5 Best Online Pathophysiology Courses and Classes [Updated March 2023]

Best Online Pathophysiology Courses and Classes


Pathophysiology is an amalgam of physiology and pathology. In this, the experts examine the connection between the illness and disordered physiology. Wherein pathology speaks about the disease itself, physiology studies how these diseases can change the natural biological processes. In the pathophysiology study, clinical reasoning is employed to diagnose and treat the impact of the disease.


This started in the 19th century as a means to describe the reason for the illness and include germ theory and bacteriology. Today, things have evolved, and there is an active use of technology alongside the gene expression study. Overall, it is to say, the demand and popularity of Pathophysiology is surging. So, if you are interested in making a career in Pathophysiology, you need to educate yourself.


For this, you can search the web seeking “pathophysiology class near me.” To save you from the hard work, we have done the groundwork and found the best picks for you. Here, in this article, we will discuss some of the best online pathophysiology courses. You can browse through our shortlisted online pathophysiology classes and make your pick.


5 Best Online Pathophysiology Courses & Classes

  1. Pathophysiology Courses [edX]
  2. General Pathophysiology - Offered by Saint Petersburg State University [Coursera]
  3. NUR 332 Pathophysiology [Utica College]
  4. Pathophysiology: Online Independent Study Course [UNC]
  5. BIOL 1030: Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab [University of New England]
Pathophysiology Courses [edX]

About the course 

Looking for a course that justifies the title of best pathophysiology course near me? Starting our list of the best online pathophysiology courses is edX. edX is a knowledge-sharing platform, which offers a myriad of free online pathophysiology courses to develop your skills. These online pathophysiology classes are taught by experts from renowned institutions and universities around the world. Please know that if you avail of the free version of the course, you will not be awarded the certificate. If you need an authentic certificate from these universities, you will have to bear a small fee.  


Here, we will discuss the seven online pathophysiology courses offered by edX in brief.


a. Nutrition, Heart Disease, and Diabetes - Wageningen University & Research

About the course

The first one in our online pathophysiology classes offered by edX is useful for the professionals (in training) from the different disciples associated with health and nutrition. This includes health care professionals, nutritionists, public health workers, epidemiologists, nutrition educators, food scientists, health policymakers, biologists, and physicians. It is an intermediate level 5-week course and will require an effort of only six-eight hours every week. So, you need to have a basic knowledge of biology before you take up this course.


What will you learn from these online pathophysiology classes? 

  1. Doctors and dieticians continually get questions from the patients about the things they need to do to better their health. For anyone who is done looking for pathophysiology class near me, this can be a huge life-saver. Through this course, you will learn about the role of nutrition in context to the disease of diabetes and the circulatory system, which are the primary cause of death in the world.
  2. You will also learn about the ongoing progress in cardio metabolic disease research and research.
  3. You will learn about the ways and means to prevent cardio metabolic diseases at the population level via dietary and lifestyle modifications.
  4. Lastly, you will learn about the role of genetic factors and epigenetics. 


After taking these online pathophysiology classes, you will have an in-depth insight into underlying pathophysiological mechanics, such as the role of (epi)genetic factors and insulin resistance.


b. Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Care - Salisbury University and University System of Maryland

About the course

Are you a present or a future caregiver, a healthcare professional, or a nurse who wishes to learn in-depth about Alzheimer’s disease? If yes, this one can be your answer to the ‘which is the best pathophysiology class near me.’ It is a five-week course and will require a weekly effort of two to three hours. This intermediate-level course is conducted in English and can be paced according to your convenience and time.


What will you learn?

