7 Best LSAT Prep Courses & Classes Online [Updated June 2023]

Best LSAT Prep Courses Classes Online


While LSAT books and self study are great ways to tackle the LSAT exam, nothing can beat a full-blown LSAT prep course. Passing the Law School Admission Test and getting into the top law school of your dreams is no joke. It requires extensive preparation and it is quite easy to travel the wrong path with a substandard resource material by your side. Since your career as a lawyer is heavily dependent on the learning habits developed during the initial years, thus it is imperative to have a strong foundation which motivates you to think in the correct way. Thus we at TrumpLearning along with a team of 20 experts have compiled this list of the best LSAT prep courses to provide you with the best LSAT prep. So, without wasting any time, let us browse the course list in detail!

7 Best LSAT Prep Courses & Classes Online

  1. Online LSAT Prep Course [AlphaScore]
  2. Magoosh LSAT Prep [Magoosh]
  3. LSAT Prep [Kaplan]
  4. LSAT Prep Programs [Princeton Review]
  5. LSAT [Blueprint]
  6. Online LSAT Course [TestMasters]
  7. Online LSAT Prep Courses [7Sage]
Online LSAT Prep Course [AlphaScore]


This is a very comprehensive LSAT online course which covers every section thoroughly. These LSAT online classes has 50+ video lessons and tutorials which covers the entire syllabus of the LSAT exam. Also,  there are mock exams and practice questions to enhance your training and learning experience. These are the strategies used for each section of the LSAT exam by the AlphaScore platform:


Logical Reasoning This section is full of strategies for the logical reasoning section along with 20 different types of questions. Also, sufficient explanations have been provided along with valuable tricks to improve your timing.


Logic Games This section of the LSAT prep course covers the analytical reasoning portion and provides you with important topics to deal with the questions in the exam in the best possible way.


Reading Comprehension Here you will be going over the different types of passages covered in the LSAT exam syllabus and how to approach them.


These LSAT prep classes revolves around the official LSAT questions and make sure that you are always learning the correct material and not wasting any time. The course also provides you with the option of a free 1-month trial.


There are 3 main payment tiers for those wishing to enroll in this LSAT online course:


Free-Trial It gives you 3 HD video lessons & tutorials,1 official LSAT exam,125 LSAT practice questions and 1 month subscription.


Complete LSAT Course You are provided with 50+ hd video lessons & tutorials, 10 official LSAT exams, 1000+ LSAT practice questions, 12 months subscription, practice quizzes & assignments, in-depth explanations, along with personal instructor assistance.


Premium LSAT Course The premium version of these lsat online classes enables access to 50+ hd video lessons & tutorials, 61 official LSAT exams, 6000+ LSAT practice questions, a 12 month subscription, practice quizzes & assignments, in-depth explanations, and personal instructor assistance.


Important concepts covered in these lsat online classes are:
  • Approaching the Question Stem
  • Assumption Questions
  • Advanced Ordering Games
  • Limited Options Technique
  • Biological and Physical Science Passages
  • Notations & Marking up the Passage
  • Practice quizzes
  • Actual LSAT exams
Reviews by student:
Thank you so much for providing the LSAT course. I paid top-dollar for a popular prep course and unfortunately I did not make much progress. With your LSAT course I have been able to learn at my own pace. What I felt at one point I would be unable to learn has now 'clicked' with me thanks to you!
Diana Ruvalcaba


Magoosh LSAT Prep [Magoosh]


The Mangoosh platform for LSAT online course throws at you a bold claim of improving your LSAT score by at least 5 points else it will return all your money. All the sections of the LSAT exam including Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension have been thoroughly covered in these LSAT online classes consisting of 550+ preptest video explanations and 500+ official LSAT practice questions. The course also provides you with checklists and schedules to keep you motivated throughout the learning period. Also, there is a 24/7 email support from the Test Prep Experts.


There are two main payment tiers for these LSAT online classes:


I. 3 Month Premium Subscription This tier of LSAT prep course from Magoosh consists of over 500 official LSAT practice questions, over 90 video lessons on logic games, reading comprehension, & logical reasoning, over 550 explanation videos to LSAC's official LSAT preptests as the content and features 3 months of access, +5 total score guarantee, and email assistance from experienced tutors.


II. 12 Month Premium Subscription This tier of the LSAT prep course online covers everything in the 3-month tier except for the fact that you will be having access to the content for a whole year instead of just 3 months.


There are 4 main study schedules in these LSAT prep classes that you can undertake depending on the amount of time you have left for the exam:


Two Week LSAT Study Schedule One Month LSAT Study Schedule Two Month LSAT Study Schedule Three Month LSAT Study Schedule


There are several timed, full-length official practice tests from LSAC to further enhance your learning. There is also a 1-month plan option available through this link for these LSAT prep course online. Magoosh also provides you with a 7 day money back guarantee with these courses.
Reviews by student:
was afraid I would not be able to achieve any success completing a self-study course, but instead Magoosh offered a self-pace course with plenty of help and knowledgeable backup videos and prompt individual responses. I loved it and it was one of the best investments I have ever made in study-solution resources.
Paige J.


