6 Best Online Geometry Courses and Classes [Updated March 2023]

Best Online Geometry Courses and Classes


Geometry is a crucial leg of high school mathematics that requires a thorough understanding of a myriad of mathematical concepts, graphs, figures, etc. While it can be quite an interesting subject for students who understand the concepts well, for others it is nothing less than a nightmare to deal with mind-boggling shapes like parallelograms and pyramids. Hence, several students disregard geometry as a boring subject or try to avoid it stating that it is too complex to deal with. However, if you want to give this subject a second chance and understand the fundamentals to score well in your exams, you should consider joining a geometry class online.


There are several top instructors and institutions who are trying to make this subject fun and interactive through their excellent geometry online courses. Opting for an online course will not only help you understand the basics better, but will also allow you to study at your own pace to overcome the topics that you are struggling with. In case you are in college or planning to pursue a course in geometry, an online geometry course can help you brush up your fundamentals and prepare you for more advanced concepts.


So, if you have landed here searching for the top online geometry courses and are confused with the multitude of options, we can be of help. TrumpLearning, in consultation with 15 geometry experts, has curated a list of the 6 best online geometry courses that will help you master the fundamentals of geometry in no time. Continue scrolling to discover your best options before you enrol in any geometry class online.


6 Best Online Geometry Courses & Classes

  1. Introduction to Geometry [edX]
  2. Become a Geometry Master [Udemy]
  3. Master the Fundamentals of Geometry | Learn Geometry Basics [Udemy]
  4. Geometry - The Basics & Beyond [Udemy]
  5. High School Geometry [Khan Academy]
  6. Honors Geometry [John Hopkins CTY]
Introduction to Geometry [edX]


About the Course

The first geometry class online that we want to feature is an introductory course by edX. Created by the team of SchoolYourself, an online platform that offers interactive and personalized math lessons, this class will help you understand geometry from scratch. Starting with basic questions such as “what are parallel lines?” or “how big is an angle?” this course will proceed to teach you advanced concepts in 2D and 3D shapes.


Progressing through this course, you will learn how to measure angles, prove theorems, and calculate areas and volume in a fun and engaging manner. Besides that, you will also learn shortcuts for performing complex and lengthy calculations. The reason why we have included this course in our best online geometry courses is that this course covers the standard high school curriculum and is also CCSS (Common Core State Standards) aligned. It will help you to keep up in school by allowing you to jump between the lessons that align with your regular classroom studies.


This is one of the best online high school geometry courses as it is completely self-paced and has already been enrolled by 62,662 students. The duration of this introductory geometry online course is 14 weeks and it will require a study effort of 4 to 6 hours per week.  All the classes under this course are delivered in English. For ease of understanding, English video transcripts have also been provided with each online lecture. While you can enrol in this course for free, you will need to pay a fee to acquire a verified certificate of completion. The certificate will be signed by the instructors and will also carry the logo of the institution.


What Will You Learn?

  • Measuring angles, and rules for determining congruent angles
  • Applying and proving properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons
  • Calculating the areas of polygons, circles, ellipses, and other complex shapes
  • The Pythagorean theorem
  • The relation between line segments and angles in circles
  • Calculating volume and surface area of 3D solids


Pre-requisites for this Course

A basic understanding of algebra is required to learn the concepts taught in this geometry class online.


Who is this Course For?

This online high school geometry course is fit for any high schooler who is having a tough time understanding the concepts at school. Students searching for online college geometry courses can also enrol in this course to relearn the basics of geometry.


Become a Geometry Master [Udemy]


About the Course

Udemy is one of the most popular platforms for online learning. Hence, the next course that we have included in our best online geometry courses is a Udemy bestseller. This comprehensive online course will cover practically everything that you require to learn in high school and will help you test your knowledge with more than 460 practice questions. Under this geometry class online, you will learn about calculating angles, areas, and perimeters of different shapes. You will also be able to understand concepts in 3D geometry, transformations of figures, logic and proofs, and shapes in space.


Created by Krista King, a highly rated math tutor on Udemy, this online high school geometry course comprises of a whopping 232 video lessons. It will take approx. eight hours to complete all the lessons and to earn your certificate of completion. The video lessons are also accompanied by text explanations which make it easy for students to follow the instructor. The notes section also outlines the most important things to remember in each session.


The reason why this is one of the best online geometry courses is that besides the online videos, the instructor has also included 60 quizzes along with solutions to test your knowledge in each concept. You can also solve the additional workbooks included in this course to concrete your knowledge further. Plus, you can get all your doubts cleared from the instructor directly in the Q&A section.


You can purchase this geometry online course with a one-time fee that is also covered by Udemy’s 30-days money-back guarantee. Enrolling in this geometry class online will give you full lifetime access to the course content. Plus, you can also access your classes on a mobile or TV. This is the best online high school geometry course on Udemy with a rating of 4.7 and 16,879 enrolments so far.