  1. As part of these online pathophysiology classes, you will learn what Alzheimer’s disease is, understand its pathophysiology, associated risk factors, and diagnosis.
  2. The main behavioral, cognitive, and neuropsychiatric symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. There are also two classes on the medication used to accentuate the cognitive function in persons with Alzheimer’s disease.
  4. You will also learn how validation therapy, as well as the other evidence-based therapeutic communication principles, can better care outcome and interaction.
  5. The course will also provide you with all the key principles that you need to bear in mind when caring for a hospitalized person with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Lastly, these online pathophysiology classes will help you better understand the dementia caregiver’s role, stresses, and resources, along with the experience that you need to cater to the person with dementia.


c. Food, Nutrition, and Health - Wageningen University & Research 

About the course

In this course, you will learn the truth about nutrition and food. It is a self-paced course, and you can progress at your own speed. For completion, the course will take about three months, and you will have to study for about six to eight hours every week. Professionals who are employed in the food industry with a non-nutrition background will benefit from this course. They will develop a better understanding of nutrition and food and how that impacts our health. This is useful in designing the new foods and the latest health claims for streamlined communication with food scientists and nutritionists within and outside the company. 


What will you learn?

Next, we have one of the best online pathophysiology courses, which has a lot for you to learn. Some of the things that you will grasp through this course are: 

  1. Understanding how nutrition can influence our health. 
  2. Introduction to the field of food and nutrition. 
  3. Elemental composition and chemistry of food. 
  4. Impact of food on our body and health. 
  5. Tips to better weigh and interpret the information overload about health and nutrition. 
  6. Skills required for the effective design, assessment, and implementation of nutritional therapy and dietary strategies at the base level.  


d. Nutrition and Disease - Wageningen University & Research 

About the course

This is the best answer to your search for “pathophysiology class near me.” It is a self-paced program, which is particularly valuable for experts from different fields employed in aspects related to cancer, nutrition, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. It includes medicine students, epidemiologists, nutritionists, health promoters, health policymakers, physicians, biologists, nutrition educators, and food scientists. If you are on the lookout for a ‘refresher pathophysiology course near me,’ this can be the right pick. Further, people who need to carry out further research in the field will also benefit from this one.  


This is a three-month course, and you will need an effort of six to eight hours every week. 


What will you learn?

These online pathophysiology classes will help you learn and understand: 


  1. The role of nutrition, diet, and lifestyle in the progression and prevention of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. 
  2. Develop a critical mindset in the research field of disease and nutrition.
  3. Determining whether particular information has a solid scientific basis and what is misinformation. 
  4. Weighing and interpreting the information overload about disease and nutrition. 
  5. Understanding the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle based on the latest scientific backing. 


On completion of these online pathophysiology classes, you will acquire solid academic knowledge. This will enable better and more streamlined communication between patients, the public, and the other professional. Please note this course is not intended for patients who seek treatment guidance. 


e. Hypertension in Primary Care - Improving Control and Reducing Risk - Stanford University

About the course

If you are a physician in family practice, primary care, internal medicine, cardiology, nephrology, or an interested allied health professional, such as a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner in the mentioned field, then this class is the answer to your search for the 'best pathophysiology course near me.'


It is a week-long course and will require an input of one to two hours from your end. However, it is essential to know that this is one of the advanced online pathophysiology courses. Thus, you need to know the subject before you take up this course. Regardless it is 100 percent online and a self-paced course. So, you can start, progress, and do it according to your schedule and convenience.  


What will you learn?  

On taking these online pathophysiology classes, you will be able to: 


  1. Perform apt diagnostic assessment. 
  2. Identify the physiologic drivers of hypertension and the treatment implication. 
  3. Applying the recent studies and guidelines for hypertensive care. 
  4. Provide the right prescription regimens in the resistant hypertension patients


f. Impacting the Opioid Crisis: Prevention, Education, and Practice for Non-Prescribing Providers - The University of Michigan


About the course

This edX course will help the non-prescribing providers directly tackle the ongoing opioid crisis in the United States by virtue of their tools and knowledge, which can transform the policies and practice. Through this course, you will learn about the opioid epidemic. Further, you will get adequate research and information about the evidence-based strategies directed towards education, intervention, prevention, or policy. 


It is an open learning self-paced course designed primarily for behavioral health, non-prescribing healthcare, and social and dental service professionals. Are you a graduate student on the hunt for an affordable “pathophysiology class near me’? Well, this can be the right pick for you. Other individuals who may benefit enormously from the course include physicians and educators. The good thing is, as a learner, you have the flexibility to pick any or all the modules of your choice. Experts from the same field offer it. 


