20 Best Online Gardening Classes & Courses [Updated June 2023]

Best Gardening Online Courses & Classes


Gardening has been a long time hobby of humans. Given the fact that we were into agriculture in early days due to the necessity of it (apart from hunting & gathering), it is not surprising to find ourselves leaning towards this mini version of farming. Though, now everybody does not need to be involved in full scale agriculture due to modernisation of the world, still it doesn’t hurt to know the basics for times there might be a need to do so. Also, if you are anything near a garden enthusiast, then it is a wonderful opportunity to learn some new skills or develop the ones you already have. Thus, we here at TrumpLearning along with a team of 15 experts have come up with a list of the 20 best gardening online courses.


Before you begin, it is important to note that there are no free online gardening courses in this list as we did not find a good one even after extensive research. Thus without further ado, let’s begin!


20 Best Online Gardening Classes & Courses

  1. RHS: Vegetables & Fruits [Learning With Experts]
  2. The Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening [Udemy]
  3. Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small-Space Solutions [Bluprint]
  4. Self-Sufficient Veg Gardening [Learning With Experts]
  5. Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Healthy, Fresh Food at Home [Udemy]
  6. Heritage Fruit & Veg [Learning With Experts]
  7. The Extended Harvest [Bluprint]
  8. Growing Heirloom Tomatoes [Bluprint]
  9. The Cutting Garden [Learning With Experts]
  10. Flower Arranging [Learning With Experts]
  11. A Gardener's Guide to Growing Roses [Bluprint]
  12. The Art of Environmental Floristry [Learning With Experts]
  13. Planting the Piet Oudolf Way [Learning With Experts]
  14. Transform Your Garden Design [Bluprint]
  15. Gorgeous Garden Design: Function & Style [Bluprint]
  16. Easily Grow Flowers, Herbs, & More With Container Gardening [Udemy]
  17. Food Forest Design & Care for Cities and Suburbs [Udemy]
  18. Master Gardener Online [Oregon State University]
  19. Beginner's Guide to Gardening with a Raised Bed Garden [Skillshare]
  20. Gardening For Beginners [Skillshare]
RHS: Vegetables & Fruits [Learning With Experts]


These online gardening classes focus on teaching you how to grow fruits and vegetables. Further, it also teaches you how to optimise your crops for a good yield. Right from planting the seed to storage of the final produce, the course teaches you about the numerous factors that have an effect on the volume of the produce. And finally, in this course you will also learn about good practices while harvesting the crop and how you can minimise the effect of pesticides, weeds, etc. with minimal effect on the environment. The master gardener classes online are taught by Dr. Noel Kingsbury, who is an internationally renowned garden designer and an author of several best selling books.


Major topics that you will study in this course are:
  • Production of Outdoor Vegetables
  • Production of Fruits
  • Pest Control
  • Disease Control
  • Production of Top Fruit
  • Production of Soft Fruit


Reviews by student:

Great !.Very interesting and complete course.Good assignments and a very accurate review.The tutor was very nice and always available, I've learned a lot so that I'm going to start another course.Thanks !!

Montserrat Marín


The Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening [Udemy]


This is a 2-hour course with 5 downloadable resources that teaches you about the best place and time to plant seeds and also what to plant. You need not have any background knowledge to go through the contents of this course. These online gardening classes are full of useful tips and tricks that teach you how you can produce a good harvest within your own backyard even if you are short on space. Even for new gardeners, the course is easy to understand as it goes through the basics. And for those who have a good experience in gardening, you will have plenty of material teaching you how to up your harvest. As always, the course is backed by a Udemy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Primary concepts covered in the course are:
  • Raised Beds
  • Container Gardens
  • Warm Weather Crops
  • Cool Weather Crops
  • Hybrid vs. Open Pollinated/Heirloom Plants
  • Seedlings vs. Seeds


Reviews by student:

I loved this course! It was very informative and I loved Rick Stone ! Extremely easy to listen to and he explained things well ! I would definitely recommend this course & wouldn’t hesitate to take another class by him!!