LSAT Prep [Kaplan]


The Kaplan platform for LSAT prep online aims at providing you targeted guidance to save time. The strategies of these LSAT prep courses are designed in a way so as to make you think like how to aim for the perfect score in LSAT. Access to the course also provides you with a free consultation to assess where exactly do you stand and what steps to take in the future. There are two main routes that you can take for these lsat preparation courses:


LSAT Prep Courses This is a full lsat preparation course built just for the digital LSAT—live or on demand where you would be getting guidance from a team of LSAT experts. You would have up to 28 hours of class with live options and hundreds of hours of online practice in this lsat preparation course. Also, you’d have access to a live or on-demand lessons on the LSAT channel along with 80+ official LSAT exams with self-proctoring tools. These LSAT prep classes have every official LSAT question ever released and a set of prep books for studying on the go have also been provided apart from the detailed feedback and recommendations.


LSAT Private Tutoring The private tutoring option provides you with 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring, in person or live online. Along with the full-length, in-class proctored practice exams you will also get access to 80+ self-proctored, full-length practice exams. Also, there are 2 prep books and 400+ hours of online resources in this LSAT preparation course to aid your learning. Further, hundreds of hours of on-demand instruction and a full live online or in person support is also available. You will first be evaluated on the basis of your academic background, study style, and goals. You will then be matched with the right tutor in these lsat prep classes. Lastly, your tutor will create a study plan that fits your needs and schedule.


Key concepts covered in the Kaplan lsat prep courses are:
  • Strict Sequencing Games
  • Selection Games
  • Argument-Based Questions
  • Assumption Family Questions
  • Midpoint Test
  • Loose Sequencing
Reviews by student:
It was great, everything helped me increase my score!


LSAT Prep Programs [Princeton Review]


The Princeton Review platform has designed its LSAT prep course to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. The course content has more than 8000 real LSAT questions and the material is designed in a way, so as to make you think like a lawyer. The Princeton LSAT prep course also guarantees that you will score higher using their material or else they will refund your tuition. Moreover, you always have the option of taking the LSAT prep course again free of cost in case you are not 100% satisfied.


There are 3 main routes that you can take for the preparation in this LSAT prep online:


Self-Paced The lsat prep online course will help you study on your own but still make sure that you know how to beat the LSAT. The material contains all released LSAC questions plus detailed explanations, along with 150+ hours of lessons that cover every question type so you can drill down into your weaknesses. The lsat prep online course is designed to help you prepare on your own terms.


Fundamentals Via this option of lsat prep online, you can discipline yourself with 30 hours of classroom time focused on picking up points quickly. There are 4 full-length proctored exams to keep you accountable and ensure that you’ve done the work necessary before test day in this lsat prep online. This is a very focused lsat prep online classroom preparation program.


LSAT 165 These lsat prep classes claim to get you a 165+ score as admissions into top 25 law schools requires a top LSAT score.  This is the only lsat prep course on this platform that guarantees a 90th percentile LSAT score.
Reviews by student:
Great program. Wonderful instruction. Wide access to resources via online portal. Demonstrable positive impact on student understanding and performance.
by Samuel Tait


LSAT [Blueprint]


The whole approach behind the teaching methodology of the Blueprint lsat prep classes is to have fun while learning. All the instructors in these lsat prep classes on the platforms have 170+ LSAT scores, and have been thoroughly screened for teaching ability & personality. They have also gone through 100+ hours of training to ensure that quality content is delivered to you in these lsat prep classes. Like other platforms on this list, the Blueprint lsat prep course also guarantee a better score on your LSATs, else it will return your money.


There are 4 main LSAT Prep Course Options provided by the Blueprint lsat prep classes:


Online Anytime This mode of learning provides you access to interactive lessons and more than 8500 questions that have been asked in the LSATs. A bunch of world class instructors have put together these lessons. The lsat online course content is adaptive and fits perfectly on mobile screens too. The plan not only provides you with unlimited live help for 6 days a week but also allows you to have an extremely flexible and customized study plan.


The following 2 modes of this lsat online course are self explanatory Live Online - Weekly 3-hour classes conducted online Classroom - Weekly 3-hour classes conducted at physical locations


Tutoring This is a pure 1:1 lsat online course coaching format that will assign you a dedicated master to guide you all along. In this lsat online course, you would start off by elaborating your strengths and weaknesses through assessment and then a customized schedule would be planned out for you. This lsat test prep course is itself available under 3 formats:


Crash Course This lsat test prep course format gives you 16 tutoring hours with one-on-one instruction, personalized LSAT study plan, 3 months of enrollment in the online course, 10+ practice LSAT exams, access to every released LSAC question, and access to live online extra help 6 days per week.


