Phonics Learning Online: 6 Best Online Phonics Classes [Updated June 2023]

Best Online Phonics Classes


Learning phonics is vital as it helps the students map out the sounds into spelling. It gives them the ability to decode words, which are instrumental in understanding the text. By enrolling in successful online phonics classes, early learners will be better equipped to read and understand new words. This is a vital skill and takes students into the next reading stage, that is, comprehension. These are the two building blocks of reading skills pyramid. 


Learning phonics should start as early as possible. You can enrol your child in online phonics classes when they are only two to four years of age for best results. Being a parent, we understand that you are overburdened with responsibilities. So, to select a course which is best suited for your little one from the available courses might be a task for you. For this reason, TrumpLearning along with a phonics expert team, shortlisted six of the best phonics courses. Here, we will discuss all of them one by one. 


6 Best Online Phonics Classes & Courses

  1. Teaching Phonics In Early Childhood - Queensland University Of Technology [FutureLearn]
  2. Learn English Phonics for Beginners [Udemy]
  3. ESL: How to Teach Phonics, Methods, and Games [Skillshare]
  4. Fun Reading with Phonics For Parents, Carers, and New Teacher [Udemy]
  5. All About Reading [All About Learning Process]
  6. ABC Phonics classes for kids and teens [Berlitz]
Teaching Phonics In Early Childhood - Queensland University Of Technology [FutureLearn]


About the course 

Right at the top of the online phonics classes list is the course offered by the Queensland University of Technology. With a rating of 4.6, it truly is one of the best courses for phonics learning online. This is a two-week course and demands a weekly study duration of an hour. All of the classes in this course take place online. So, you can try these online phonics classes for free. However, if you wish to avail yourself of some additional benefits, you will have to bear an additional fee of $59.


Your mentor will explicitly and intentionally teach you the relationship between sounds and letters through play-based pedagogies throughout this course.


What will you learn? 

Some of the major outcomes of this phonics learning online include:


  1. Understanding what phonics is.
  2. Understanding the meaning of code-related literacy.
  3. Knowing and understanding the importance of phonics right from early childhood.
  4. Learning some evidence-based strategies for imparting phonics if you take up a tutor's role in the future.


When should you start?


You can start with this phonics learning online right away as it needs no prerequisites. So, without a hassle, begin learning at your pace. To enroll in this online phonics training, keep an eye on their website for course commencement dates.


Learning outcomes 

By the end of this online phonics training, you will be in a position to:


  1. Define code-related literacy, which includes phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, and phonics.
  2. Explain and learn why learning and teaching code-related literacy is vital.
  3. Work out the perfect strategy for teaching code-related literacy in the early childhood setting.


Who should take up this course? 

The phonics learning online course is an introductory, general course designed for anyone supporting children in preparing for school, such as educators, parents, workers in the ECEC or the early childhood education, education leaders, and early primary school teachers etc. For Australian educators, the phonics learning online course well aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.


Learn English Phonics for Beginners [Udemy]

About the course 

Next, in line for the phonics learning online course is a professional course by Udemy. It is a brilliant online phonics training course, which has an overall rating of 4.0.


This online phonics training course will introduce you to the proper pronunciation of English sounds, which will help you continue improving your English. By virtue of the phonics learning online course, you can recognize different English sounds and pronounce them rightly. Further, with this online phonics training, you will be better equipped to read and write English correctly via the proper use of  different English sounds.


This online phonics course comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So, if amidst the first thirty-days of taking the course you feel dissatisfied with what's being taught, you can seek a full refund. The Udemy phonics learning online schedule comprises one hour of on-demand video and 41 downloadable resources. This course comes with full lifetime access.


So, you will have access to the resources all through your life. This implies that if there is ever any confusion, you can always go back and revise the course. You can view the course on your TV and mobile. Following the completion of this online phonics course, you will be rewarded with a shareable certificate of completion.


What will you learn? 

  1. Being able to read and write English fluently and correctly.
  2. Learning to differentiate between the sounds and letters in English.
  3. Learning Jolly Phonics that will make them equipped to write and read using phonics.


What do you need? 

For undertaking these online phonics classes, you need two things:


  1. Understanding and knowledge of the English alphabet.
  2. Primary knowledge of words and letters


Who should take up this course? 

This online phonics course is perfect for English beginners.


Reviews by student:
It was nice as it enhanced my knowledge regarding phonics. It was helpful as it matches my current senerio. Thank you
Sunitha Bai R


ESL: How to Teach Phonics, Methods, and Games [Skillshare]


About the course 

In part one of the phonics learning online course, the student will learn all the essential sounds and the associated TPR (Total Physical Response) actions. Further, you will be taught how to use them with  activities and games in a classroom setting. Through this course, the student will learn how to draft lesson plans that emphasize phonics and structure them properly to pick the relevant materials that cater to the class's needs. This course will present to you precise steps that are needed to offer the young learners the apt chance to get the grip with phonics from the first day itself.


