9 Best Food Photography Courses and Classes Online [Updated March 2023]

Best Food Photography Courses and Classes Online


Have you ever had a fantastic looking plate served to you where the food looks simply scrumptious? Now, naturally, the first instinct of anyone who’s on social media would be to capture this plate in a picture. However, when you go ahead and take a snapshot, it just doesn’t do justice to how appealing the plate looks otherwise. Well, if truth be told, great food photography is more than just taking a shot of the delicious looking dish. It is about carefully selecting, styling your food while using the studio or natural light to capture the shot and then editing your images to leave even the viewers hungry. So, to learn food photography and understand the ins and outs of it, you could enrol in any one of the listed food photography courses. Now, let us get started and take a look at the nine of the best food photography courses on the internet today.


9 Best Food Photography Courses & Classes Online

  1. Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen (Udemy)
  2. Basic Food Photography (Udemy)
  3. Dark & Moody Food Photography for Instagram Success: Visual Storytelling with Emotional Food Photos (Skillshare)
  4. Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling (CreativeLive)
  5. Food Photography (CreativeLive)
  6. Getting Started in Professional Food Photography (CreativeLive)
  7. Food Photography (BluePrint)
  8. Complete Course Bundle (First Tweet)
  9. Food Photography (CreativeLive) by Penny De Los Santos
Food Photography: Capturing Food in Your Kitchen (Udemy)


About the course

It is a DIY learn food photography course, which will help you take phenomenally better pictures in just an hour. Every lesson that you learn with this course is hands-on and will teach you how to use your resources right and come up with fantastic looking, mouth-watering images. Through this food photography online course, the tutor will walk you through the entire process of taking fabulous pictures.


Moreover, your tutors are available all along the process to help you out. So, whether you are a self-proclaimed master chef, or a self-proclaimed master chef, or just an Instagram food lover, with the help of this fantastic food photography workshop, you’ll acquire all the skills, which you need to take professional food pictures. So, get set ready to impress your friends and family with fantastic looking photographs of your food creations.


Some steps to good food photography that you’ll understand by the end of this food photography workshop:


  • Picking an ideal location for your pictures.
  • Styling and preparing your food and setting.
  • Lighting your food with the use of only inexpensive tools. For instance, maybe a white sheet or a $1 poster board.
  • Picking the best settings and camera.
  • Composing four different types of shots to help you get the best angles for your picture.
  • Editing your photographs to make them look all the more tantalizing.


It is indeed a well-deserved entrant in our list of the best food photography courses because it has a lot on offer. With these food photography online classes, you’ll get 1-hour on-demand video, four articles, and one downloadable resource. Moreover, you’ll get full lifetime access to these food photography classes. So, you can go back anytime and brush up your concepts. You can easily view this food photography workshop on your TV and mobile. With a rating of 4.4, it is undoubtedly one of the best food photography courses available out there. Another incredible thing about this internet’s most fabulous and a bestseller food photography online course is that following the completion, you’ll bag yourself a certificate.


Lastly, we would like to conclude these food photography classes by saying that it isn’t going to take you through the fancy studio shoots. However, it is helpful for anyone who wishes to learn to take better pictures by starting with the food present at their home.


The goal of this course

It is a deserving entrant in our list of the best food photography courses because it will help you tell out your food’s story. So, ideally, the food photography online course will help you take phenomenal pictures of food with any camera, irrespective of where you are.


After imparting all the basics, the teacher will take you through five different drink and food setups, which will help you create your own food pictures. One big highlight of these food photography online classes is that anyone who enrols for this class will get a composition cheat-sheet, which will help you in composing your shots. So, register right away, and start learning from the two of the best food photographers of the industry Will Carnahan & Phil Ebiner.


What will you learn?

Another one of our recommended food photography courses, which is extremely versatile, is this course by Udemy. It will teach you a lot of things. Some things that you’ll learn under this course to learn food photography include:


  • Learning to take fantastic pictures of food that is there in your home.
  • Composing a bunch of mouth-watering food photographs, which will tell an engaging story about your food.
  • Creating a unique and stylish setting for beautiful food photography.
  • Controlling the natural light in the home for producing better food pictures.
  • Editing the photos to make them look better.


What do you need?

Now, this made it to our list of recommended food photography courses because it is only a beginner-level course. So, any student who wishes to learn food photography, regardless of their experience in the field can take up this food photography online course and prepare their food photographs.


Who should take up this course?

As already discussed, this is one of the best food photography courses online. It is primarily because of its nature of flexibility. The course will help:


  • Foodies, or anyone who loves food.
  • Food Bloggers.
  • Home chefs, or anyone who enjoys making food at home.
  • Photographers who are learning to shoot food pictures.