Vegetable Gardening: Innovative Small-Space Solutions [Bluprint]


Renowned instructor Jodi Torpey has lots of things to teach you in this 1-hour 25-minute course to help you maximise the impact of your small garden. This is an intermediate level course with 7 episodes. From smart pots to self-watering containers, this course teaches you a lot of cool concepts. Further down the line, you would discover the best practices for container gardening. Also, concepts like vertical gardens, simple teepee trellis and hanging planters have been explored in depth. Not only these online gardening classes teach you to choose plants as per the surrounding environment, but also how to care for them in a proper way. And lastly, the masterstroke lies in creating your own fertiliser from scrap, and how you can attract pollinators while simultaneously preventing pests.


Some of the things you will learn in these gardening classes are:
  • Maximising Your Small Space
  • Vegetables for Sunny Spots
  • Vegetables for Shady Spots
  • Healthy Gardens in Small Spaces
  • Growing Indoors
  • Container Planting


Reviews by student:

The variety of skills you can learn is amazing.



Self-Sufficient Veg Gardening [Learning With Experts]


The course teaches you how to get the most out of your gardening irrespective of the season of the year. Whether you are striving for home grown fruits or vegetables, the course content will help you learn how to get them all year round. Sally Nex will teach you how to select your crops, manage the piece of land you have and how to avoid the ‘hungry gap’ in early spring. These online gardening classes are all about building on your existing veg growing skills so that you can give up the supermarket visits and grow all the fresh produce you need, all year round. This course is meant for people who already know a thing or two about gardening and are looking forward to taking their skills to the next level.


A few things that you will study in these master gardener classes online are:
  • The Self-Sufficiency Handbook
  • Keeping It Growing
  • What to Grow
  • The Winter Veg Garden
  • Liven Up Your Dinner Menu
  • Cleverly Choose Veg Varieties


Reviews by student:

Interesting courses - a lot of useful and practical information from top experts in horticulture and garden design.

Sofie O.


Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Healthy, Fresh Food at Home [Udemy]


This 3-hour course with 11 downloadable resources is full of useful content to help you build a great garden in your own backyard, patio, or balcony. Irrespective of the size of the place you own, you can have and build a garden. Further, the core information in the online gardening classes have been supplemented by other useful information including pdfs, links to external videos and websites. Whether you are a new gardener who wishes to learn the basics of gardening or an experienced one who wishes to expand their knowledge and skills in gardening, this course is meant for all. And finally, pest control and disease control have also been explained in the videos.


Major concepts covered in the course are:
  • Why Have an Edible Garden?
  • Specialty Gardens/Structures
  • Soil Amendments
  • Your Garden Zone and the Seasons
  • Seeds - Direct Sowing in the Ground
  • Harvesting and Storage


Reviews by student:

Engaging voice. Covers all needs so far. Think I can skip this chapter as already have an established garden.

Brian Kelly


 Heritage Fruit & Veg [Learning With Experts]


For those of you who are looking to do things the old fashioned way when it comes to cultivars, this is the perfect course to go through. Further, the online gardening classes content also includes Heritage or Heirloom seeds that we grow nowadays. This is not just a course on gardening but also gives you deep insights about the fruits and vegetables we see around us and the stories associated with them. Not only will you study how fruits and vegetables have always had a deep influence on the culture, but also about how they have changed the history of the world. The master gardener classes online have been taught by Dr. Toby Musgrave, who is a regular writer for the Royal Horticultural Society Magazine. He has authored more than 10 books and has plenty of experience in his field.


Some of the major things that you will learn in this gardening online course are:
  • The Story of Fruit & Vegetable Cultivation
  • Heirloom & Heritage Fruits
  • Heirloom & Heritage Vegetables
  • Planning a Heritage Fruit & Vegetable Garden
  • How Fruits And Vegetables Travelled Around The World
  • Proper Planning In Horticulture


Reviews by student:

Shane was a very inspiring teacher, with a lot of expertise and generous to share very useful practical knowledge.

Belen B.


The Extended Harvest [Bluprint]


This is a 2-hour 41-minute intermediate level course that teaches you how to grow vegetables for every season. Master gardener Bill Thorness teaches you a lot of useful ways to get an extended harvest. You will start off by learning about the regional climates of the US then decide which plants you should choose to grow as per your surrounding environment. Several cost effective methods have been discussed throughout the online gardening classes to help you care for them and protect them in the best possible way. Not only will you learn about working with worm bins, but also about having a yield of really strong plants through various compost recipes.


A few important things that you will learn in these master gardening classes online are:
  • Conquering the Calendar
  • Site Selection
  • Building the Soil
  • Basic Season Extension
  • Fall & Winter Season Extension
  • Greenhouses, Polytunnels & Indoors


Reviews by student:

I've already recommended it to friends.



