6 Best MCAT Prep Courses & Classes Online [Updated June 2023]

Best Mcat Test Prep Courses Classes Online


Medical College Admission Test (or MCAT) is hard. There is no doubt about it. But it is hard for those who don’t know how to prepare for it as it is one of those exams where How (you prepare) is more important than anything else. Even the difference of a few points can make or break your selection as per the AAMC data. The acceptance rate of applicants scoring between 510 to 513 is three times that of those scoring between 498 to 501. Two main reasons why students struggle during the MCAT preparation are the lack of prep time and too much to memorize. And that’s why you need only the best MCAT prep course by your side.


Thus, we at TrumpLearning, along with a team of 25 experts, have created this list of the 6 best MCAT prep courses that will ensure a smooth journey right from the preparation to the exam.


6 Best MCAT Prep Courses & Classes Online

  1. Learn How You Can Score 510+* [The Princeton Review]
  2. MCAT® PREP [Kaplan]
  3. MCAT Preparation Course [Magoosh]
  4. MCAT Preparation Course [Next Step]
  5. Get MCAT Fit [Aptare Prep]
  6. MCAT Prep Courses [MCAT Prep.com]
 Learn How You Can Score 510+* [The Princeton Review]


The Princeton Review MCAT prep course is designed as per the 'work smarter and not harder' philosophy. Their MCAT prep course is designed, keeping in mind that students want to achieve the maximum possible score in the minimum possible time.


3 main MCAT test prep courses offered by The Princeton Review Platform are:


MCAT 510 + Course

Enrollment in this MCAT test prep course will provide you with a dedicated MCAT study manager that will help you assess and overcome your weaknesses. The MCAT test prep course from Princeton Review further provides access to diagnostic tests, full-length practice exams, MCAT topic focus sessions along with psychology, online sociology modules, and customized homework assignments. The study manager will help you stay laser-focused on the areas that you need to improve upon and avoid wasting time on the material that you have already mastered.


The MCAT Ultimate Course

The MCAT ultimate MCAT test prep course gives you more than 123 hours of classroom time and thousands of practice questions. You will also get access to 15 full-length practice tests, all the AAMC content, and 11 MCAT books. The ultimate MCAT test prep course is offered both in-person and online so that you can choose the format that best works for you.


Self Guided MCAT Preparation

For those looking to live and breathe the MCAT exam through an accelerated and comprehensive training program at their own pace, the self-guided program is the best option for you. It is both intensive and intense at the same time. You will have access to 10 MCAT books and going through almost 500+ instructions led by a team of subject matter experts. Further, you will also have a full suite of MCAT resources to your aid, along with thousands of free-standing and passage-based questions, each with detailed explanations.


Reviews by student:
The teachers are very good. I liked that I had the option to take an online course at night. I was given above and beyond the amount of preparation materials I could have ever expected—there was tons of practice.


MCAT® PREP [Kaplan]


Enrollment to an MCAT test prep course on the Kaplan platform will provide you access to a plethora of score boosting strategies and time-saving tools. These MCAT prep classes have almost 700 hours of video content and a question bank that adapts to your abilities and then builds up from there. The MCAT prep classes will be available to you in a life or on-demand format, and there will be constant guidance from a team of MCAT experts. Further, access to 16 full-length practice tests and 8 important books will also be available to you. After the enrollment, these MCAT prep classes are personalized to identify and zero in on your specific needs, thus enhancing your strengths and targeting your weaknesses.


Important lessons covered in this one of the best MCAT prep courses are:


  • Compounds, Stoichiometry, Organic Molecules
  • Amino Acids, Enzymes, Proteins, Molecular Genetics
  • Biological Bases of Behavior
  • Thermochemistry, Solutions, Acids & Bases, Electrostatics, Magnetism
  • Advanced Reasoning on the CARS Section
  • Metabolic Regulation, Organ Systems, Immunity


Reviews by student:
Great resources, thorough, and shows a dedication and caring nature to students


MCAT Preparation Course [Magoosh]


The first thing that you will notice about MCAT prep course from Magoosh is that it promises to give you a 10 point increase in your score, or else it will return your money. Enrolment in the MCAT prep course will provide you with access to more than 380 lessons and around 750 practice questions. Further, this online MCAT prep course can be taken anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile. There are 4 main study schedules available to you:


MCAT 6-Month Study Plan

You will be studying approximately 2-4 hours per day (12-24 hours per week) for 6 days a week.