Reviews by Sachin S Shirodkar
The course was really good and I'm able to understand how the natural light affects on subject along with the reflections.


Basic Food Photography (Udemy)


About the course

Clearly, one of the best food photography courses online, with this food photography workshop, you'll be able to take beautiful food pictures even if you haven't ever picked a camera or styled a plate of food. Today thanks to social media, food photography is a humongous deal. There are online platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, which have now made it easier for people to take pictures of their food and share them with an audience comprising millions of viewers. However, to ensure that your photo also gets noticed, you need a lot more than just a well-composed short.


Now, the problem is Food photography is incredibly challenging. We say so because it demands a delicate balance of technical and artistic skills. Only a proficient food photographer would be able to combine the technical expertise in a manner that would help him take brilliantly composed gorgeous pictures with exquisite craft. He would also be in a position of styling these magnificent food scenes. That's exactly, what's the goal of this one of the internet's best food photography courses. It is a 27-video food photography workshop, which would put together the technology and the art behind food photography in a manner that it is easier for you to bring it in practice. The skills learned with these food photography classes, will help you take magnificent pictures from start to finish, anytime, anywhere, and with any camera.


Another reason why we have included this as the top entrant in our list of the best food photography courses is because of the many skills that you'll learn with these food photography classes. The food photography online course will teach you a bunch of expertise, such as:


  • Food storytelling
  • Food styling
  • Scene composition
  • Photo shooting
  • Image processing
  • Sharing


With these food photography online classes, the tutor shares with you all the helpful tips, which have helped him have his blog grow so phenomenally. Today, he gets more than 125,000 monthly views in less than a year. One more reason why it is our top-recommendation in the food photography courses is that it will teach you everything about food photography. So, right from starting a food blog to putting forth more stunning food pictures for your friends to see, and learning basic food photography, you will discover it all. All of this will give you the necessary confidence to create stunning food pictures to get you noticed.


The food photography classes of this Udemy's course will give you a 5.5 hour of practice and hands-on-training. In addition to this, with this food photography online classes, you'll also get a cheat sheet of 17-pages, that will give away the pointers, which you can use as a reference. So, anytime you are out doing a food photoshoot, you have to use these pointers, and you'll be able to create successful food pictures. Another fantastic reason why it is our top-recommendation in the food photography courses is that, with this food photography online course, you'll get direct access to your tutor, Andrew Olson. So, you can avail of personalized instructions and also get necessary feedback all along with your practice session.


In this food photography workshop of a mere 5 hours, you'll gain skills that will help you through your life. It will give you the requisite confidence to shoot rewarding food pictures, which can make you and others proud.


These food photography classes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can sign-up and browse through all the material. If you think it wouldn't help you take vibrant photos in just 30-days, you can avail of your refund, no-questions-asked. These food photography classes comprise 5.5 hours of on-demand video and ten downloadable resources. The food photography workshop will be lifetime accessible for you. So, whenever you have a doubt, you can go back and view through the contents all over again and refresh your memory. You can see all the food photography classes of this course on your phone or the TV. Our last reason for this being the best course online is that on the successful completion of these food photography classes, you'll bag yourself a certificate of completion.


What will you learn?

Of the many food photography classes online, we have included these food photography classes offered by Udemy, right at the top, because with this beautiful, food photography online course you'll learn a myriad of things. Some of them include:


  • Telling a compelling and engaging story by way of food
  • Styling your food in the forms, which are appealing and aesthetic to the camera.
  • Creating dynamic lighting setup, which makes the food look beautiful.
  • Creating active lighting setup, which makes the food scene look ravishing.
  • Creating and using a bunch of surfaces, which can produce dramatic backdrops for the pictures.
  • Using props and accents, which add depth and complete the scene for you.
  • Choosing the right type of camera to cater to your photography requirements.
  • Taking stunning pictures of food only using a smartphone.
  • Framing your shots with the right composition for accurate food photography.
  • Conducting a successful photoshoot right from start to finish.
  • Adjusting the essential editing effects, which make food photography more realistic and stunning.
  • Using Adobe lightroom for creating an efficient workflow and applying pivotal editing effects.
  • Exporting and sharing the pictures with the right quality settings and dimensions.
  • Using social media right as a food photographer or a blogger in a manner, which gives your images the instant recognition.


What do you need?

For undertaking this one of the best food photography courses, there are particular prerequisites, which you need to meet. These include:


  • A camera, well any category of the camera would do - a smartphone with a good camera, DSLR, or a point and shoot camera.
  • Downloading and installing Adobe Lightroom 4+ for Mac or PC is required. It is because, in the editing part of this food photography online course, you'll learn to use Lightroom. If you do not have this software, you can view the introductory food photography classes of this course, to know how to get a free trial.