It comprises six modules or lessons, which are all of varying lengths, but for completion, you will need to spend a minimum of 15-hours. This means that you will earn 13 Michigan Pharmacy continuing education credits and 15 CME and Michigan Social work continuing education credits. Lastly, you need to know that it is a 100% online introductory course available in English. So, knowledge of the English language is recommended. 


What will you learn? 

Through these online pathophysiology classes, you have a lot to learn. Some of the vital things that this course can teach you are: 


  1. Understanding the factors, which led to the current opioid crisis. 
  2. Understanding the pathophysiology and the treatment, which includes the understanding and working of opioids. 
  3. Understanding the ways and means to reduce the unintended use and the misuse of opioids by the use of different strategies, which includes prescribing surveillance, guidance, intervention messaging, and safe disposal of unused opioids
  4. Identify what tools and techniques you can use to ensure safe opioids use across the clinical care settings and with various people. 
  5. Describing the most efficient practices for treating and assessing the opioid use disorder (OUD) and explaining the evidence, which formulates these practices. 
  6. Understanding the aspects of the various public policies, which affect the opioid pandemic.


g. Safe Surgical Care: Strategies During a Pandemic - University of British Columbia

About the course

The last one from the edX is again a fully drafted online course designed to prepare surgical care providers into delivering the right surgical care required during a pandemic while simultaneously doing their best to shield themselves, their families, and their colleagues, and patients from all potential infections. In this course, the different pandemic aspects are reviewed, which are relevant to surgical providers. They cater to the different pandemic times, and it is taught how surgical care needs to be during the different pandemic timelines to ensure the right care is given to the associated party. 

This is a five-week-long course and will require an effort of three to four hours every week. Also, it is an introductory level self-paced course. So, you can plan your course of action according to your convenience, and the course is in English. Thus, it is a vital prerequisite to be through with the language. 


What will you learn? 

We know when you started your search, for pathophysiology course near me, you certainly wanted a course that gives you the right knowledge associated with the subject. It is exactly what this course here does for you. Some of the valuable things that you will learn are:


  1. Apply the pathophysiology and epidemiology pandemic principles when determining the surgical care services. 
  2. Recognizing the implications of the relevant factors associated with the infectious organism – infectiousness, incubation period, mode of transmission, and symptomatology.
  3. Planning the right approach for the generation of a surge response to a pandemic, in both the low and high resource settings. 
  4. Creating an apt protocol for the protection of the healthcare worker. 
  5. Developing the care process to mitigate the pandemic consequences of surgical systems. 
  6. Demonstrating leadership as a response to the pandemic. 
  7. Identifying the national, international, and the local key course of actions as a response to the pandemic. 
  8. Designing the pathway for maintaining access to specific essential surgical services. 


General Pathophysiology - Offered by Saint Petersburg State University [Coursera]


About the course

Next in line for the best online pathophysiology courses is a course by Coursera. With a rating of 4.3, it is quite a popular course, and around 18000 students have already enrolled for it. 


Before we give you the details of this course, we would like to carry forward a disclaimer from the course's mentors. 


Disclaimer: This course has shocking material and is not suited for viewing by people with weak psyche, pregnant women, and minors.   


Can this be your answer to the 'pathophysiology class near me? Most certainly! When you take this course you will learn different methods and subjects of Pathophysiology and its place within the history and biomedical sciences. This includes general nosology, which states the concept of disease and health, pathological processes and states, general etiology and pathogenesis, and the role of conditions, casual factors, somatotype, and reactivity in pathology. Upon taking this, course, you get a system of primary and locally-driven typical pathological processes, which includes inflammation, venous, arterial, and combined hyperemia, immunopathological processes that include autoimmune disorders and allergy, stasis, shock, fever, acute phase response, etc. 


Are you tired of searching for 'pathophysiology course near me' that deals with metabolic, functional, and informational aspects related to the pathologic processes, such as the illnesses of reception, signaling, post-receptor translation, conflicts of programs in living systems, and programming and program archiving? Well, this one is the right pick for you. More so, it also has a consequent analysis of the defensive and injury response related to the separate cells, tissues, organs, and the complete organism. 


