9 Best Online Acting Classes: Online Acting Lessons and Training Tips [Updated March 2023]

Best Online Acting Classes


Acting is a craft, a skill, and an art form. So, just like any other art form, gaining proficiency in this one will require different techniques. Thus, you can't get better at acting if you are unaware of these techniques. Therefore, to help you learn these techniques and be a top-class actor, you need training.


Of course, there are many, many successful self-taught actors, but a little professional help did not harm anyone. So, how about taking an online acting training class? Will that be as good as an offline course where you go to a class and learn the skill live? Honestly, we will not compare apples to oranges here. But we know that some people have a busy work schedule or a routine, wherein they cannot travel every day to an acting class and learn the craft. So, for them, an online acting course is the right pick.


Now, the problem is if you do a quick search and look for online acting classes; you will come across an overwhelming variety of courses. So, how do you make your pick? Well, we understand how difficult it may get for you. To help you overcome this daunting task, TrumpLearning did all the groundwork, spoke to some of the most proficient professional actors worldwide, and shortlisted the most impressive online acting classes. Let us take a look and read about them one by one.


9 Best Online Acting Classes, Training & Courses

  1. Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS - Udemy
  2. Acting Masterclass - Samuel L. Jackson
  3. Acting 101 for Adults - Udemy
  4. Acting Masterclass - Natalie Portman
  5. Become an Actor in Film and TV || Your 4-Part Guide to Start Acting Today! - Skillshare
  6. Acting Techniques Masterclass - Learn 9 Different Techniques From 9 Master Teachers - Skillshare
  7. Acting Masterclass - Helen Mirren
  8. Online Acting Class - MARGIE HABER STUDIO
  9. Online Acting Lessons - Stage Milk Drama School
Professional 10 Hour Acting MASTERCLASS - Udemy


About the course

If you are looking for the best acting lessons online, then we have the perfect pick for you. It is a bestseller course by Udemy with a rating of 4.4. As part of this personal program, you will engage with your mentor in online acting classes and learn at your designated and personalized pace from the convenience of your home.


In all honesty, online acting classes are not always the easiest to follow. So, through this course, your mentor has decided to craft a program, which makes it easy for you to determine what this career can bring for you without leaving any trace of confusion or hassle. More so, acting courses are usually very pricey. But, that is not the case with this Udemy course.


We are all praises for this online acting course because it comes with guaranteed return policies, which are not available with most online acting classes out there. In this course, you get ten hours of acting knowledge from a few of the best and the most talented actors that The Academy Program has had the privilege to work with.


These are only a few of the many benefits that this online acting training program comes with. So, if you feel that you are ready to reap the benefits of an online acting class, and can work from the comfort of your home at your own personalized pace, then you are on the right track.


Your educator for this online acting training has been mentored by people trained from Julliard, Harvard, Yale, RADA, and A.C.T. Further, he has always had the opportunity to work with some of the phenomenal actors, who never trained in the drama school to understand the similarities that they all had put together. As and how he learned these things, he took it upon himself and created a course, making things easier for you.


Through this 10-hour online acting course, you will learn a practical approach. Be assured; if it is not practical or useful for you as an actor, it will not be taught in the course. With this course, your mentor aspires to teach you everything that he knows.


Being one of the best online acting classes, it comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If there is ever a problem, and you are not happy with what you are getting, you can immediately ask for a refund. The course comprises ten hours of on-demand video, which comes with complete lifetime access. So, you can access this course anytime, as per your convenience, on your T.V. and mobile. An essential aspect of these online acting lessons is that you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.



What will the best acting lessons online teach you?

There is a lot to learn with these best acting lessons online. Some of the things that you can expect to learn as part of this course are listed below.


  • Getting into the character at a quick pace
  • Learning to act in front and for the camera
  • Getting the skill to perform for the stage
  • Obtaining the blueprint for actually practicing the drill.
  • Building honest and believable characters
  • Learning the ability to run through the script or the scene.
  • Learning to interact with the casting director or the director
  • Getting into the drill to practice every day
  • Learning what it means to be a good actor
  • Developing the personal foundation for acting


What do you need?