Who should take up this course?

It is Udemy's best food photography online course because it is so versatile. So, this workshop to learn food photography will help:


  • Anyone who wishes to develop the requisite skills of taking fantastic food pictures.
  • Amateurs who need insight into food photography.
  • Experienced photographers who want to learn the specifics of working with food.


Reviews by Shashi Sharma
the course was a great help to understand and get organised for food photography , , i got the idea of the story, the emotion , and the way to handle food and creating the" Hero "My plate


Dark & Moody Food Photography for Instagram Success: Visual Storytelling with Emotional Food Photos (Skillshare)


About the course

With this course to learn food photography, you’ll be learning the requisite skills with a famous lifestyle photographer Sean Dalton who’ll help you capture visual stores via dark and moody food photography. It is one fantastic style, which helped him establish himself as a photography influencer. So, he calls his course the Dark and Moody because it teaches you to do dark and moody photography. Through this hour-long course, Sean will break down the entire visual storytelling process for you. He will also provide you with practical insight on how he achieves his distinctive style of food photography.


What will you learn?

It is one of the most liked and appreciated food photography courses because it will teach you a lot of things. Some of them include:


  • Finding the perfect lighting.
  • Styling your pictures to accentuate the story.
  • Following three essential compositions that you have to comply with in all photographs.
  • Learning the smartphone and essential gear photography.
  • Editing using your smartphone or computer.


Who should take this course?

These food photography classes will help anyone who likes to photograph their food using a smartphone. Moreover, an amateur food photographer who has a passion for improving or a professional food photographer will also learn immensely with this course. The class will mix foundational photography skills with technical information, which will be appealing for all students. It is an intermediate level photography course, and already 7000 plus students have watched this course, so why are you still thinking?


Reviews by Lisa
I love the style of this tutor. Very engaging and generous with his knowledge. It was great to go through the whole process of creating the image and see how he does this. I am inspired to complete the project now!


Story on a Plate: Food Photography & Styling (CreativeLive)


About this course

It is CreativeLive’s top food photography courses, where you’ll learn to photograph your food artfully. It is a beautiful way to tell a story about aesthetics, seasons, and tastes. The tutor will help you capture the story in-camera artfully and get you to share the work with potential collaborators and clients.


It has found a place in our list of food photography courses because till date over 36K students have taken up this course, and of this 85% of students recommend this course. The class comprises 43 Video lessons in HD and 15h 55m of class content. Along with it, you’ll also get exclusive bonus content. Moreover, you get lifetime access to this class. So, you can view this course anytime and anywhere, and how you like it. CreativeLive allows both online and offline access to the course. It means that you can view your course both on the mobile and on the desktop. You can also sync and view the course offline with the iPad and iPhone applications. Be assured with this course, you’ll get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


What will you learn?

Through these food photography classes, you’ll learn to craft a food story by way of images, which are meaningful, unique, and intimate. The course has been put together by noted photographers Todd Porter and Diane Cu. So, they will show you a useful way to utilize the natural light whether you are out there shooting in a restaurant or at a table.


Who should take up this course?

These food photography classes will be helpful for anyone who’s looking to explore a new career in food photography. It would also help anyone who’s wishing to improve and accentuate their existing food styling skills. The course will provide you with industry knowledge and technical skills that you possibly need to succeed.


Reviews by Danny Bonilla
This course is excellent! I liked it so much. I got a lot of ideas. And, compared to other courses from other companies this one makes it easy to follow. And, of course the instructors are fantastic. They have the charisma I like to see in an instructor. Thanks!


Food Photography (CreativeLive)


About the course

In these food photography classes, you’ll learn from a world-renowned and commercial food stylist, photographer, and a New York Times columnist Andrew Scrivani. He will teach you the essentials of preparing your food before the shoot and help you understand the differences in the different lighting gear and camera. He’ll also explain on doing the right touch-ups and editing post-production. The tutor will also offer you adequate business strategies to turn this hobby into a dream job. You’ll also hear the special guest Shauna Ahern of the Gluten-Free Girl blog and book fame talk about food blogging, recipe writing, and growing your online audience.


It is a detailed course of 32 Video lessons in HD that comprises 13h 44m of class content. With the course, you get lifetime access to your course. So, you can watch it later anytime, anywhere. Further, you can stream the course offline on your mobile or desktop. You can also offline sync your class with the iPad and iPhone applications. With this course, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Around 40k students have viewed this course, and of them, 89% recommend this class.


What will you learn?