MCAT 3-Month Study Schedule

You will be studying for 6 days a week for about 3-5 hours per day. Designed for those who can devote 30 hours per week to studying.


MCAT 2-Month Study Schedule

Designed for students with a rapidly approaching exam date who can devote at least 25-30 hours per week. This schedule contains assignments 6 days per week.


MCAT 1-Month Study Schedule

You will review every major area of the MCAT in only 4 weeks at a rate of about 30-40 hours per week.


Important lessons covered in the online MCAT prep course are:


  • Translational forces, motion, and work energy
  • Making sense of the environment
  • Structure and function of proteins
  • How light and sound interact with matter
  • Attitude and behavior change
  • Principles of chemical thermodynamics


Reviews by student:
I was studying for the test while still in college, so the flexible online format really fit my schedule. I utilized the suggested study plan to keep me on track and found that it worked well for me to focus on specific material each day. I particularly appreciated the question bank, as the style of question was very similar to what I saw on the MCAT. Using Magoosh helped me feel prepared the MCAT, and I think that that confidence showed in my test score.
Stephanie S


MCAT Preparation Course [Next Step]


524+ MCAT scorers have developed this online MCAT prep course with MDs and PhDs. You will start by customizing your study schedule by answering a few questions and then move on to the actual learning through the most updated books available for the MCAT exam. The practice passages in this online MCAT prep course mimic the MCAT exam very closely, and the interface is almost similar to the AAMC. A live tutor will also be available to you for 5 days a week. Further, there are hundreds of quizzes to help you retain what you learn and several on-demand video explanations to questions.


This online MCAT prep course can be taken by anybody, i.e., the first time test takers looking to get a high score or the test retakers looking to improve upon their past score significantly.


Reviews by student:
Before Scout began working through Next Step’s Online MCAT Prep Course, she was scoring in the 490s. After working through our course, she was able to score a 516 on the official MCAT exam to get into medical school. From reinforcing the content, to introducing invaluable strategy, Next Step “brought [her] studying to the next level.


Get MCAT Fit [Aptare Prep]


The Aptare Prep online MCAT prep course is also one of those that will give you personalized tools to customize your study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. The MCAT style questions will be tailored to your level, and performance reports will always be available to see the breakdown of your performance and analyze areas that require focus. Further, there is another useful feature called the dynamic questions feature, which provides you with the right question at the right time based on your skill level, and it helps a lot in improving your confidence. There is also a rank estimator tool to provide you an insight into how ready you are for the MCAT exam. There are several access plans available, namely, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, and a 365-days package.


Each of the access plans in the MCAT prep course includes:


  • Complete MCAT Practice
  • 4800+ MCAT Practice Questions
  • Percentile Rank Calculator
  • Section Reports
  • Discussion Forum with MCAT Coaches
  • Downloadable Custom Study Schedule


Lastly, the 365-day package also provides you with 3 free renewals.


Reviews by student:
[AptarePrep] is an amazing tool! The single passages were excellent warm-ups and the exams helped me to constantly check my progress for the [Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills] portion.


MCAT Prep Courses [MCAT Prep.com] There are so many MCAT online courses on MCAT platform that there is something for everybody. Whether you are looking to take the exam in a few days or a few months, need tutoring, or are comfortable studying on your own at home, there is a MCAT online course for you!


Here is a list of different MCAT test prep courses available on the platform:


MCAT Crash Course

This MCAT prep course has 30+ hours online MCAT videos on Physics, Biology, General and Organic Chemistry and 2 full-length new MCAT practice tests with explanations. Also, there are more than 3000 practice questions with solutions. These MCAT online classes are available as a monthly subscription, which can be canceled or upgraded anytime.


MCAT University

The MCAT University contains all content of the MCAT Crash Course in addition to 3 full-length new MCAT practice tests and 5 additional MCAT CARS practice tests. Also, more than 3500 practice questions with solutions have been provided. These MCAT prep classes, too, are available as a monthly subscription, which can be canceled or upgraded anytime.