Further, as it is one of the top-rated online pathophysiology courses, it even bags you a certificate. This is a shareable certificate. So, you can download it and share it on your social media or print it and include it in your CV. Further, it is a 100 percent online class. So, you can start instantly and proceed according to your schedule. These intermediate-level online pathophysiology classes will take about 19-hours for completion. Though it is available in the English language, there are available subtitles for Spanish, English, Russian, Portuguese, and French. 


Reviews by E

The course is good for a beginner like me to know the founders and the notes are printable for self studies. Thanks


NUR 332 Pathophysiology [Utica College]


About the course 

Still not found your ideal answer to pathophysiology class near me? Keep reading. 


At number three in our online pathophysiology classes is a course by Utica College, which enables you to examine the fundamental processes associated with the disease. If you have been searching the internet for a reputed online ‘pathophysiology class near me,’ this can be a good pick. It is an 8-week class that will give you three credit hours. 


What will you learn?

  1. Understanding how abnormal physiological processes can lead to or impact the illness will allow you to acquire a broader sense of understanding of the disease’s treatment and diagnosis. 
  2. Through this course, you will be able to examine the key processes and principles of pathophysiology, including:
    • Genetics
    • Immunity
    • Acid-base balance
    • Fluid and electrolytes
    • Coping
    • Forms of cellular injury
    • Cellular communication
    • Illness
    • Stress
  3. Further, through this course, you will understand the body’s function and system breakdown and its impact on someone’s health. It also includes reviewing the methods of treatment and diagnosis of conditions, which arise from these breakdowns. 
  4. You will explore the abnormalities, such as cellular dysfunction, which can lead to cancer or tumor. 
  5. There will also be homeostasis in the smooth body functioning as a whole. 
  6. You will be analyzing the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems for a better understanding of heart failure, coronary artery disease, lung disease, and other things.
  7. More so, the conditions and the diseases of the central nervous system, such as a brain injury, will be examined as you review how the neurological function affects the physiologic processes.
  8. Further, there will be a dedicated focus on gastrointestinal cancer, cholecystitis, kidney disease, liver disease, and pancreatitis as you understand the importance of proper genitourinary or gastrointestinal functioning. 
  9. You will also review factors, which can cause a breakdown in the body’s immune system and weaken its ability to guard it against foreign intruders. 
  10. There will also be a study of the different conditions related to proper hormone functioning. It includes diabetes, parathyroid-gland disorders, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive cancer, and pregnancy. Further, from muscular dystrophy to bone healing after trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, skin disorders, and lupus, you will see how the musculoskeletal system breakdowns can hamper your health. 



Why should this be your pick for “pathophysiology class near me?” Upon taking this course, you will be working in a group to develop concept maps for the pathophysiology related to a particular illness and how it affects nursing care. The professor will assign this system. However, the disease will be picked by the group. 


Learning Outcomes

A lot of you browse through the search engine seeking a fulfilling response for “pathophysiology course near me.”  Well, this can course be your answer to this daunting search process. We say so because of the phenomenal learning outcomes you can achieve with this course. 


Upon completion of this one of the top-selling online pathophysiology courses, you will be in a position to: 


  1. Analyze the basic physiology and anatomy of every organ system. 
  2. Characterizing the necessary pathophysiology concepts at the cellular level associated with the injury, mutation, self-defense mechanism, and cellular proliferation.
  3. Examining the pathological factors, which impact the disease process. 
  4. Comparing and contrasting the relationship between pathophysiology and physiology in altered disease states.
  5. Understanding the impact and unusual function upon the organ associated with the disease process of every organ system. 
  6. Evaluation and application of the evidence-based practice to the pathological changes in the chosen disease states.
  7. Correlating the body systems’ unusual functions with the relevant disease processes. 
  8. Predicting the primary focus of nursing care for the selected diagnosis. 


So, hopefully, your search for a rewarding pathophysiology class near me ends with this course.


