use of 40 SEO factors to try and claim the first spot for all your articles on your Wordpress website. It is based on a keyword research of 10,000 keywords and 30 SERPs from 2014 to 2018. Further, for every SEO factor, you’ll learn what that particular SEO factor is, why is that an SEO factor and when and how to use them? Through this course you will be able to:
  • Learn all the 13 Technical SEO factors
  • Make a website that loads in less than 0.5 seconds
  • Increase sales/conversions by as much as 2x
  • Improve the User Experience (UX) of your website
  • Learn exactly what type of backlinks you should be aiming to build
  • Know which are the best free SEO tools
Reviews by student:
I believe this is one of the best fundamentals courses I have found. This course provides great step by step practices to setting up your Wordpress site with the right plugins to ensure great page speed and search engine optimisation. Truly a great resource, well organised and well presented.
Lyndon Friend


SEO For WordPress [Beginners]: #1 Step-by-Step SEO System


Generally majority of people start their SEO journey by making a blog on Wordpress and then work towards ranking the content. This online SEO course is just the right recipe for those kind of people. It takes the learner on a detailed path of ranking the content and even delves into issues like choosing the right web hosting that would help in improving the rankings. So much so it'll show you just how to assess your entire internet site with a couple of clicks in much less than 5 minutes, and then work towards fixing the problem areas. Key USPs
  • One of the most practical and tactical SEO courses online.
  • Delves into topics like choosing SEO optimized domain name (though we don’t agree with this), competent hosting, keyword research, how to write SEO optimized content, how to use permalinks, Wordpress plugins, backlinks and many more.
  • 10 Hour On-demand videos with 5 downloadable resources
Reviews by student:
Very straight forward,I was able to grasp a solid understanding of the basics of SEO. Kent was direct and explained concepts well, to make this course better in my opinion, it would have helped to engage in some SEO activities/exercises to get the feel of it.
Victor Gbenjo


Complete SEO Training With Top SEO Expert Peter Kent!


Though one could find lots of SEO courses online but rarely one would find a course that is taught by a published author. Peter Kent who authored the best selling Search Engine Optimization for Dummies takes learners through all the building blocks of SEO namely how to pick the right keywords, how to prepare SEO optimized content, meta tags, link building, local SEO etc. This is the perfect course to be taken up by beginners and would lay a solid foundation to become an expert in the field. Key USPs -
  • One of the best beginners’ course in SEO; can be taken up by bloggers and small business owners
  • Spread over 8 hours of On-demand video lectures and 45 articles, covers almost all of the basic stuff.
Reviews by student:
I have a lot of experience with application development, user interfaces, and programming languages. I am very familiar with browser/HTML programming also. But getting started with SEO has really dumb founded me. I am looking forward to simple, structured list of tasks that I need to understand.
Mike Granberry


SEO Courses On


Though it is not just one course but a series of SEO courses on LinkedIn Learning that find their place on this list. LinkedIn Learning has plethora of micro courses that focus on each aspect of SEO and therefore cover the entire landscape. For example – SEO Foundations looks at the building blocks and takes learners through concepts like how search engines work, how to build content, how to analyze links, how to do technical SEO etc. If you were to summarize this SEO course in few words, it would be – “The How Course on SEOSEO: Keyword Strategy then goes to great depths in exploring perhaps the most important aspect of SEO, keyword research. It looks at advanced topics like finding searcher’s intent from keywords, drawing insights from PPC campaigns, using advanced keyword management tools etc. Key USPs –
  • Plethora of SEO courses online to choose from.
  • Extensive courses for individual topics like Link Building Course or Local SEO
  • Free to start i.e First Month is Free


SEO Fundamentals


In this SEO course, you will discover the fundamentals of SEO as well as learn how specific Search Engine Optimization strategies will certainly help your site weather the continual search uncertainties. No prior experience with Search Engine Optimization is required for this training course. Paul, the primary trainer of this course, is VP of Multimedia at Qu3stion Media as well as Co-Founder of the free Pinterest tool PinAlerts. He specializes in SEO, material advertising, and Pinterest advertising and marketing. Key USPs -
  • Establishing domain strategies
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Deploy methods to build trusted links
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Doling out the right content for your site
  • Extrapolate and compile your research data
  • 10 Day Free Trial


SEO Training Course by Moz (Free Course on Udemy)


