10 Best MongoDB Training, Course and Certification [Updated March 2023]

Best Mongodb Course Training Online


MongoDB is fast becoming the hottest database solution in the world of technology. Since it is equally capable of powering a personal project and an enterprise infrastructure, therefore, MongoDB developers are always in high demand. If you're a data scientist, you eat, drink and breath data. Storing data, efficient querying, complexity removal and optimized performances are your daily tasks. In such a scenario, MongoDB comes as a popular NoSQL database which is both fast and scalable. Wherever scalability and speed are required, the MongoDB shines like the pole star. And it is the reason why there is a surge in searches for the best MongoDB courses and training online.


Here at TrumpLearning, a team of 6 experts have compiled this list of the 10 best MongoDB online training and courses that will not only help you learn the ropes but also make you sort of a master at it. So without further ado, let’s dive right into it.


10 Best MongoDB Online Courses & Training

  1. The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB [Udemy]
  2. MongoDB - The Complete Developer's Guide 2020 [Udemy]
  3. MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide [Udemy]
  4. Learn MongoDB : Leading NoSQL Database from scratch [Udemy]
  5. Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB [Coursera]
  6. Web Application Development with JavaScript and MongoDB [Coursera]
  7. Introduction to MongoDB [Coursera]
  8. MongoDB Basics [EdX]
  9. Introduction to MongoDB [PluralSight]
  10. MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training [SimpliLearn]
The Complete Developers Guide to MongoDB [Udemy]


For those who are looking to master MongoDB and Mongoose design, they can do so via a test driven approach through this online MongoDB course.  It will help you gain the core knowledge you need to build apps centered around Mongo. But initially, you’d start by mastering the fundamentals of Mongo which includes collections, validations, and common record manipulation techniques. Further, each lecture has been provided with a source code. You’d also be getting a lot of reusable code which you can certainly use in your own products.


The key concepts you will be learning in this MongoDB course are:
  • How MongoDB stores data
  • Purpose of each of Mongoose's functions
  • Designing effective NoSQL schema
  • Writing efficient queries
  • ES6 Refresher
  • Handling Relational Data


It is a 13.5-hour course from Udemy which also provides a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Reviews by student:
I just finished this course, and have to say that it is a really good resource for anyone that wants to dive into backend development with node, express and Mongo databases, especially if you will use geodata. It allows you to use mocha for your test cases to develop from a TDD perspective, so all your components and routes are tested before reaching production environment.
Gabriel Carcamo


MongoDB - The Complete Developer's Guide 2020 [Udemy]


Mastering MongoDB Development for Web & Mobile Apps is where the focus of this course lies. And you would be using CRUD Operations, Indexes, and Aggregation Framework to achieve the same. This  is a hands-on course which ensures that you learn by writing code/commands instead of just watching videos or reading theory. A wide variety of example data and use-cases are present to give you the knowledge to work with MongoDB in your future projects. Irrespective of the programming language you plan on coding in, this course will teach you a uniform way of interacting with MongoDB that can be easily applied to any language of your choice.


The major topics taught in the MongoDB online course are:
  • Writing efficient and well-performing queries
  • Understanding the basics and CRUD operations
  • Exploring the shell and the server
  • Diving into create operations
  • Working with indexes
  • Schemas and relations


This 17-hour course with 29 downloadable resources is not for those looking for a guide on administering MongoDB servers.


Reviews by student:
It's definitely the best course on MongoDB out there but it could have been a little bit better. For example, there is a specific section on working with big numbers. The problem is that this stuff is too specific and I doubt it that somebody will ever need it. I liked the ending and building real-world applications with Node.js.
Alexander Vashchuk


MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide [Udemy]


This 11-hour MongoDB course on Udemy has a different approach to learn MongoDB. Here you would be working on the MongoDB database through JavaScript Mongo Shell, Robo 3T (Robomongo) and MongoDB Compass. There would be no discussion about external drivers and libraries and the course would only focus on MongoDB and MongoDB Shell. Further, you would also be performing all sorts of CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Operations. While this MongoDB training course doesn’t have any specified prerequisites, it does want you to have access to the MongoDB, Robo 3T(Robomongo), Mongo Compass software. Before you start worrying, these softwares are totally free and easily available.