Pathophysiology: Online Independent Study Course [UNC]


About the course 

Next in our best online pathophysiology courses is a course compiled and drafted by UNC. It is a systems approach to disruption and alteration of the physiologic functions. Being one of the top online pathophysiology courses, this will give you the perfect understanding of every concept. The good thing is following every concept; there is a quiz. You can take the quiz to gauge your knowledge of the course. You must know that in this course, the focus is on the identification of the key disease processes and the differentiation of pathophysiologic findings. It is an undergraduate-level course, which will earn you three credits.


Hope this UNC course brought you closer to your quest for the “best pathophysiology course near me.”


What do you need?

This is one of the advanced online pathophysiology courses. So, of course, there are a few prerequisites that you need to bear in mind before you take up this course. 


Firstly, before you take this course, it would be better if you took these two listed online pathophysiology courses: 


  1. BIO 245 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
  2. BIO 246 Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology


Further, please bear in mind that prerequisites do need an instructor override. Thus, you will have to intimate your instructor before you register for this course. Provide him the proof of completion of these two prerequisite online pathophysiology courses. Unfortunately, the other UNC staff will be unable to assist you with the prerequisite overrides for registration.



Undergraduate Students


UNC Degree-Seeking Students

Yes, the current UNC students can enroll in this course. 


Non-Degree-Seeking Students

For students who do not seek a UNC degree but have earned a high school diploma or a GED, this course can be helpful if you wish to transfer to any other university or college or if you are doing it for your own personal interest. However, please know that in this case, you are not eligible for any federal financial aid.


Eligibility by State

In the present day and time, UNC is only serving online education to students from all the states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, they are not accepting students to their online program from the CNMIs.


BIOL 1030: Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab [University of New England]


Last in our best online pathophysiology courses list is the Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab Course. The BIOL 1030 is a four-credit course, which primarily focuses on the alterations in the systemic and cellular physiology, which occur in vital or prevalent medical conditions. At the cellular level, the course will take you through the responses to abnormal cell growth, tissue injury, and the immune system. Moving forward, you will study the physiological basis of problems related to most of the significant organ systems. In all the cases, the tutor will discuss with you the effect upon the complete body homeostasis. 


What do you need?

Through this course, you will only build on your past physiology and anatomy knowledge. Thus, it is a vital prerequisite of the course. Across this one of the top-recognized online pathophysiology courses, you will study the body functions during the times of a disease or an illness. For this, you will need to take the following three online pathophysiology courses:


  1. One semester of college-level anatomy (ANAT 1005)
  2. One semester of college-level physiology (PHSL 1010)
  3. One semester of college-level medical terminology (MEDT 1000)


Please bear in mind; these prerequisites are highly recommended. They will prepare you for the course and improve your chances of success. The educator recommends you complete the list of the prerequisites before enrolling for this course and within seven years of completing these prerequisites. 


What will you learn?

Upon taking this one of the top online pathophysiology courses, you will learn a lot. Some of the things are listed below.


  1. You will learn the concept, etiology, and classification of the disease imbalances and states. 
  2. You will be in a position to analyze the impact of the disease or illnesses on normal physiology. 
  3. There will be a clear understanding of the effect and reason for the alterations in the organs, tissues, and cells. 
  4. You will be aware of the commonly used procedures and tests for diagnosing the clinical manifestations of diseases. 
  5. Your educator will also discuss with you the most common disease complications and their prognosis. 
  6. It will also set your foundation for the treatments. 


How do exams work?

Following the completion of this course, you will have to take exams. These exams happen online, and all the exams are proctored online via ProctorU. For more information on this, you can visit the UNE Online’s ProctorU site.


How do the labs work?

As part of these online pathophysiology courses, students will be conducting four dissection experiments. For this, you will be using your at-home lab kit purchased, which needs to be purchased and organized by topic. The dissections will be focussed on the foundational physiology and anatomy, assessing the normal anatomical functions and structures to reinforce course learning.



Bottom Line 

These, according to the top pathophysiology experts from around the world and us are the best online pathophysiology classes. Hopefully, now with our enlisted options, finding an answer to ‘pathophysiology course near me’ will be effortless. We have tried to include all the relevant information about these online pathophysiology classes, but if you need more information on the same, you can check out the linked websites. Happy learning!


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