For enrolling in these best online acting classes, you need little to no knowledge of acting. Further, all you need is an open mind and some willingness to learn what you may be missing out on.


Who should take up this course?

This course is for anyone who wishes to know what probably must be missing in their acting. Further, anyone who wants to learn to book auditions or see improvements right from the first week will benefit from this course.


Review by Ben Cook
This is such an amazing course! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to become an actor! This course truly has it all!!!


Acting Masterclass - Samuel L. Jackson


About the course

When Samuel L. Jackson was a child, he stuttered badly. This severely hampered his confidence, and consequently, he stopped talking for around a year. But, today, he is one of the most successful actors you know of. He has acted in more than 100 movies, including the classics, such as The Avengers and Pulp Fiction.


Through the online acting classes by Samuel L. Jackson, you will learn from the man himself. This Oscar-nominated star will teach you how he always creates characters that are memorable and how he manages to give powerful performances all across his career. Further, through these online acting training classes you will also be taught some vital acting things, such as analyzing scripts, mastering auditions, and, most notably, finding honesty in every role that you essay.


It is one of the best online acting courses and comprises twenty-one video lessons from the man himself. These videos span over five hours and have a lot for you to learn. Please bear in mind; if you purchase the acting masterclass membership, you will not only get access to Samuel L. Jackson’s class but all the 100+ classes across different categories. Also, know these are audio-only lessons. So, you can download them and watch them offline at your convenience. More so, you also get PDF workbooks for every class, and you can watch them on your phone, TV, or desktop. There are new sessions added every month. Lastly, we quite like these classes because they come with a 30-day guarantee. If you are not content with what you get, you can communicate with them and get your refund.


Acting 101 for Adults - Udemy


About the course

At number third in our best online acting courses list is again a Udemy course. It is a bestseller online acting course, which has a rating of 4.6.


This can be one of the best online acting classes for anyone and everyone who dreams of acting and performing in front of the camera. So, be it acting for a television show, national commercial, or a motion picture, this online acting course is 100% the right pick for you.


Being one of the best online acting courses, you will be taught by a prolific actor Aaron Jackson. He will offer you several lessons, which can help you become the best version of yourself as an actor. Through this online acting course, Aaron introduces the students to different acting methods, which will help them accentuate their acting skills.


Through this course your mentor will explain all the necessary tools that are mandatory for your acting careers, such as a demo reel, manager, website, headshot, a resume, and the right warm-up. From working on the monologue to acing the audition and rightly studying a scene, your mentor for these online acting lessons will share with you all he knows or has grasped from his stint in Hollywood.


As it is one of the best online acting courses, your interests are secure. So, with it, you get a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This means that if you are not 100% satiated with the course, you can seek a full refund. This online acting training comprises 7 hours of on-demand video. Further, all the resources and videos that you get with this course come with complete lifetime access. You can view the course on your TV and mobile. There will be multiple assignments that your mentor will give you with this class. You will have to solve them to practice all that you have learned through the course. Following the successful completion of all the online acting lessons included in the course, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. It is a shareable certificate. You can download and print and include in your CV or share it on your LinkedIn, and improve your prospects of landing an acting gig.


What will the best online acting classes be teaching you?

Through this online acting training, you will have a lot to learn. Some of the things that come in a package with this course are listed below.


  • You will be able to master the techniques, which are employed by successful actors.
  • You will learn to ace monologues and auditions.
  • You will learn to study the scene
  • Your mentor will share some secrets of the acting world prevalent in Hollywood and the local market.
  • You will learn the ins and outs of branding and marketing yourself.
  • What do you need?


To take up these best online acting classes, there are no prerequisites as such. So, you practically need no past knowledge to take up this course. Hence, with these online acting classes, you will learn acting starting right at the beginner level. Additionally, to ace this course, you should have a passion and love for acting and performing on the stage.