What Will You Learn?

  • Lines and angles
  • Rectangles, squares, and parallelograms
  • Circles and triangles
  • Area and perimeter for 2D figures
  • Volume and surface area of 3D figures
  • Pythagorean theorem and its inequalities
  • Triangle congruence
  • Transformations in figures
  • Logic in geometry


Pre-requisites for this Course

  • You must be comfortable with the arithmetic of whole numbers.
  • You should have a basic understanding of algebraic operations and equation solving.


Who is this Course For?

  • This introductory course is suitable for students who are already studying geometry in school or are looking for online college geometry courses that cover the basics.
  • Parents who are homeschooling their children can enrol in this course for support.
  • Anyone, including college students who want to re-learn geometry can take up this course.


Reviews by Hafid Boukensous
Excellent course, I did the Fundamentals of Math course, then the Geometry course, and now I'm going to finish the Algebra course before delving into the Trigonometry course. I've learnt a lot thanks to Krista's courses :)


Master the Fundamentals of Geometry | Learn Geometry Basics [Udemy]


About the Course

This course is another Udemy offering that you must consider while scouring for the best online high school geometry courses.  If you wish to start from the beginning and want to master this subject, this geometry online course can teach you the basics in a systematic and organized manner. Under this course, you will learn every concept related to circles, triangles, lines, angles, and quadrilaterals. You will also learn mensuration, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space.


The duration of this course is 8 hours and 33 minutes and it consists of 63 video lectures.  Besides the video lessons, this course also includes quiz videos and downloadable resources to test your knowledge and to help you practice the theories taught in each section.


This is one of the best online geometry courses in which the lectures are arranged systematically and logically making it easy for the students to relate and understand the concepts. This online high school geometry course has been created by ‘LetsTute Make it Easy’, a group of instructors that provides educational content in an audio-video format. You can enroll in this geometry course online by paying a one-time fee. Purchasing this course will give you full lifetime access to this geometry class online. Plus, you can also avail of a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the course. You can access this course via your phone or TV and you will also earn a certificate of completion at the end. This geometry online course has a rating of 3.9 and has already been enrolled by 609 students.


What Will You Learn?

    • Lines and angles
    • Quadrilaterals
    • Circles and areas related to circles
  • Triangles
  • Euclid's Geometry
  • Constructions
  • Mensuration
  • Coordinate Geometry


Pre-requisites for this Course

  • Basic knowledge of math up to Grade 5 is required to undertake this geometry class online.
  • Some understanding of geometrical concepts will be beneficial.


Who is this Course For?

  • Students who will begin learning geometry in school can take up this course to stay ahead of the class.
  • Parents and teachers who want to help students with this subject
  • Anyone who wants to refresh the basics of geometry
  • College students looking for online college geometry courses to brush up their basics of high school geometry.


Reviews by Willie Bolden
This course was very helpful in learning geometry. The reason it received a 4.5 is because I wish there were more opportunities to review the processes involved in calculation. The were a bit hard to keep up with. Overall this is an excellent course!


Geometry - The Basics & Beyond [Udemy]


About the Course

Geometry has a vocabulary of its own that students must be well-versed with to understand complex questions and to communicate their solutions. This particular course will introduce you to the language of geometry if you are studying geometry for the first time. While some words and concepts are used in our everyday conversations, a few terms may be new to you. This geometry class online can also help you refresh your basics if you have already undertaken geometry as a subject in high school and are now looking for online college geometry courses to revise up the basics. Besides the fundamentals, this course will also introduce and explain the 13 new Common Core Congruence Standards.


Created by Michael Taylor, a math and computer science teacher, this course consists of 37 video lectures that will take approx. 4 hours and 43 minutes to complete. Plus, this geometry online course will provide you with several outside resources and practice quizzes to improve your understanding of the subject.


This course has a rating of 4.2 and is currently enrolled by 743 students. You can enroll in this course by paying a one-time fee that is also secured by Udemy’s 30-days money-back guarantee. The video classes of this course can also be accessed on your mobile or TV and you will have full lifetime access to the entire content. Plus, you will also earn a certificate of completion at the end of this geometry online course.


What Will You Learn?

  • Polygons and circles
  • Calculating area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles
  • Using symbolic shorthand to name angles, rays, lines, and segments
  • Rotations, reflections, and translations
  • Using transformation to prove SSS, SAS, ASA, and AAS
  • Using transformations to prove congruency of shapes
  • Constructing items such as perpendicular segment bisectors
  • Determining the series of transformations required to create a particular image
  • Using two-column proofs to prove theorems about triangles, quadrilaterals, and parallel lines


Pre-requisites for this Course

  • Basic English and numerical fluency
  • Access to a computer with an internet connection


Who is this Course For?

