12 Best Node Js Courses, Tutorials & Training Online [Updated March 2023]


The popularity of Node Js has increased over the last few years since it is a JavaScript runtime environment. Also, the fact that it is open-source, free, and multiple platform friendly is advantageous. And unlike JavaScript, which could only be run on the browser, you are blessed with the functionality of being able to run it as a standalone application on your machine. The ease of being able to code in the same language on both the front end and the back end, generating dynamic data, and developing highly scalable network apps only adds to the hype around it. And that's the reason why there is an increase in Node Js courses and training online.


Thus, it won't be uncommon to hear a few of your friends trying to make a career out of it, and there is a vast scope once you become comfortable with it. If all this has piqued your interest and your desire to learn all about it, then you are reading the right resource. We at TrumpLearning, along with 5 Node.js experts have compiled a list of the 12 best Node Js courses that can land you your next dream job in a reputed company.

12 Best Node Js Online Courses On Udemy

  1. The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)
  2. Learn and Understand NodeJS
  3. The Web Developer Bootcamp
  4. All about NodeJS
  5. Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide
  6. Node with React: Fullstack Web Development
  7. Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2020
  8. Node JS: Advanced Concepts
  9. Grow Your Node.js Skills [PluralSight]
  10. Learning Node.js [LinkedIn Learning]
  11. Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [Coursera]
  12. Learn Node.js [Codecademy]
 The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)


This Node Js course on Udemy sees one of the highest enrolments on Udemy and rightly so. The instructors have designed this node Js training course for grounds up learning. Due to the same reason, it takes you by your hand and guides you from the very basics to the more advanced stuff like Express, Mongoose and MongoDB. Once through with the course, you'd be able to deploy real-world applications like a professional.


A few highlights of this Node Js Online Course include:
  • Creation of express web servers and APIs
  • The use of ES6/ES7 Javascript
  • SocketIO for real-time web apps
  • Heroku application deployment
  • JWT Authentication
  • In-depth work on different aspects of a weather app
  • 35 Hour On-Demand Video along with 137 downloadable resources
  • Comes with 30 day money back guarantee of Udemy
Reviews by student:
Andrew is energetic and knowledgeable teacher. Lessons are divided in bite size chunks, letting you choose your own pace while learning. Theoretical parts are intersected with practical challenges that nicely compliment them. Last but not least, Q&A section is well maintained, and was source full of helpful topics during course. Learning Node with Andrew as guide was pleasure!
Milos Markovic


 Learn and Understand NodeJS


The most significant point of this Node Js online course is that it understands the fact that one just cannot learn to code by imitating the code of others. The course explores some of the core JavaScript concepts along with understanding how a web server works, V8, Express, npm, database connection, and the MEAN stack. The unique approach of this course, where it aims to develop you into a coder who explains the code to others, simultaneously makes you understand it better than anyone else.


The course highlights include:
  • Use of buffers, streams, and pipes
  • Working with SQL or Mongo database
  • Exploring the event emitter
  • Structuring a node application
  • Understanding the working of a C++ V8 JavaScript engine
  • Asynchronous codes and the node event loop
  • Comes with 13 Hours On-Demand Video
Reviews by student:
Thanks a ton to Tony for the deep dive into Node.js source code. Still a great course in 2020 to develop solid Node.js core concepts. Although the final project could have focused more on node basics and related libraries rather than the extraneous front end Angluar stuff.
Avinash Behera


 The Web Developer Bootcamp


If web development excites you, then this course trains you in the various aspects related to it i.e., HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and many others. Updated to include the latest version of Bootstrap, this is the only Node Js online course that is being taught by a professional Bootcamp instructor. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that this Node Js training course is being enrolled by more than 500,000 learners. Available at a fraction of the price as compared to other certifications, this course stays away from outdated technologies and instead works on the latest industry requirements. Thus you can be assured about learning in-demand skills.


With this course you will:
  • Work on more than 13 projects including a gigantic application
  • Cover a huge amount of technologies
  • Create complex HTML forms with validations
  • Be trained to think like a professional developer
  • Gain expertise in the command-line interface
  • Manipulation of DOM with VanillaJS
  • Create your own Node Modules
  • Humungous 46 hours of On-Demand Video and 85 downloadable resources
Reviews by student:
Im about 2 days from finishing and having an app deployed on Heroku that has user authentication that I can access from my phone is really cool. Colt is a great instructor and I've learned a lot! My only advice is don't forget that you're doing this for your self so take your time and build your own projects after you finish an assignment so you can "really" get it. Already recommended this course to a friend who's taking it now.
Christan Price


 All about NodeJS


If JavaScript and PHP are the only things you know of, then this course hits the right area! It explains precisely why you should be learning something new and how you can take this knowledge to develop more complex server-side applications. The purpose is to begin from scratch and go all the way up to deploy a full-blown cloud-based app using Node.js. Working on two apps i.e., ChatCAT and PhotoGRID will also help you understand the design aspect of development along with the code and help you get a better hold of the core concepts.