Who should take up this best acting lessons online?

Whether you aspire to start an acting career or accentuate your acting skills, this is one of the best online acting classes for you. This course can help people who want to learn new acting techniques or sharpen the skills that you already have. If you want to be a seasoned actor, these are the best acting lessons online for you. So, adults who wish to pursue an acting career will benefit from these online acting classes.


Review by Jenya
Aaron Jackson's passion and experience is wonderfully expressed with his intelligent coaching abilities. Looking forward to hearing all of his insights on the industry and breaking into acting.


Acting Masterclass - Natalie Portman


About the course

Let's face it; there is not one of you who has not heard of Natalie Portman. She began her professional acting career when she was only twelve and is one of the very few people to have won an Oscar before thirty. Being a self-taught actor, Natalie uses several personal techniques that helped her create complex and compelling characters. Natalie presents to us how empathy is the core of a fine performance with her very first acting class. She tries to bring real-life details in every role and aspires to help you build your creative process. Be assured, with this online acting training; you can be prepared for your future breakout performance. Natalie has compiled twenty video lessons in these online acting classes, which span over two hours and thirty-seven minutes.


Become an Actor in Film and TV || Your 4-Part Guide to Start Acting Today! - Skillshare


About the course

Do you wish to kick-start your acting career as a film or a TV actor? If yes, take up this online acting training and be assured that you will be set to kick-start your acting journey by the end of this course.


What will you learn?

In this course, you and Laura Lieben will work together to craft a step-by-step acting business plan, which has been designed to help you prepare for the real Action. In this online acting training, you will tackle the four pillars of venturing into the world of acting. What are these four pillars?


Pillar 1 – Positioning Yourself for Success As part of the course's first session, your mentor will help you discover what sets the pros apart from others; to push you towards positioning yourself as a pro right from the beginning of the course.


Pillar 2 – Refining your unique product The second pillar of the course will help you discover what makes you incredible and how you can harness your distinguished self to the market and the industry.


Pillar 3 – Creating your acting toolbox The third pillar revolves around setting up with all the tools that will enable you to get started from the headshot and resume to crafting your professional website.


Pillar 4 – Marketing yourself as an actor The last pillar of these online acting classes will teach you how to find casting calls, submitting for the audition, and finally getting yourself out there with due confidence.


Please bear in mind; this online acting training does not intend to teach you how to act, but rather tell you things about the acting biz that nobody will tell.


Who should take up this course?

Over 990 students have already taken up this online acting training and have seen success in their career as a professional actor on the stage. Overall, it is a great course and is ideal for all levels.


Review by Ashanty Febles
This was a really superb class for the basics and for beginners . so refreshing to see someone not trying to sell you anything but actually giving you advice shes probably taken herself. Some of her pearls of wisdom she would randomly throw in were great too. really quotable. lol . It seemed like she really wanted you to give this acting thing a shot and like she was rooting for you. Kinda Nice for a cut throat buisness.


Acting Techniques Masterclass - Learn 9 Different Techniques From 9 Master Teachers - Skillshare


About the course

This Skillshare course has also found a place in our best online acting classes list because, in this class, you will not learn from one or two mentors but nine different mentors. Learning from nine different mentors means that you will have access to nine different techniques from nine different teachers.


Sculptures, painters, writers, architects, and everyone have their own toolbox, which comprises different techniques that come in handy to flourish through the creative process. Acting is also one of those skills. With these online acting lessons, your tutor will help not to teach you one acting technique but introduce you to a few of the many methods widely used around the world. So, it is your call by the end of it, whether you want to stick to one technique or fill your toolbox with many different techniques. Please know and understand that having a minimum of one reliable technique in your toolbox will take you a long way in your acting career.


What will you learn?

As part of this online acting course, there are a bunch of things that you will learn. Some of the things have been listed here.