In part two of this Skillshare’s phonics learning online, the students will get a clear Phonics demo, and the mentor will discuss why it is ideal for preparing for this course. Further, you will also be taught the steps, which are needed to help you perform better. The course also has vital sections on the CVC words, examples, and the importance of the final and nitial sounds for young learners.  


Reviews by student:
The teacher referred to lesson or part five, but there were only three videos. I wonder if he has other classes he is referring to? This was a good introduction to teaching English as a second language to young kids. I liked the actions used with each letter. Thanks!
Sara G


Fun Reading with Phonics For Parents, Carers, and New Teacher [Udemy]

About the course 

Leading the way forward for phonics learning online, we have a course by Udemy. This online phonics course is widely preferred by young learners and has a rating of 4.3.


Taking up your phonics learning online, you will understand the basics of phonics as a pivotal reading strategy. The course provides you with an introduction to phonics and offers you all the vital tools that can help lay a foundation for your reading fluency.


In every section of this online phonics training, your mentor will discuss with you several reasons for using phonics. Further, through this course, you will also get access to a bunch of colorful resources, which hold a market value of more than seventy dollars. The mentor will continually attempt to ensure that you have the right hands-on-practice for every concept taught in the class. You can download these resources directly from within this online phonics course and revisit them anytime later.


As you proceed through the four critical stages of this  online phonics training: 

  1. You will be in a position to help your child match the sounds with the letters.
  2. You will be thorough with the use of the alphabet over the letter names.
  3. Further, as you progress through the course, you will learn the sequence phonemes, a few crazy actions (TPR), and a variety of picture cues that your child enjoys thoroughly.
  4. You will also learn and explore several techniques that present the first 100 sight or high-frequency words, which may be slightly tricky as they are not easy to decode.
  5. Next, you will move ahead to the digraphs, which can be a bit tricky. Herein, you will learn and understand the different kinds of digraphs and how to present the same to your child so that they can read more complicated words and texts.


Your primary instructor for the course, Brenda Martin, is indeed a specialist in phonics training. She is also an elementary and primary school teacher with experience of over 35 years in the UK and overseas. In this Udemy phonics learning online, Brenda has genuinely simplified the use of phonics for the parents and the teachers who are beginners in the field.


These online phonics classes come with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. It means that in the first month of taking up the course if you are not satisfied with what's being taught in this class, you can seek a refund. This course comprises 1.5 hours of on-demand video and 21 downloadable resources. Further, you get complete lifetime access to this course. You can view the course on your TV and mobile. Following the completion of the course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.


Why should you go for phonics learning online? 

This Udemy phonics learning online will help you understand the prime reason for Synthetic Phonics' popularity and its importance and value in reading strategy. Further, the phonics learning online course will also teach you letter sounds and the linking of these sounds to the letter names via the use of picture cues and actions. If your child has English as the second language, this online phonics course will be beneficial as it will help you know the correct usage of phonics. Further, with this Udemy phonics learning online course, the child will learn the correct pronunciation of the English words and sounds.


Moreover, the course will also help your child decode words with the use of techniques for blending and segmenting. With this online phonics course, the child will be able to identify the sight words, that is, the high-frequency words in isolation and context. You can employ easy monitoring tools to check the progress that your child has been showcasing with this course's progression. Using the course material, you can prepare your resource library too.


What do you need? 

The sole requirement for taking up this phonics learning online course is that you have the will and desire to teach young learners to read using phonics either at home or in the classroom setting. Further, for these online phonics classes, it will be better if you had a printer. It will enable you to download and employ the materials and resources.


Who should take up this online phonics course? 

  1. These online phonics classes are designed for care-takers or parents who wish to have a better understanding of phonics to support and stimulate the child's better reading development.
  2. Further, these online phonics classes will also be helpful for assistants or teachers, primarily the ESL teachers who are starting in this field. Teachers or parents of children who do not have English as their first language. This online phonics course can help you better your English sound pronunciation from the early stage itself.


Reviews by student:
Wow! I never expected to learn this much from a course that was only $14. This really exceeded my expectations. I love how each lesson was broken down and had additional resources. I will be taking more courses from Udemy in the future.
Jodi Shiraishi


All About Reading [All About Learning Process]


About the course 

Next, in line, we have an engaging and fun program, which has everything that a student probably needs to become a fluent reader in life.


Through this online phonics training course, you can get ready to make reading the most preferred subject of every student. In all, it is a developmentally appropriate and delightful method for the students to learn to read.


By virtue of this open-and-go, scripted online phonics training course, the tutors, teachers, and busy parents will benefit who wish to impart the right knowledge of reading in the most effective manner possible. You can pick a placement test or a level, which can help you get started.


Some of the levels which are included in this online phonics training course are listed below:


1. Pre-reading Program 

This is crafted for the kindergarteners and the pre-schoolers and helps build a solid foundation for helping you read better. Though this level may feel a lot like play, your child will 100 percent learn some of the most vital pre-reading skills with it.