Growing Heirloom Tomatoes [Bluprint]


If tomatoes are what excite you the most then these online gardening classes will definitely help you obtain an abundant harvest of heirloom tomatoes. Expert gardener Marie Lannotti guides you right through the heirloom varieties and what type will grow the best in the area that you live. Planting, repotting and lighting your seedlings for robust growth are some of the other things that you will learn in this course. Via these master gardener classes online, you will also learn about how mulching, homemade pesticides and routine pruning can help you transition your plants to the outdoors and thus help them thrive. And lastly, the course also discusses the advantages of companion planting and how support structures can help you.


A few important concepts taught in this course are:

  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Starting Seeds
  • Preparing Your Garden
  • Growing Tomatoes in Small Spaces
  • Care & Maintenance
  • Special Growing Techniques


Reviews by student:

Bluprint is a bargain! I love learning from the experts.




The Cutting Garden [Learning With Experts]


If flowers mean the world to you then these online gardening classes are specifically meant for gardeners who like growing things in their vases for homes or garden gate sales. If you are someone with basic knowledge about gardening looking to up their skills or whether you are trying to create cutting gardens for your clients, these master gardener classes online will give you the necessary tools for achieving the same. Not only the course tells you about a hundred different plants that you can grow, but it also tells you about where, how to grow them and how to use them to your benefit. However, the course does require you to have a space which gets plenty of sun. that’s it and you should be able to fill your house with flowers.


Important lessons covered in this gardening online course are:
  • Tools To Make Informed Choices
  • Plants For All Seasons
  • Maintenance
  • Using Your Garden Flowers
  • Perennial Cutting Gardens
  • Basic Palette Of The Best Cutting Plants


Reviews by student:

I did a gardening course and I can say very proud to have learned a lot. Good communication with the teacher, corrections of the exercises, I only have good words.



Flower Arranging [Learning With Experts]


Whether you are an amateur or a professional, these classes will help you learn about the different techniques of floristry and show you ways to enhance your creativity. The course is of around 4 weeks in length and by the end of it not only will you learn about working with props, but also about ways to create artistic floral displays. The only prerequisite the course demands is for you to have some flowers ready. They can either be from your garden or you can buy them from outside. A few other things like scissors, ribbons, tapes, etc. would also be required. The tutor of these classes Paula Pryke, has been arranging flowers for the last 25 years and has authored several books on the topic.


Key things that you will learn in this course are:
  • Hand Tied Bouquets
  • Arrangements
  • Adapting Containers
  • Holistic Design
  • Christmas Swag Decoration
  • Different Types Of Mechanics


Reviews by student:

It is amazing to be able to learn and receive feedback directly from the experts. I'm very happy and grateful that I have gained this opportunity through Learning with Experts.

So Hyun Park


A Gardener's Guide to Growing Roses [Bluprint]


This is a 1-hour 24 -minute course consisting of 8 episodes that will show you the way towards your dream rose garden. Right from shopping for the best roses from a nearby florist, to preparing your soil for growing them, you will learn useful tips and tricks to fill up your garden with a variety of roses. The online gardening classes also teach you about the best fertiliser for your garden and how you can create a unique watering plan for the plants. Pruning and grooming of roses, tool selection, and many other deep insights have also been shared in this course. The trainer, Paul Zimmerman is the owner of Paul Zimmerman Roses and an exclusive rose consultant to the Biltmore Estate.


Major lessons covered in these master gardener classes online are:
  • Understanding & Choosing Roses
  • Seasonal Care & Soil
  • Planting
  • Feeding & Watering
  • Pruning Roses
  • Maintaining Rose Health


Reviews by student:

The customer service team sorted my problem out speedily and efficiently.



The Art of Environmental Floristry [Learning With Experts]


These floristry classes heavily focus on the environmental sensitivity and artistic insights that can create naturalistic floral arrangements. You will also get to learn a lot about the sustainable floral techniques. All in all, the gist of the lessons lies in the fact that how you can practice floristry with natural and environmentally friendly techniques. Further, the assignments within the course will also help you develop your own style. Right from the most simplistic to the most challenging, these classes cover designs of all scales. The trainer of this course, Shane Connolly, has been associated with the Royal British Family since a long time and has even designed and overlooked flower arrangements in the Royal Wedding.