Comprehensive Same as above, except that the tutoring hours go up to 24 and has 4 months of enrollment in this format.


Intensive It provides the same features as the ‘Crash Course’ option except for the fact that tutoring hours are 40 and allows 6-months of enrollment.
Reviews by student:
Blueprint is definitely a great resource with a unique, humorous approach to an otherwise boring and stressful test. I've said good things about it to everyone who said they were thinking about it.


Online LSAT Course [TestMasters]


This is a 160 hours instructional video lsat test prep course which consists of 20 full length practice exams and has over 9000 official LSAT questions. This lsat test prep course is taken by Robin Singh who is a renowned name in the LSAT preparation area. He is a record holder for perfect LSAT scores! The content is filmed in a large classroom setting which makes you feel as if you were a part of the class. Further, help is available 24x7 in case you feel stuck. And lastly, there are thousands of written explanations and numerous practice tests to aid your learning.


Other important features you will have access to once you become a part of one of the best lsat prep are:
  • Numerous lessons and homework
  • Diagnostic scoring to pinpoint weak areas
  • A dedicated search engine to find a particular question within seconds instead of sifting through numerous volumes of questions
Reviews by student:
I scored a 135 on my first practice exam in the TestMasters program, but ended up scoring a 150 on the real thing. I am very pleased with all the help TestMasters provided me and my instructor Dorothy Moneymaker was superb! I got accepted to Whittier Law School which is where I wanted to go. So thank you very much to Dorothy and TestMasters for helping me achieve my goal!
Brendan Skipp


Online LSAT Prep Courses [7Sage]


The LSAT Prep courses on the 7Sage platform have been developed by two Harvard Law School grads who have created the content in small, delicious, and easy to digest pieces. There are dedicated videos individually explaining each question and you can avail a 14-day, money-back guarantee in case you do not feel satisfied with the course content. There are 4 main tiers based on pricing to enroll in.


The common features of each tier include core curriculum with 400+ lessons and 50+ hrs of video lessons, blind review method, fool-proof method, and the memory method. Also you would be getting 100% real licensed LSAT tests and questions, i.e there will be no made up questions.


The course enrollment also provides Digital Tester for every included LSAT and problem set to prepare you for the new LSAT format. Further, printable PDFs are present for every included LSAT and problem set so you can practice offline. And lastly, it allows a personalized study schedule and detailed analytics shows you what you should focus on.


The 4-main tiers and their differentiating features are:


LSAT Starter
  • 1300+ LSAT questions explained
  • 10 LSAT exams with full video explanations (PT J07 and 36 through 44)
  • Easiest problem sets with 300+ LSAT questions
  • 3 months access


LSAT Premium
  • 2700+ LSAT questions explained
  • 24 LSAT exams with full video explanations (PT J07 and 36 through 58)
  • Easy problem sets with 600+ LSAT questions
  • Every logic game explained
  • 6 months access


LSAT Ultimate
  • 4100+ LSAT questions explained
  • 38 LSAT exams with full video explanations (PT J07 and 36 through 72)
  • Easy + medium problem sets with 1200+ LSAT questions
  • Every logic game explained
  • 9 months access


LSAT Ultimate+
  • 7600+ LSAT questions explained
  • 73 LSAT exams with full video explanations (PT J07, C2, and 17 through 87)
  • 19 additional LSAT exams (PT 1-16, A, B, and C)
  • Easy + medium + hard problem sets with 1900+ LSAT questions
  • Every logic game explained
  • 12 months access
  • Create Custom Problem Sets from our question bank of 9000+ LSAT questions
  • Bonus: $100 off Comprehensive Admissions Consulting.


Key concepts covered in this one of the best LSAT prep courses are:
  • Introduction to Arguments
  • Grammar
  • The Blind Review Method
  • Main Conclusion Questions
  • Most Strongly Supported Questions
  • Introduction to Logic


Reviews by student:
Would love to thank 7Sage for helping me achieve 9 point increase and getting an incredible amount in dean’s scholarship to fulfill my aspirations.



A word of suggestion for finding the best online LSAT prep course is to look for a course whose features would help you grow the maximum. A course with lesser features that works well for you is better than the best lsat prep course with maximum features which doesn’t help you much. The same goes for the ratings of even the best lsat prep course. Your search for the best LSAT prep course should not be absolute but rather subjective and customized to your needs. With these words, we wish you all the best towards your journey for becoming the best attorney this world has seen!


Best LSAT Prep Courses Classes Online Reviewed by 20 LSAT Prep Experts 4.4
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