Some of the topics taught in this mongodb online training are:
  • Launching production database on the Atlas MongoDB
  • Different MongoDB BSON types - ObjectId, ISODate, NumberInt etc.
  • GUI tools for MongoDB management
  • Aggregation Framework
  • Updating the documents
  • Indexes and utilities


As always, just like other Udemy courses, this one too is backed by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which helps you significantly in testing the waters.


Reviews by student:
I would definitely recommend this course to anyone beginner or professional who would like to learn Mongo. Bogdan is an exceptional teacher and who has crafted this course in a very short yet descriptive way. The examples are of good level and makes you understand the course easily. Also the instructor is very responsive, understands your questions and responds quickly. Hands downs 5 stars.!!!
Aman Srivastava


Learn MongoDB : Leading NoSQL Database from scratch [Udemy]


This 16-hour MongoDB course from Udemy lays emphasis on having a strong foundation for MongoDB based applications. One of the most popular NoSQL databases MongoDB will be quite familiar to you once you are through with the course. You will be starting from the very basics and then moving on to the advanced and fun stuff. Further, you would also be covering creation of databases, collections, CRUD operations and Indexing. Also, the short quizzes at the end of every section help you to both understand the concepts and revise them in a much better way.


The primary topics this MongoDB training emphasises on are:
  • Designing MongoDB database from scratch
  • RDBMS vs NoSQL databases
  • Aggregation Framework
  • Map-reduce in MongoDB
  • Replica Set Setup
  • Connecting MongoDB with Java


The prerequisites of the course requires you to have some working knowledge of Database Management Systems.


Reviews by student:
begining is too good and I hope it will be same through the end of the course. great way of explanation with crisp hands-on.
Tinmaya Anand


Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB [Coursera]


Offered by John Hopkins University, this MongoDB course is a part of the Ruby on Rails Web Development Specialization. You will be exploring MongoDB and  Web Services concepts. The next step in the course is to integrate them using Ruby on Rails. From installation to CRUD operations, aggregation, indexing, GridFS, all sorts of topics, both basic and advanced will be covered thoroughly in this exhaustive course. The MongoDB interface would be explored using the Mongo Ruby API and the Mongoid ORM framework. Lastly, the course will deal with Web Services and the emphasis will be laid on REST and its architecture.


The major topics covered in this MongoDB training course are:
  • MongoDB, MongoDB-Ruby API
  • CRUD
  • Aggregation Framework
  • Performance and Advanced MongoDB
  • Mongoid
  • Web Services


This course is meant for individuals who have some programming experience and a working knowledge of databases. This is a 26-hours course that should be studied at the recommended pace of 6-hours per week.


Reviews by student:
Love this course. Helped me understand angular 1 concepts very well and with great explanations and coding examples. Keep it up and keep eating those cookies :)


Web Application Development with JavaScript and MongoDB [Coursera]


Offered by Goldsmith, University Of London, this course is a part of the  Responsive Website Development and Design Specialization. Via this course, you’d be working on the more advanced web applications. Not only you will control data read and write access, but also you will access your database, server shells using the command line tools. Further, extensive work will be done on the SimpleSchema system and TextCircle, which is a complete collaborative code editing environment will be built from scratch. Also, there are 2 programming assignments, 4 quizzes and multiple practice quizzes that should take you 4 hours, 20 minutes and 5 minutes each to complete.



This MongoDB training course teaches you topics like:
  • Meteor methods to control data
  • Add user accounts to your applications
  • Implementing complex MongoDB filters
  • MongoDB and meteor server shells
  • Data validations schemas
  • Generating data input forms


The course is fourth in order in the specialization order and takes around 20 hours to complete at the suggested pace of 1-2hours/week, i.e. a total of 4 weeks. However, completing this course will not give you any academic credit for University of London programmes.


Reviews by student:
The truth is that I love learning — I'm always seeking new opportunities to learn. The quality of content on Coursera always exceeds my expectations.
Natalie H.


Introduction to MongoDB [Coursera]


Offered by the technology masters themselves, i.e. MongoDB, this course focuses on teaching you how to leverage the power of MongoDB for data analytics. Once you are done with the fundamentals, you’d be exploring in-depth topics like importing data into a cluster, CRUD API and Aggregation Framework. And the best part is yet to come. You will be taught all this through a demo application to make you better understand the ease of implementation using MongoDB. Further, useful MongoDB tools and services will also be covered thus giving you an opportunity to discover Atlas, MongoDB's database as a service, and the MongoDB Compass.