Important lessons covered in this course are:

  • Artistic philosophy
  • Environmental Flower Choices
  • Design creation
  • Favourite Designs
  • Design Inspirations Using Environment
  • Flower And Foliage Availability


Reviews by student:

I’ve been able to take several courses and not only are they learning experiences very good, the content is useful long after.

Carol Murphy


Planting the Piet Oudolf Way [Learning With Experts]


These online gardening classes by Piet Oudolf & Noel Kingsbury, will help you gain insights into the world of plants and plant combinations, and interpret Dr. Noel Kingsbury’s works through Piet. Elements of structure, texture, form and colour to identify Oudolf’s planting style have also been discussed in-depth. The master gardener classes online through their content and assignments encourage students to observe and learn from the world around them. The course teaches you to observe nature from an active point of view rather than a passive one. It makes us understand the lessons that we can learn from nature when it comes to long lasting plants. This is a very practical course covering a whole lot of aspects of planting style.


Key takeaways from this course are:
  • Plant Structure
  • Plant Combinations
  • Considering Seasonality
  • Plant Suggestions For Your Region
  • Overall Shape Of The Plant
  • Combinations Of Structure And Texture


Reviews by student:

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to make their own sourdough. The videos and notes are very clear and detailed explanation given along with excellent photos.

Dear Ms Voss


Transform Your Garden Design [Bluprint]


The underlying message of these online gardening classes is how you can transform your garden completely without spending a lot. This is an intermediate level course with 5 episodes with a total duration of around 1-hour 15-minutes in length. The tutor Rebecca Sweet teaches you a lot of useful lessons as to how you can revive the design of your garden. You will begin by identifying your garden design and breaking down the overall structure into several components using photographs. Further down the line you would create a sense of continuity using nothing but colour, texture and form. By the end of the course, you will have enough information to identify your garden mistakes and correct them using inexpensive solutions.


Major topics covered in this course are:
  • How To Use Your Free Mini-Class
  • Introduction & Where to Begin
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Shape & Form
  • Look At A Garden In New Ways


Reviews by student:

Everything I buy here is of the finest quality. I enjoy the classes, and the patterns I've acquired are first rate.



Gorgeous Garden Design: Function & Style [Bluprint]


These are intermediate level garden design classes of 7 episodes with a total duration of around 2-hours and 23-minutes. Whether you have too little or too much space, this course will help you create a garden that you will feel proud of. The online gardening classes teach you how to set the tone of your garden and create a nice and comfortable enclosure. Then, you will learn about how to customise your design style to match the mood of your garden. Further down the road, you will learn about adding some beautiful elements like lighting, water features and create an overall space to give you the feeling of a spa. And lastly, you will learn about adding a lot of decorative touches to your garden so that you and your family can enjoy the relaxing feeling and the fruits of your labour.


Important lessons taught in the course are:

  • What's Your Garden Style?
  • Peaceful Garden: Principles
  • Peaceful Garden: The Details
  • Entertaining Garden: Principles
  • Entertaining Garden: The Details
  • Mixed-Use Garden: Principles


Reviews by student:

Clear instructions, excellent video views, and professional teachers.



Easily Grow Flowers, Herbs, & More With Container Gardening [Udemy]


These are relatively short 38-minute online gardening classes with 5 downloadable resources that teaches you how you can grow beautiful flowers, fresh herbs, and tasty vegetables the easy way through container gardening even if you own a small space. The style of the lectures is pretty engaging and there are a lot of free resources which come along with the course. The only thing required to learn this course is an open minded approach towards container gardening. Creator of this course Meg Smolinski shows you the mistakes made by her and how you can avoid them. By the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge required to start your own container garden.


Core concepts covered in the course are:
  • Introduction to Container Gardening
  • Choosing Your Containers
  • Tips for Starting Your Container Garden
  • Planting Your Container Garden
  • Maintaining Your Container Garden


Reviews by student:

Great course for starters! Would be nice to add in a lecture about growing a specific but common plant to help motivate the students in starting a container garden.

