8 Best Podcasting Courses & Classes [Updated March 2023]

Best Podcasting Training Courses Classes


Podcasting is easy, in a layman’s terms. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can pick up a phone, start recording and upload the mp3 file. Then why do you need to take good podcasting classes? Because even though podcasting might be easy, quality podcasts with good content are far more difficult to make and require expertise and a step-by-step strategy. While the expertise part comes with practice and recording multiple podcasts, a step-by-step strategy can be easily found in good podcasting courses. They not only tell you how to make a good podcast, but also about the various technical requirements, content planning, growth strategy, monetization options and post-production measures.


Thus, we at TrumpLearning, along with a team of 10 experts have curated this list of the 8 best podcasting courses to help you learn from the cream of the market. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!


8 Best Podcasting Courses, Training & Classes

  1. How to Start a Podcast - Podcasting Made Easy [Udemy]
  2. Professional Podcast Production, Editing & Blueprint [Udemy]
  3. The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide to Podcasting [Udemy]
  4. GarageBand: Podcasting [LinkedIn]
  5. The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling [FutureLearn]
  6. Power-Up Podcasting® - Pat Flynn Podcasting Course [Smart Passive Income]
  7. Podcasting Courses [Podcast Host Academy]
  8. Planning Your Podcast [The School Of Podcasting]
How to Start a Podcast - Podcasting Made Easy [Udemy]


Our first podcasting training course of the series is a 9-hour course with 10 downloadable resources which teaches you about the fundamentals to start your own podcast. You will start off with some very basic topics like choosing the right microphone, quickly publishing your first episode, and then move on to topics like the role of Apple and iTunes in your podcast journey, improving your rankings, conducting interviews and building your fan following across the globe. The podcast training course does not require you to know anything beforehand apart from the basic computer handling skills. Please note that the podcast training course does not talk about selecting a topic or a niche. It would be helpful if you have already done so.


Important lessons covered in the podcast training course are:
  • Why Should You Start a Podcast?
  • Can you 'Charge' listeners for your show? Yes!
  • Title, Description and Popular Keywords for Your Show
  • Recording Audio Options: Microphones
  • Repurpose Google Hangouts into a Podcast Episode


Reviews by student:
I am really excited to go forward with the course. Content is easy and consistent at the same time. Maybe the only thing I don't like is to include external links at this early stage of the course. It is a little bit disrupting


Professional Podcast Production, Editing & Blueprint [Udemy]


This is a relatively short 4-hour podcasting training course with 14 downloadable resources where you will study about setting up podcast recording studio equipment, audio mastering, creating a Wordpress website and putting the podcast on iTunes. Further, you will also learn about using a mixer,  recording interviews using Skype, having a podcast distribution system, engineering raw recordings etc. The podcast training course does not require you to have any prerequisite knowledge and will tell you about the equipment you would require. As always, just like other Udemy podcasting classes, this course too is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Primary topics covered in this podcast training course are:
  • Mastering Audio with Audacity and Taking Podcast Notes
  • Using GarageBand to Create your Podcast
  • Getting a Domain and Built a Custom WordPress site from Scratch
  • How Podcast Statistics Work
  • Mock Art - Planet Money
  • How to Record a Three Person Podcast


Reviews by student:

You really helped me to understand what I must do to create great podcasts. I needed this to bring back the understanding and experience I had put away for a long time. Now that I am building my network this was key. Great to refer to when stuck as well. Great work. Thank you.

Dustin Faulkner


The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide to Podcasting [Udemy]


In this 5.5-hour podcasting training course you will get step-by-step instructions on how to record and launch a podcast for growing your business using modern techniques of digital marketing. You will be starting off with simple topics like starting, growing, and monetizing your own podcast. From there you will get an insight about topics like building your podcast brand, editing your own podcast with free and professional apps, and dealing with sponsorships, products, affiliate marketing, and donations. The podcast training course does not require you to have any prerequisite knowledge and can be taken by anybody who is willing to learn.


A few takeaways from this podcast online course are:
  • How to Source Interviewees
  • Adobe Audition: Make Your Audio Sound Better
  • Hosting with BuzzSprout
  • Validating Your Podcast Feed
  • Creating Show Notes for Your Episodes
  • Creating a YouTube Version


Reviews by student:

I'm working to start a new podcast and I think Phil is the greatest teacher. I'm looking forward to letting you guys know how it goes.

Bernard Wooten


GarageBand: Podcasting [LinkedIn] In this 2-hour 18-minute intermediate level podcasting training course you would get insights into how you can start your own podcast. And you would be doing it through Garage Band which is one of the most easy to use and inexpensive tools in the market. The podcast course serves as a step by step guide into making a high quality podcast, publishing it, planning, recording your content, choosing the right gear, and configuring GarageBand in the right way. Further down the road once your audio is recorded, you would learn how you can edit the recording, add music to it, and apply the desired effects.


Core concepts covered in the podcast online course are:
  • Developing your show's format
  • Selecting your microphones
  • Adding and arranging other content
  • Publishing through libsyn.com
  • Adding music to your podcast
  • Submitting your show to directories


The Power of Podcasting for Storytelling [FutureLearn]


This is a free 2-week podcasting training course, run by University of Wollongong Australia, where you will start off with the very basic concepts of podcasting like planning, writing and publishing your own podcast. Further down the road you will also get to study intricate questions like what a podcast is and why exactly it’s deemed so powerful for storytelling. Also, the podcasting class will teach you how to develop your own script for every episode and how to never run out of content ideas for every episode. Finally, you will also get to know about the various platforms available for publishing your podcasts and how to choose the best one that suits your needs. You are suggested to devote at least 3 hours per week to the podcasting course.


