Best GMAT Prep Courses Online [2020 Updated] [Updated March 2023]

Good score in GMAT is a necessity for an entry into an Ivy League business school and therefore students don’t take any chances while selecting the best GMAT prep course. Everyone aims for a 700+ score but only a few manage it. Part of the reason for the successful ones is the right selection of the GMAT prep course.


At TrumpLearning, we’ve (20 experts with combined experience of  40+ years in GMAT counselling) put together a list of the Best GMAT Prep Courses online that you can take and increase your chances of scoring above 700.



Best Online GMAT Prep Courses Snapshot


GMAT PREP COURSES Magoosh The Princeton Review Exampal GMAT/GRE Kaplan TestPrep The Economist
Questions for Practice Over 1200 Over 4000 Over 1450 Over 5000 Over 5000
Exams for Practice 3 10 4 9 4
Pricing $220 $450 $440 $800 $800
Guaranteed Benefits Total Score above 50 Improvement in Princeton Review Score Points above 70 High Score of Kaplan Increment in points of about 70+ or Refund
Availability of Course Books Online Online Online GMAT Prep (2) and Guide to MBA Admissions Online
Preparation Format Online at own Pace Self-Pace, LiveOnline, In Person Online at own Pace Own Pace, LiveOnline, In Person Superbly Premium Prep
Tracking of Course Progress Available Unavailable Available Available Available
Detailed Study Planning Available Unavailable Available Available Available
Instructions through Videos Available Available Available Available Available
Course Demo Availability Available Available Available Available Available
Online Portal Access For 1 year For 4 Months For 6 Months For 4 Months For 6 Months
Essay Grading Available? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support To Students Email and Forum Feedback for Essay, Email and Phone Email and Live Chat Phone and Email Live Video and Chat
Tutoring Packages $680 (6 hrs + Premium Course) $135 (per hr) Face to Face Tutoring (3 sessions) $2800 (starting price) Questions inculcated in course

Detailed Review of The Best GMAT Prep Courses

Magoosh GMAT Prep Course Review

Instructions Interface Customer Support Price
Magoosh GMAT has a team of experts with vast experience in tutoring as well as imparting knowledge in the best GMAT prep course. Therefore, every single course problem statement is well researched and produced with utmost clarity, through not only written explanation but corresponding videos as well. Having a very user-friendly interface, Magoosh ensures a simple to use dashboards leading to progress reports, recommendations on lessons based on student scores, practice questions, course structures giving way to video lessons, quizzes, course material and other features. It is one of the best GMAT prep courses online with such attractive interface.   Every student has access to a tab that allows sending queries in the form of questions. The support for students in this GMAT prep class, is prompt and very simple without excess manoeuvring.   At a set price of $220, students have unimaginable access to several practice questions, video tutorials and about 2 practice exams which you will find quite reasonable for the best GMAT prep class offered.


The Princeton GMAT Prep Course Review


Course Guarantees Practice Tests Experience Essay Feedback

Offering 3 amazing guarantees is what attracts you towards the Princeton Review & thus making it to the list of the best online GMAT prep courses.

It guarantees that you can retake the course if you are not ready for the test. If the score is not up to the mark, then it guarantees access of the resources available to you for up to 1 year. In case the score is still disappointing, it guarantees a refund.  

It is one of the best GMAT prep courses that provides several practice tests ensuring a simulated result-oriented session for each student along with a one-on-one session with instructors to highlight clarification and improvement areas. Having been established in 1981, the long-standing experience of the The Princeton can be felt through the outstanding results achieved from an expertly drafted set of materials and test questions in specialised and focussed achievement areas.   One of the prime and best online GMAT prep course responders, the team reverts steadily with constructive analysis to the submitted essays along with genuine grades highlighting improvement regions and possibilities.


ExamPal GMAT Prep Course Review


PAL (algorithm) Video Lessons Admissions Consultancy Additional Services Self-Paced
examPal has devised three possible ways through which any students answer a question. Precise being able to answer immediately through knowledge, Alternate being able to access possible choice to get a result and Logical being able to use miscellaneous means of selection. Grasping about the method that suits you best is what the team of experts at ExampPal helps with. examPal is one of the best GMAT prep classes, that follows learning from mistakes methodology and provides interactive video lessons in conjugation with the PAL algorithm for maximum benefit. These videos also inculcate a variety of practice questions to understand the concept in a more practical way. examPal is just a foundation upon which you can begin your journey. Exams are not the only deciding factors of your future path. Therefore, post exams this online GMAT prep course offers a one-on-one consultancy with professional admissions counsellor to discuss the path to follow ahead. Every course includes within it a set of credits. These credits though used for course content and videos, can instead be used to avail for additional benefits like private tutoring sessions, additional expert reviews on essay, detailed assessment of reports and combined elaborate study planning.  It offers only self-paced course through videos where students are not provided private tutoring. In case of such requirements, the students need to opt for using their credits solely to achieve focussed training.


Kaplan GMAT Prep Course Review


 Guaranteed High Score Official Test Day Very Expensive Practice Materials
In case of a low score, repetition of course is guaranteed. In case of repeated lack of improvement, a complete refund is guaranteed. Though a basic score needs to be developed at the beginning. The team ensures that you receive the best practice possible which is guaranteed through a rehearsal of the actual testing environment. Therefore, the feel of the exam can be experience beforehand in prometric testing environment. A set of customised practice tests are available in this best GMAT prep class, to ensure that every student can select the focus areas to improve upon. Along with that, a huge number of unique practice assignments ensure the readiness when it comes to the actual thing. It provides an opportunity to improve upon answering methodologies and strategies.   The team at Kaplan, has a vast experience and set of course structures which makes them proud of their achievements. This has led to the course pricing be raised to very high levels, even for the basic ones whereas the professional packages go up in thousands of dollars.  


The Economist GMAT Prep Course Review


Live Tutor Communication Materials for Practice Access for Mobile Users Review Summary
It ensures that students get the opportunity to contact live tutor through their messaging system. Along with that, provisions for at least 6 one-to-one specialised live tutoring video sessions ensures that this makes it to the list of the best online GMAT prep course. It offers around 6 practice tests to prepare for the proper mock tests it offers. To ensure personalised learning, specialised practice questions are provided. The lessons are provided based on the focus areas out of the practice questions. Available on mobiles and tablets as well, this is the best GMAT prep class on the go for constant movers who require a quick review of lessons on the move. While sessions are available on mobile, tests are not provided access. A very thoroughly prepared platform for study, The Economist is the best GMAT prep course online for anyone who needs a systematically designed and set up dashboard and user-friendly interface along with guarantee of the high course test score.


Choosing out of these classic and best online GMAT prep courses can take you a long way into getting you exam ready with a preparedness unmatched.

Best GMAT Prep Courses Online Reviewed by 20 GMAT Prep Experts 4.6
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