  • What is a technique?
  • Why is having a technique necessary?
  • The Stanislavsky Technique
  • The Adler Technique
  • The Viola Spolin Technique
  • Te Chekhov Technique
  • The Meisner Technique
  • Practical Aesthetics
  • The Uta Hagen Technique
  • The Strasberg Method
  • The Actor's Foundry Technique


Be assured that you will enjoy this course as it will give you an understanding of the different techniques available out there and help you pick which techniques you would want to explore further. It is a beginner level course, and over 4000 students have taken this course.


Review by Winnie Kuo
This class provides a great insight into these acting techniques. Helpful for beginners to review all these techniques.


Acting Masterclass - Helen Mirren


About the course

This course is offered by Helen Mirren, an Academy Award-winning actress. It is the first-ever online acting training program conducted by Helen. As part of this course, she shares the techniques that she has learned through the course of her international career, which spans over television, screen, and stage. Her versatile and powerful performances have earned numerous accolades, including the 2007 Academy Award for her spectacular performance in The Queen. Following that, she was lauded for her performance in The Audience and received a Tony Award for the same in 2015. She is also a recipient of four Emmy Awards. In this online masterclass, you will learn, acting from Helen directly. The course spans over 6 hours 17 minutes and is broken down into 28 video lessons.


Online Acting Class - MARGIE HABER STUDIO


About the course

Next in line, we have an online acting course by Margie Haber. Marie started her stint as an actress at the age of twenty-four with one hope, to be discovered and make it big in the industry. She has studied with some of the recognized acting legends, such as Milton Katseles, Lee Strasberg, and others.


With the experience of more than four decades as an author, acting coach, and mentor, Margie has now worked with thousands of actors at all levels. Given her long experience with aspiring beginners, strugglers, and proficient movie stars, she has formulated a method of teaching, which can bring in positive, powerful, and life-altering results for you.


She has also shared some of her techniques in her well-received and recognized book, How to Get the Part, Without Falling Apart. It is no surprise that this book has become a bible for many acting programs at colleges and universities in the country and abroad.


Through this acting course, Margie will share with you some acting lessons, which she has taught many of her private clients and celebrity actors. The good thing is that these online courses are no different from the workshops and the lead seminars that she privately offers. So, enroll in the Margie Haber acting course, and prepare to become an actor that you were born to be.


Online Acting Lessons - Stage Milk Drama School


About the course

Stage Milk Drama School is an 8-week flagship acting training program, which has helped more than 250 students take their skill as actors to the next level. It is an in-depth course that is hugely personal and designed to educate, inspire, and help you refocus on your acting career. The course is starting on 11th January 2021, so hurry up.


It is a practical course. So, as part of this course, you will learn the vital acting techniques, principles, and habits, which are employed by professional actors. It is an 8-week and an easy to follow course by a recognized drama school. One of the most likable things about these online acting lessons is that all your sessions will be highly interactive. So, across these eight weeks, your mentor will give you detailed feedback on your work to ensure that you are getting better every day as an actor. More so, your mentors will be available anytime you need them all across the length of the course. So, whenever you doubt, you can ping them via chat, message, or email, and you can get the requisite help you need.


More so, with this course, you can learn at your pace. On the Monday of every week, you will be provided with the week’s course material, which you can work through the week. The best part is that you will have access to these resources forever. More so, all through the course, your mentors will be in touch with you via Skype calls. So, they will call you now and then for a one-to-one discussion to give you feedback and discuss your acting career.


Overall, this is a phenomenal course and will help you progress as an actor.


Bottom Line

So, these, according to us, are the top 10 online acting classes. We have provided all the details that we could gather about them and have put them here to enable you to make an informed choice. However, we would request you to visit their website and read through further details before making your pick. We have provided links to their websites for easy access where you can find all the necessary information. So, go ahead, take your pick from our listed best online acting classes, and pick a class that best suits your needs, budget, and requirements.


Best Online Acting Classes Reviewed by 10 Top Class Actors 4.6
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