Important concepts that you will study in this podcast online course are:
  • Elements of a podcasting narrative
  • How to combine elements authentically
  • Software and hardware required for producing a podcast
  • Writing a narrative to suit audio
  • Different genres of podcast
  • Introduction to finding good talent


Power-Up Podcasting® - Pat Flynn Podcasting Course [Smart Passive Income]


Power Up Podcasting is a step-by-step Pat Flynn podcast course that will help you in launching a successful podcast. You will also learn some tips and tricks of the trade so that not only does your podcast get found easily but it also grows your online brand. The Pat Flynn podcast course also tackles questions like the kind of equipment and software you should use and making sure that you land interviews with big-name guests. Further down the road, you will also study other concepts like getting your show loaded into Apple Podcasts and making sure that people find it easily after the show goes live. The Pat Flynn podcast course has been designed in such a way so that you can master a lot of technical stuff.


Primary topics that you will study in this Pat Flynn podcast course are:
  • Planning Your Podcast Episodes
  • Recording and Editing Your Show
  • Preparing Your Audio File for The World
  • Your Launch Plan and How Rankings Work
  • What to Do After Getting Approved by Apple Podcasts
  • Getting Exposure on Directories


Note: Pat Flynn podcasting course is perhaps one of the most known brands out there. Pat has built his online empire riding on this course.


Podcasting Courses [Podcast Host Academy]


The Podcast Host Academy platform has a plethora of podcasting courses to get you started on your podcast journey and it includes even more podcasting classes to take things further from there. Every podcasting class contains 3 kinds of instruction medium i.e video to show you how, text for skimming & revision purposes, and audio for learning on the go. For the sake of simplicity, we will be talking about the 3 different podcasting courses here to give you a fair idea of what quality to expect from the platform.


These podcasting courses deal with various aspects of podcasting and the 3 that we are mentioning are specifically related to the initial setup and recording, post recording and production aspects, and the monetizing part of any podcast. All the great podcasting classes should cover all 3 aspects in detail as they are crucial to the success of any new podcast.

Planning for Success

This is a 2-hour podcasting training course with 96 in-depth lessons, 50 video tutorials, 47 text guides and 18 action-prompting tasks where you will learn about planning a successful show, the equipment & the production tricks to record smooth, professional audio and strategy to launch your podcast, promote it & grow your audience. The podcast online course has been taught by Colin Gray, who is the CEO of The Podcast Host.


A few key things you will come across in this podcasting course are:
  • Getting to Know the Medium
  • Defining Your Audience
  • Choosing Your Show Format
  • Creative Podcast Names

Audacity Podcast Production

The second podcasting training course on our list is of around 2-hours in length and contains 42 in-depth lessons, 42 video tutorials, and 28 action-prompting tasks. Here the focus lies on what to do after you get started, and delve deep into audio editing. Further, you will also learn about various tools, tricks & techniques to craft smooth and professional audio. And lastly, you will also have access to but written summaries & actionable tasks to help you get more success. This course has been taught by Matthew McLean who is the Head of Audio Production.


Main topics covered in this podcast online course are:
  • Difference Between a Stereo and Mono Track
  • Minimise Mic Pops With EQ
  • Auto Ducking & Recording With 2 Microphones
  • Creating an MP3 With LAME

How to Make Money with your Podcast

What this 47 minute podcasting training course with 38 in-depth lessons, 36 video tutorials, 2 text guides, and 2 action-prompting tasks will be teaching is pretty self explanatory. The podcasting class delves into concepts like earning early on with affiliate advertising & growing through sponsorships, creating your own income streams based on the expertise and credibility your podcast shows and looking at various other options of monetization like Kickstarters and Patreon. This podcast online course has also been taught by the CEO of The Podcast Host, Colin Gray.


Lessons learnt from this podcast online course include:
  • How Do Online Merch Stores Work
  • Popular Mainstream Affiliate Programs
  • Coaching, Mentorship, & Guidance
  • Finding Your First Few Clients


Planning Your Podcast [The School Of Podcasting]


The ultimate podcast online course on our list takes you through all the steps required to be done and whatever you need to know before pressing the record button. Not only will you learn how to brainstorm ideas for your shows so that your podcast goals line up with your content, but you will also work towards defining a goal and building your brand. Further down the road you will also be diving into other subtle topics like how, where, and when you will podcast, different recording techniques, different pieces of equipment needed and which ones can be avoided, and finally have a rough idea what it will cost to launch your podcast. The podcasting class has been taught by Dave Jackson who is an award winning podcaster.


Primary concepts uncovered in this podcast online course are:
  • Planning Your Podcast
  • Standing Out From The Crowd
  • Recording Primer
  • Understanding All The Puzzle Pieces
  • Recommended Podcast Gear
  • Mixing and Matching Recording Styles


And with this we come to the end of our article on the best podcasting courses. Our suggestion to you is to not to get too confused and pick the one which seems more appropriate. Podcasting is not just about picking up a recording device and starting to talk. It needs proper planning, execution and post publish strategy and for this going through good podcasting classes is essential. With these words, we take your leave and promise to come back with another awesome article. In case you have any suggestions or queries, please don’t hesitate to ask us and write. We would be happy to reply!


Best+Free Podcasting Classes & Training Courses Reviewed by 10 Podcasting Experts 4.5
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