This MCAT test perp course contains 5 full-length online timed MCAT CARS tests with explanations. Along with it, there are several warm-up exercises and test-taking strategies, but the tests are different from those included in the 5 Gold Standard full-length MCAT practice tests. The MCAT test prep course also permits you to with unlimited single-user exam attempts during your access period with each MCAT CARS test. The access period is for a total of 3 months.


Home Study MCAT Course

The home study version of the MCAT test prep course provide you with some of the most highly rated books, videos, and online practice tests with 12 months' access. Further, there are two versions available, i.e., one without AAMC and the other one with all AAMC materials.


You will have access to the following Tangible materials:


  • One set of your choice from the following:
  1. Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: 7 books
  2. Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box Set: 7 books
  3. Examkrackers 11th Edition MCAT Complete Study Package: 6 books
  • MCAT Practice Questions Book with 1610 questions and answers
  • MCAT Prep Erasable Notepad
  • An optional guide to the MCAT Exam by the AAMC + MCAT


Important online materials include:


  • 3 MCAT practice tests from your choice: Kaplan or Princeton Review
  • 5000-9000 practice questions with solutions depending on your package
  • Unlimited viewing of the 30-hour science review video library
  • Medical School Interview Online Video


Complete MCAT Platinum Package PLUS

Enrollment in theis MCAT test prep course would mean that you will not require any other MCAT prep books, notes, or materials to prepare for the MCAT!


You will get full online access to:


  • 20 MCAT full-length practice tests
  • 10,000+ practice questions with helpful explanations
  • Physical books and GS eBooks on various MCAT subjects
  • Unlimited viewing of the 30-hour science review video library


Further, enrollment to these MCAT classes online will also provide you access to a comprehensive bundle of books and study aids, 3 MCAT coaching sessions with an MD or Medical Student, and MCAT score guarantee.


Reviews by student:
The breadth of content and difficulty of questions that Gold Standard MCAT uses is outstanding. I can′t tell you how many times I found my areas of weakness while using these tests.
Aaron Blackshaw


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1) Are MCAT prep courses worth it?

If we have to answer this in one word, then undoubtedly YES! The MCAT is an exam that not only tests your knowledge, but also examines your strategy around the question. Thus, just having theoretical knowledge is sometimes not enough. MCAT prep courses understand this completely well and therefore design the course keeping themselves up to date with the latest exam trends. While it is possible to prepare at home and pass the exam without a professional course to help you but having a professional course by your side will significantly improve your scores. We, in the introductory section, have emphasized how the difference of just a few points can make a massive difference to your acceptance probability.


2) How much is an MCAT prep course?

There is not a single price that can be put to an MCAT prep course. There are several platforms out there, and each of them offers different perks. Thus, they price their MCAT classes online accordingly. However, it is possible to give you an estimated range. If you are looking to enroll in an excellent MCAT prep course, then be willing to spend anywhere around $1500 to $3500. Some MCAT classes online are below $1500. However, they might not be beneficial for beginners.


3) Is Kaplan the best MCAT prep course?

Indeed the Kaplan platform has excellent resources for MCAT preparation. However, answering the question in affirmation would be a difficult task. Let's just keep aside the query whether Kaplan is the best MCAT prep course or not and instead know that even the best MCAT courses are of no use to students if they do not resonate with them or their style of study. On the other hand, MCAT classes online with not so perfect ratings might be far more beneficial to a student if he or she feels comfortable with the material. Therefore, we have provided you with the list of the 6 best MCAT prep courses along with their essential features. You can go through the same and decide whether you want to enroll in the Kaplan course or any other MCAT test prep.



The MCAT exam requires smart work and not just hard work from your end. Each of these MCAT test prep courses listed above has shown proven results in improving the student scores. Therefore, you just need to choose one and get going with your preparation. Do not spend too much time on deciding which one to go for. Just pick the one you feel most comfortable with. Because in the end, it is not the time that you will spend on choosing the course that will matter but the time that you will spend on the actual content of the course. Choosing the best course after wasting several weeks will not get you a high score. But selecting a suitable course and starting today will ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to the MCAT preparation. With these words, we take your leave and promise to see you in the next article with some more awesome content!


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