  • Students who are going to study geometry in their school or college
  • Anyone who want to brush up their basics in geometry
  • Students searching for online college geometry courses to understand introductory concepts at a high level.


Reviews by Joan Brooksbank
This course helped me to learn and review the basics of geometry in a simple and straight forward way. The instructor is very well prepared and organized, has just the right amount of humour and his presentation is very smooth and easy to understand. The overall production of this course is excellent and I highly recommend it.


High School Geometry [Khan Academy]


About the Course

Khan academy is another excellent platform to study high school subjects via interactive instructional lessons, practice exercises, and a personal dashboard to keep a track of your online learning. It is for this reason that we have included this online high school geometry course in our top six courses.  Through the ten elaborate modules, this geometry online course will cover topics such as transformations, congruence, triangles, circles, solid geometry, etc.


While this geometry class online does not provide any certificate of completion, students will earn mastery points on completing each section that will act as an incentive for them to perform well. They can use these points to buy different things related to the dashboard such as backgrounds or second chance passes for quizzes. And once you have completed all the modules, you can go for the course challenge that will test your skills in the topics covered and will help you understand your weak areas.


This geometry class online is a completely self-paced course that you can undertake at your convenience. In addition to being highly interactive, the reason we consider this course as the best online geometry course is that it is absolutely free for both students and teachers.


What Will You Learn?

    • Performing transformations
    • Transformation properties and proofs
    • Congruence
    • Similarity
    • Right triangles and trigonometry
  • Non-right triangles and trigonometry
  • Analytic geometry
  • Conic sections
  • Circles
  • Solid geometry


Pre-requisites for this Course

No pre-requisites have been mentioned to undertake this geometry online course.


Who is this Course For?

School students who are currently studying geometry or will be studying geometry as a part of their curriculum can undertake this online high school geometry course.


Honors Geometry [John Hopkins CTY]


About the Course

The last course in our list of top online geometry courses is offered by John Hopkins Centre for Talented Youth (CTY). This course will cover all the concepts typically covered in an Honors course. By enrolling for this geometry online course, you will be able to supplement your textbook lessons with video lectures, interactive sessions with the mentor, and take assessments to track your progress at different stages. Undertaking this course will help you develop your reasoning skills, and enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in geometry. You will also be introduced to an interactive software tool called GeoGebra to create your geometry projects online.


This is truly one of the best online geometry courses that you can enroll for as you will also be assigned a CTY instructor with whom you can connect via emails for your doubts and questions. You can also ask your instructors for review sessions to prepare for your graded assignments, tests, and final examination. Besides that, you will also be invited to participate in an open Geometry Help Room where you can freely ask your questions from the instructors and also meet other students undertaking this online course.


These meetings are also recorded for students who cannot attend the sessions but want to review them at a feasible time later. Another reason why we consider this course a great option is that it allows you to connect directly with the instructor via a virtual classroom, video, voice, text, and screen-sharing; this is something that other courses fail to offer.


The duration of this geometry class online is six months provided that you commit at least an hour every day for five days a week. The course has been divided into 12 chapters covering the basics of geometry. You can enroll in this course by applying online and paying an online fee. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned on their website. Completing this course can also help you earn school credit for one academic year.


What Will You Learn?

  • Basics of geometry
  • Reasoning and proofs
  • Parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Transformations
  • Congruent triangles
  • Relationships within triangles
  • Quadrilaterals and other polygons
  • Similarity
  • Right triangles and trigonometry
  • Circles
  • Circumference, area, and volume
  • Probability (Optional)


Pre-requisites for this Course

  • You must have completed Honors in Algebra I or equivalent to be able to follow the lessons of this course.
  • A CTY-level or advanced CTY-level math score is required as eligibility criteria for this geometry course online.
  • For technical requirements, you must have a functioning computer with high-speed internet access.
  • You can also use a Chromebook to access this geometry class online. However, you will need a PC or MacBook to undertake the assessments prescribed in this course.


Who is this Course For?

This course is for students who demonstrate excellent academic acumen and have achieved qualifying scores in SCAT, SAT-I, PSAT, STB, 8/9, ACT, and PSAT 10/NMSQT. This course is ideal for you if you plan on pursuing an online college geometry course in future as it gives you a solid foundation.



That brings us to the end of our list of best online geometry courses. Geometry is a part of every student’s life; you may be taking up an online college geometry course or a geometry course in school. Apart from studies, geometry is also used by each one of us in our everyday lives. It is, therefore, essential for students to develop a solid ground in this subject right from school, and these geometry online courses can assist you in this endeavour. We hope that the six online courses listed above will help you solidify your basics of geometry and gear you up for higher studies in the subject. If you need any help with geometry tutoring, then we recommend Fine Grades for online geometry tutors


Best Online Geometry Courses and Classes Reviewed by 15 Geometry Experts 4.7
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