Joan Evangelista


Food Forest Design & Care for Cities and Suburbs [Udemy]


This is a beginner level 4-hour course which also provides you 4 downloadable resources. The online gardening classes teach you how to have a permaculture food forest in your backyard. Right from the very basics of designing, planting, and maintaining a multi-layered woodland forest to having your own garden full of fruit and nut trees, perennial and annual vegetables, and flowers, this gardening for beginners course teaches you all. The master gardener classes online have a wealth of information for you ranging from food forest theories to how and where to start. You will know exactly what to plant and what expectations to have from your forest as it grows and evolves. There are multiple design strategies, techniques and scientific concepts that have been explained in a very simple way by instructor Toby Hemenway.


Major lessons covered in the course are:

  • Permaculture Explained
  • Food Forests for City and Suburb
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Soil Building by Zone
  • Permaculture Guilds
  • Cover Crops, Swales, and Other Permaculture Techniques


Reviews by student:

I’ve read his book, “Gaia’s Garden,” so some of it is a repeat, but good to hear it explained.

Karen Marsh


Master Gardener Online [Oregon State University]


These seven-week expert-led online gardening classes teaches you about the very basics of gardening. The classes are full of useful techniques to create a thriving garden. This is a basic horticulture training course that does not require you to have any prerequisite knowledge. An interest in gardening is more than enough apart from just some basic knowledge about plants. Further, the gardening for beginners course also gives you valuable insights into the sustainable management of your garden. Both, the art and science of caring about plants has been discussed in-depth in this comprehensive course. You will study various plant types, garden types and elements affecting the growth of plants. Also, you will learn about the various pathogens, soils, and insects which will help you manage your plants in a much better way.


Core concepts that you will learn are:
  • Basics Of Botany And Entomology
  • Integrated Pest Management And Pesticide Safety
  • Soils, Fertilisers And Composting
  • Ornamental, Herbaceous Plants And Woody Plants
  • Vegetable, Indoor And Container Gardening
  • Sustainable Landscaping


Beginner's Guide to Gardening with a Raised Bed Garden [Skillshare]


These are very popular beginner level gardening classes that are all about growing a beautiful and a productive raised bed garden right from scratch. Apart from that, there are lots of valuable insights that even an experienced gardener would appreciate. Through a step by step process, you are shown how you can create a raised bed and then adapt it accordingly to suit your needs. The beauty of raised gardens lies in the fact that it requires minimal investment in terms of money and tools. Further, there are modules that impart knowledge on watering, planting, etc. Not only will you have insights on gardening through these online gardening classes, but also have some light carpentry knowledge by the end of it. The total length is around 30 minutes.


Important lessons covered in the gardening for beginners course are:
  • Measure and Cut
  • Building Base
  • Building Levels
  • Capping
  • Enhancements
  • Placement and Soil


Reviews by student:

They have a wide variety of topics covered with hundreds of professional instructors and high quality tutorials.

Angelo Otero


Gardening For Beginners [Skillshare]


Gardening for beginners, as the name suggests are beginner level master gardener classes online that can be taken by anybody having absolutely no knowledge about gardening or plants. The trainer Mark Shorter understands that buying and caring for plants can sometimes be an expensive hobby especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Having some basic knowledge is especially useful once you own the plant because any careless mistakes can even cause the plant to die. This 1-hour 31-minute gardening for beginners course consists of 14 lessons full of useful insights on which plants to buy at what time of the year and how to care for them in a proper way. The concepts are explained in a simple easy to digest manner and does not require a lot of hard work on your part.


Key concepts covered in the gardening for beginners course are:
  • Gardening For Pansies & Violas
  • Gardening For Petunias
  • Gardening For Calibrachoas
  • Gardening For Marigolds
  • Gardening For Begonias
  • Gardening For Impatiens Busy Lizzies


Reviews by student:

This is a solid company for those looking to better themselves. I've been using the service for a month and very happy so far! Keep the good work up

Karen Marsh



Gardening is a beautiful hobby that requires a lot of time and commitment. Once you are able to devote yourself to it, then comes the knowledge part and that is where a list of the gardening online courses comes in handy. With proper knowledge you can get maximum returns for your labour and make your dream farm a reality. Not knowing what you are doing or trying to achieve is harmful but even more harmful is not knowing how to achieve whatever you are trying to. It eats up a whole lot of your time. With these parting words we take your leave and promise to be back with another awesome article to make things easier for you. As always, in case of any doubts or queries, do write to us and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Best Gardening Online Courses & Classes Reviewed by 15 Gardening Experts 4.8
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