This Node.js training program will teach:
  • Use of the Express 4 framework for app development
  • Integration of authentication using social media
  • Deployment on the Amazon Web Services of the EC2 Cloud Server Instances
  • Use Node.js for Amazon's S3 storage service
  • Configuration of NGINX as a load balancer
  • Happi framework for app creation
  • Enterprise integration
Reviews by student:
It's a really complete course, but the most important thing is that it is updated over time. Instead of selling an updated version of the same course every year, the course is redone! Thats huge on your investment, I really apreciate the commitment from the instructor.
Juan Fragoso


 Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide


Finally, we have a resource exploring the depths of the MEAN stack. If connecting your Angular frontend to Node.js, Express and MongoDB seemed like a challenge to you, then you are going to do exactly that and all by yourself through a real-world application. Moreover, this course is an excellent refresher on the basics of Angular. The author of this course, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, is an experienced web developer as well as the author of many 5-star rated Udemy courses and host of the "Academind" coding channel on YouTube.


This Node js course aims at:
  • Handling the errors of any Angular+Node.js application
  • Using MongoDB with Mongoose for the backend
  • Teaching to build a great UX through Optimistic Updating
  • Pagination basics
  • Addition of user authentication
  • Understanding CORS
Reviews by student:
Great course, you covered alot of things , I 've understand like 60-65%, but i will make it thru 1-2 times and I will understand more for sure. I have like 7-8 course buyed from Max, this is the 3rd one which i've finished. I will go no back to Angular, after that to node course. The single part i didn't liked and i didn't understood it is about image upload / mime type... i know you mentioned 3 times is hard to grasp, but it was indeed
Sorin Vestemean


 Node with React: Fullstack Web Development


A course going all out on the 'learning by doing' methodology, it takes you way beyond the basics of React and Redux (assuming that you are familiar with the basics). Teaching by building one massive web application via live coding examples instead of dull PPTs and lectures, the app would include everything from email handling and bill payments to advanced deployment. Further, you would be integrating feedback collection into the app to take your learning a step further.


This Node Js course teaches you to:
  • Handle credit cards and receive Stripe payments
  • Send out engaging automated emails
  • Handling advanced API keys
  • Route from back end to the front end in terms of production
  • Google OAuth authentication integration into app development
  • Work on boilerplate starter projects
  • Go for it only if you have basic understanding of React and Redux
Reviews by student:
A good introduction to fullstack web development with React and Node that covers plenty of the potential 'gotchas' that one would run into if trying to put all of this together on their own. Stephen always does a great job of explaining things and the diagrams that he creates and provides are very helpful when working through some of the more difficult portions of the content.
Steve Ferenchak


 Node.js, Express, MongoDB & More: The Complete Bootcamp 2020


Another course taking you from a complete newbie to an extremely skilled Node.js developer, it  focuses on the speed part of big and robust applications. By learning things from the very scratch, you'd be able to plan, build, and deploy your apps once you are done with the sample project. And to our delight, we found out that the sample project itself would be one colossal feature-rich application containing Restful APIs and server-site renders! This undoubtedly makes it one of the best Node.js tutorial.


The key features of this Node Js online course include training course include:
  • Complete mastery over modern backend stack (Node, Express, MongoDB)
  • NoSQL databases with geospatial data
  • Crud operations with Mongoose
  • Encryption, sanitization, rate-limits
  • The understanding behind the scenes working concepts of Node.js
  • A bonus Git-crash course
Reviews by student:
The material that Jonas produces is top of the class! With his modern approach to designing beautiful and stylistic, web application makes it all worth taking this course over any others on Udemy. Keep up the awesome work Jonas!
Jeremy Lee


 Node JS: Advanced Concepts


If the basics no longer interest you and you are seeking something more fulfilling, then this course dealing with some of the advanced concepts of Node.js will be your new best friend. Instead of just a skilled developer, this course wants to make you a top node engineer who can handle some of the more advanced stuff like query caching, scalable file upload, and node event loop. You would love to get your hands dirty with node internals and the continuous integration testing.