The major areas covered in this MongoDB course are:
  • Filtering on Scalar Field
  • Connecting to Atlas
  • Analyzing Data with Aggregation
  • Cleansing Data with Updates
  • Querying for Documents on an Array Field
  • Improving Query Performance


At the suggested pace of 2-3 hours per week, the course should not take you more than 17-hours to complete.


Reviews by student:
To be able to take courses at my own pace and rhythm has been an amazing experience. I can learn whenever it fits my schedule and mood.
Felipe M.


MongoDB Basics [EdX]


We have another course on the list that straightaway comes from the mouth of the lion. Offered by MongoDB University itself, it can be a perfect choice for those looking to build a MongoDB project. Once through with the essentials of the MongoDB document model, you would be moving on to the advanced topics like MongoDB query language. It can be particularly helpful if you are looking to query arrays, objects, geospatial data and other hierarchical data structures stored within documents. MongoDB compass would be used extensively throughout the course.


This MongoDB training course mainly focuses on topics like:
  • MongoDB GUI
  • MongoDB query language
  • Atlas
  • MongoDB's hosted database
  • MongoDB document model
  • Basic schema design


The course itself is free to take but you would be paying a small fee in case you need a certification. At the suggested pace of 1–3 hours per week, the course shouldn’t take you more than 3 weeks to complete.


Introduction to MongoDB [PluralSight]


For those looking to gain the essential skills to start using Mongo, this course is an apt choice. Powering your software application is one of the biggest advantages of this unique database. From getting the Mongo running, to manipulating and querying data, index for speed, etc. this course will teach you all. This MongoDB training course is one of the highest rated courses on PluralSight and requires you to devote around 2.5-hours to it. However, one major drawback of the course is that it was last updated in June, 2013. But still, it has made it to our list given the sheer content quality as it still stands to be one of the best resources available online to learn MongoDB.


This best mongodb course online on PluralSight will teach you:
  • The Mongo Shell
  • Saving Data
  • Verifying Data Replication
  • Indexing
  • Dot notation and sub-documentation
  • Substantial scripts


The PluralSight platform provides you a free 10-day trial to see if the course lives up to your expectations.


MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training [SimpliLearn]


If just learning MongoDB is not enough for you and you want to aim at becoming a MongoDB experienced professional, then this course will equip you with the required skills. By mastering skills such as data modeling, ingestion, query, sharding, and data replication with MongoDB,maintaining the MongoDB environment, you are imparted some really relevant skills as per the current industry standard. With 49 hours of learning, 3 industry-based projects in e-learning and telecom domains, 6 hands-on lab exercises and 60 demos, this is one of the most exhaustive MongoDB courses available in the market which could potentially make it the best MongoDB course online.


You would be getting an opportunity to work on the following three projects:
  1. ELearning Industry
  2. Telecom Industry
  • Training Center


The course will make you adept in the following areas:
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • Indexing and Aggregation
  • Replication and Sharding
  • Developing Java and Node JS Application with MongoDB
  • Administration of MongoDB Cluster Operations
  • Introduction to NoSQL databases


The prerequisites of this course are a bit different than the traditional requirements in terms of quantity. You are expected to have a know how of significant number of area beforehand including basic knowledge of any programming language and any database, SQL, and query language for databases. Mongodb for Python developers is one of the most sought after choices. Working knowledge of Linux based systems will also prove useful in completing this certification easily. Big Data Hadoop Developer or Big Data Hadoop Administrator course are the recommended resources to go through for making learning this course a pleasant and easy experience.


Reviews by student:
Great effort by Simplilearn. I really appreciate it. I didn't get bored of any session like offline trainings, instead it was very interesting. I am a newbie in IT field, so I am excited to learn and start my career in it. Thank you very much.
Nagarjuna D N



While the best resources to learn MongoDB have been provided in this article, it is our duty to remind you that even the best weapons are of no use in the hands of a person who is not willing to learn how to use it. Just enrolling in any of the best MongoDB course would not be sufficient and you’d be required to work consistently towards completion. However, at the end of any of these courses, you’d be feeling confident about your MongoDB skills and ready to take an interview for your next dream job.


Best Mongodb Course Training Online Reviewed by 6 Mongodb Experts 4.5
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