2. Level 1 

This covers the letter sounds for all the alphabets from A to Z, and the consonant teams, that is, NK, NG, CK, CH, SH, and TH. In this level, the mentor will impart several colorful games and activities that reinforce the lessons. Herein 52 full-color decodable stories are shared, which will 100 percent catch the fancy of your child.


3. Level 2 

In the level, the mentor will teach 12 new phonograms. It includes OW, AW, OY, OR, AR, ER, and EE. Further, the sessions will be made engaging and interesting with an array of hands-on activities. This level also covers 27 full-color decodable short stories and a bunch of comprehensive activities.


4. Level 3 

At this level, students learn sixteen new phonograms. This includes TI, KN, EW, IGH, IR, and OA. This level is again packed with a bunch of colorful activities and games that can be motivating for the kids. It also has 25 full-color decodable stories, which help in increasing compensation.


5. Level 4 

The last and final level of these online phonics classes will teach you fifteen new phonograms. This includes EY, OUGH, SI, RH, PH, and UI. Further, this level has a variety of colorful activities, which teach young learners fluency and skills. It also has 29 full-color decodable stories, which offer practice, and help you build your confidence.


Reading Interactive Kit

Further, along with the All About Reading online phonics classes, you also get an interactive reading kit. This is a one-time investment that comprises magnets, letter tiles, divider cards, and phonogram sound apps. You can even add a reading tote bag and reading review box into your deluxe kit.


What should you know?

Before you take up this All About Reading online phonics course, we would like to say it loud and clear to you, you can do this. It is an open-and-go, scripted program, which is designed especially for the busy tutors, teachers, and parents who want to teach effective reading to their children.


The good thing about this online phonics course is that it does not require a long study routine. Why? Because through these online phonics classes, everything has been laid out in a step-by-step and detailed manner.


Be assured, with this online phonics training; your students will 100 percent be actively involved in the learning process. It is indeed a multi-sensory program that will stimulate the children's touch, sound, and sight. All of the lessons in these online phonics classes have been taught in context, and the students will be given sufficient practice to apply what they have learned right away.


Students who employ the All About Reading method tend to experience a continuous sense of excitement as they progress through this online phonics course, and they rightly should. The mentor aims to ensure that the students learn to explore, think, and better their abilities, ensuring that they feel a sense of success in noting their continuous progress.


In general, there are five key reading components, and in these online phonics classes, all of these components have been taught thoroughly. These components include:


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Phonics and Decoding
  3. Comprehension
  4. Fluency
  5. Phonological Awareness


Further, you get lifetime support with this online phonics course. So, this means that you do not have to do everything on your own. Thus, anytime you have a question as you read or teach, you can email the mentors, and they will help you clear your doubts. Lastly, the mentors for this course are truly committed to results. They have a highly focused mission, wherein they enable you so that you are better equipped to teach your students to read while guaranteeing enjoyment and retention.


ABC Phonics classes for kids and teens [Berlitz]


About the course 

Are you seeking an innovative phonics class for kids? Well, you have found the one with these Berlitz online phonics classes. In this class, they have integrated the Berlitz Method, along with a multi-sensory synthetic phonics approach, motivating the child to write and read with confidence right from an early age.


Through this online phonics training, students will be able to learn the rules of the different vowel and consonant sounds, all while gradually developing the correct reading skills and pronunciation. With this course, the students will simultaneously work and develop their ability to read, learn, and develop their English writing skills.  


Native English speakers lead the course. All the students who take this course are fully engrossed in an authentic English-speaking environment to ensure that they pick up the basic English reading skills naturally and accurately, right from the first lesson. There is no registration fee. However, the course material will have to be bought separately.


Characteristics of this course 

  1. This online phonics course incorporates the Berlitz Method, enabling the child to boost his confidence and interest in knowledge, creativity, and learning.
  2. The course's primary focus is on developing the writing and reading skills via the use of letter formation, word recognition, tricky words, segmenting, and blending.
  3. The program accommodates different learning styles via the use of multi-sensory materials and a bunch of classroom activities.
  4. All the classroom activities are interactive and lively with fun stories, actions, songs, and role-playing activities.
  5. The educator delivers the classes in small groups. This ensures that the child has more one-on-one engagement with the tutor.
  6. You will learn from professionally trained educators.


Who should take up this course? 

This is a great online phonics course for beginners who are just starting to learn the English language. So, kids over the age of three will benefit from this course. You can avail of the course in private classes or small groups.



Bottom Line

According to us, these are some of the best online phonics classes.  We have tried our very best to include all the possible details about these online phonics classes in this article. However, to read more about them, you can visit their website. We have included the website link alongside the course. You can check out the websites, know more about the fee structure, and the enrolment process.


Best Online Phonics Classes Reviewed by 10 Phonics Experts 4.5
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