This 3.5 hour video course gives you a world of insights into the world of SEO and handy tools, tips and tricks for the same. This course has enough content that has landed a few students a good job in respectable companies. Oh, by the way, did we tell you that this is considered the best SEO course online for freeloaders as it is free to enroll in? And the best part is that it comes from the stable of Moz, the gold standard in SEO tools. This course helps you with:

  • Auditing the site and creating a structure
  • Basics of keyword research
  • On-page SEO fundamentals
  • Banging featured snippets
  • Developing a sound content strategy
  • Creating a professional report of your results
Reviews by student:
This experience is helpful in improving my skills and learn new concepts to eventually land my dream job as a social media specialist for a reputable organization. I highly recommend the tools in this course to anyone. it opens a world of insight into strategies that are effective to see results.
Kenneth Mubu


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization (5 courses in 1 on Coursera)


This 5-course specialization is an extraordinarily long and exhaustive SEO training program teaching the concepts behind Google search and other online search engine algorithms. You'll develop from scratch useful, real-world abilities that can be put to use in digital marketing or online content development. On-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for neighborhood as well as international target markets, carrying out search-focused site audits, and aligning Search Engine Optimization with a company’s SEO methods are some of the few things taught in this course. Each course is intended to build on the skills from the previous training course; hence, we recommend you take the courses in the order they are noted. The expertise you gain finishes in a hands-on Capstone Job, in which you will apply your skills to a thorough Search Engine Optimization consulting job. Courses under the specialization are – With this SEO course you will:
  • Learn to do a competitive analysis on a web page
  • Develop a solid approach
  • Have a productive relationship with the client
  • Construct data analysis on social shares of articles
  • Learn how to present the recommendations to your client
  • Create professional reports
  • Comes with brand name of University of California
Reviews by student:
Without Coursera, it would be difficult for me to gain the skills I need to maintain a consistent pace of learning, especially while working full-time.
Dapeng W.


Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO


Via this advanced course you will discover the basics of content advertising and marketing, social media sites ecosystems and just how these interconnected channels define search engine results. You would also utilize digital marketing tricks and social media sites as part of your SEO technique, and learn how to utilize influencer marketing to establish a site's authority. Some of the highlights of the Coursera SEO certification are:
  • Higher SEO rankings through content marketing campaigns
  • Building a meaningful relationship with influencers
  • Forming collaborations with influencers in any niche
  • Knowing which content is getting shared the most
  • Establishing a meaningful communication with your audience
  • Creating world class content
Reviews by student:
Coursera’s rigorous assignments and broad range of subjects encourage me to keep up with my courses. The quality of the teachers keeps me coming back.
Sandra O.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course


Combining information, analytics, content marketing, and effectiveness with HTML and technical website optimization, this SEO course will unlock the potential of your marketing efforts. This course will enable you to find out the most recent tools, techniques, as well as ideas while obtaining hands-on experience with interactive projects and labs. This advanced Search Engine Optimization course will transform you right into a full-stack SEO specialist driving continuous traffic to your site's most critical pages. As you gradually become a master, you will certainly understand the many elements of SEO consisting of keyword research study, technological aspects of Search Engine Optimization, link building, analytics, and also much more. Key USPs:
  • More than 20 industry projects based on real-life
  • Learn how to use Google Trends and Search Console
  • Understanding advanced web analytics
  • Full-scale knowledge of understanding and planning websites
  • Effect of design and architecture of a website on traffic
  • Full money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied
Reviews by student:
Simplilearn’s Advanced SEO course is a good springboard for the traditional marketers.
Marko Stefan


Certified Search Marketing Professional - SEO & Google Ads (DMI SPECIALIST)


This course will imbibe SEO expertise in you after which you won’t be just playing the digital advertising and marketing game any longer, but drive and transform it altogether. This vibrant online search optimization course provides you the knowledge, techniques, and superior skills to be that driving power. This course provides you with the logical reasonings, analytical abilities and devices to become a leading player in the digital phase. With this 30-hour online SEO training, you can create a compelling and dynamic digital strategy, see it manifest right into real-life, and as a business-changing activity. Each module is a block of expertise in itself and ultimately create a leading Certified Search Advertising and Marketing Professional that is you. This course helps you learn:
  • All about paid search
  • What ranks an SEO content
  • Useful skills through a no-nonsense SEO workshop
  • Display advertising tricks
  • Interpretation of Google Analytics data
  • Planning your content and strategy



This rounds up our article on how to gain in-depth knowledge about SEO through the basic and some advanced SEO training. Do share with us your results, experiences and queries, if any! We would be glad to help. And if you are looking for the next step to take in your SEO learning then do try these:


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