The following topics will be covered during this Node Js online course:
  • Turbo-charging MongoDB queries
  • Learning the usage of the ES2015 proxies
  • Management of cookies and sessions
  • Jest and Puppeteer for automated browser testing
  • Utilization of worker threads and clustering
  • Mastery over the event loop
Reviews by student:
A really amazing node course, very important for strengthening your node skills, expanding your knowledge, and improving the projects to a really high degree of security instead of just making solutions. Node Performance, Redis Caching, Headless Testing, CI (Continuous Integration), Scalable File Upload, it's all here. Thank you Stephen!!! :D
Arbër Shabani


Best Non-Udemy Node.js Tutorials

  1. Grow Your Node.js Skills [PluralSight]
  2. Learning Node.js [LinkedIn Learning]
  3. Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [Coursera]
  4. Learn Node.js [Codecademy]


 Grow Your Node.js Skills [PluralSight]


What's better than to study something for a few days and then decide whether you want to continue studying it? The growth-oriented Pluralsight courses offer a free 10-day trial. The experts authored Node Js training program will teach you the very basics of software development and gradually take it to the next level. The best part is that just like the Udemy courses above, you can master your craft at your own pace, i.e., no time boundation. This training program is an amalgamation of several classes and offers two main paths:


  1. js Expert:- A 37-hours 16-course programs, it provides a range of videos segregated as basic, intermediate, and advanced. Co-authored by multiple experts, it broadly covers topics like:


  • IO real-time integration
  • Event-emitters and streams
  • js API building
  • Modular JavaScript
  • Asynchronous code writing strategies
  • Building a banking portal


  1. Node.js Developer on Microsoft Azure:- As the name suggests, the Microsoft Azure path deals with the various dimensions of the Azure infrastructure and automation of the cloud for deploying and applications continuously. Just like the above path, this too has been segregated into basic, intermediate and advanced and has almost 11-hours of content.


You can expect to learn:
  • Usage of Azure Storage Accounts
  • Server-less computing using Azure Functions
  • API management, publishing, and development
  • Content Delivery Network Implementation
  • Deployment of Docker containers into Azure
  • Scaling through partitioning and caching
Reviews by student:
Looks like Pluralsight is slowly pushing netflix to the background during my weekends.
Javi Kroonenburg


 Learning Node.js [LinkedIn Learning]


This is a beginner level Node Js course by Alexander Zanfir (an author with both PluralSight and LinkedIn Learning) and has some high-profile projects, including those involving the Canadian Military to his name. Moreover, he has developed some immensely popular games like Dungeon Legends. The course itself focuses on data-intensive real-time applications that would further lead to the study of npm, reading, and writing files.


This relatively short 2-hour course gives you a free 1-month trial. Via this course, you'd be able to:


  • Explore web frameworks
  • Build a demo chat app
  • Study databases
  • Improving asynchronous code
  • Handling of errors and debugging


 Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB [Coursera]


Offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, this course primarily deals with all things server-side. You'd be reviewing the basic CRUD and Express modules, MongoDB, NoSQL databases, and the all-important REST concepts that culminate in building a RESTful API. Finally, you will be dealing with authentication, security, and Backend As A Service (BaaS).


The Node Js course itself is a part of multiple programs, namely: Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization


At the end of this course, you'd be able to:
  • Understand server side of the Node.js application
  • Know about data management throughs schemas in NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Apply basic and session-based authentication
  • Secure communication using HTTPS
  • Understanding the Express framework
  • Course spreads over 4 weeks with 8-10 hours/week of effort
Reviews by student:
To be able to take courses at my own pace and rhythm has been an amazing experience. I can learn whenever it fits my schedule and mood.
Felipe M.


 Learn Node.js [Codecademy]


Like most of the beginner-level courses, the Codecademy Node.js online training will make you familiar with the basics involving Node.js and the server-side aspect of web development. The major takeaway skills from this mini 1-hour program that you'd be able to explore and understand the Node framework like Express.js and understand its role in the powerful application. The course, however, requires you to have an advanced understanding of the JavaScript concepts.


Upgrading to the Pro-plan would hand over to you job-ready skills on a silver platter.


Key topics covered in this course are:
  • Understanding the backend
  • Basics of Node.js
  • Mastery of the learned subject through Multiple Choice Questions
Reviews by student:
I know from first-hand experience that you can go in knowing zero, nothing, and just get a grasp on everything as you go and start building right away.
Madelyn, Pinterest



These were some of the best Node.js courses online when it comes to understanding everything related to Node.js and having job-ready skills to fill your resume with. The choice of a short-course or a long-course depends on your interest in the topic and the reason behind learning it. Choose wisely and keep learning!


Best Node Js Course Training Tutorial Online Reviewed by 5 Node Js Experts 4.6
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