It is another one of CreativeLive’s fantastic and top-rated food photography online classes. It indeed has a lot on offer for you. With this course, you’ll be able to:


  • Understand the business aspects of photography, such as selecting, styling, pricing, negotiating, preparing, marketing, and copyrights.
  • Shoot on a tight budget with a smartphone or a point and shoot camera.
  • Opting for the right camera settings according to the available lighting.
  • Preparing for your shoot.
  • Organizing the materials needed in the shoot.
  • Learning about food styling by way of different types of foods, right from soup to pastry.
  • Creating a blog while beautifully writing about the food.
  • Creating an optimal workflow as well as a good post-production process.
  • Dealing with the low indoor lighting by use of inexpensive lighting equipment.


Who should take up this course?

  • These food photography classes will be helpful for you whether you are a seasoned or a professional photographer who’s on a lookout for food photography tips to expand their skill set.
  • It will be equally beneficial for novice photographers who only have access to their smartphone. It is a fantastic food photography workshop that will provide you with the essential tips, techniques, and strategies to capture your viewers and achieve your photography goals.
  • Further, the class will also help people who want an added skill for additional revenue and venturing into the food photography business.
  • Also, if you love taking pictures, but aren’t sure as yet how to convert this hobby into a business or career, this course will help you out.
  • It will also help those who are unable to figure out the right food and ways of styling it properly for excellent food photography.
  • Bloggers who write about food and need high-quality images to create content.
  • People, who enjoy taking pictures out of their pleasure, but wish to get better at it.


Reviews by David Oxford
Fantastic class! I don't understand those few who say they are disappointed in the course, or that it's somehow 'outdated' - the principles outlined in this course are valuable no matter how technologies change through time. Mr. Scrivani's world-class credentials as a food photographer put him in the upper 1% of the genre. I learned so much from going through this course that I will need (and want) to revisit it many times in the attempt to fully retain all that he offers here. I am now seeking out more of his training and am inspired to begin attending his workshops! Absolutely recommend! 5 stars!!


Getting Started in Professional Food Photography (CreativeLive)


About the course

More than 20,000 students have taken these food photography classes, and 77% of them recommend these to learn food photography. It is one of the best food photography courses, which gives you 21 Video lessons in HD, 5h 1m of class content, and some exclusive bonus content. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, and you can view it on your desktop and mobile anytime, anywhere. There’s also an option of offline viewing with iPad and iPhone apps.


What will you learn?

With these food photography classes, you’ll be working with the veteran photographer Steve Hansen in this basic-level course. With these food photography classes, you’ll learn:


  • To shoot a beverage, the main course, and dessert.
  • To light and style your shots to get the most compelling images.
  • To build out your essential studio gear to get the most out of your food styling and photography.


Reviews by Julie
Binged watched this course. Love how open Steve was about the business side of things and how he navigates that world. Great teacher!


Food Photography (BluePrint)


About the course

In these food photography classes, you’ll be trained by an acclaimed food photographer Andrew Scrivani. He’ll help you focus on the pro styling tips for good food photography and will also help you use natural light for highlighting the texture of the dish and making it appealing with the use of shadows and highlights. By the end of these food photography classes, you’ll be able to discover the lenses and perspective. You’ll also be able to pick a perfect hero product for a shoot along with the props and colours to make it look good.


Reviews by DMBell
I'm not quite through with the class, but I couldn't wait to write and share my thoughts. This class is packed with helpful information that I have not found anywhere else in my food photography studies. There is so much to learn and this class offers a strong foundation to build confidence and grow. I wish I could give it ten stars.


Complete Course Bundle (First Tweet)


It is a comprehensive course to learn food photography, storytelling, preset, and branding. The course comprises hours of hands-on instructional videos, 9 different lessons, and an e-book that contains all the video information in text-form. It also includes 9 assignments that correspond to each lesson. These will help you see how well you have picked up the concepts.


Who should take up this course?

It is a great food photography workshop for anyone who styles, blogs, or does photography as a full-time career full-time, or wishes to do it in future. Anyone who wishes to ensure that their captured food pictures stand out from the crowd should take up this food photography classes.


What will you learn?

  • To adjust the camera settings to create an image you want.
  • To pick the right lens for the right photo.
  • To shoot with a full-frame and a non-full frame camera.
  • To manipulate natural light for the right impact.
  • To work professionally with clients.
  • To Boost your social media.
  • To edit in Adobe Lightroom from scratch



About the course

With this course, you’ll work together with your tutor, Penny De Los Santos, who will help you to perform food photography by viewing more than just what’s on the plate. He’ll help you see the details, the culture, the scenes, the history, geography, and all the moments related to food.


With these food photography classes, you’ll get access to 19 Video lessons in HD and 14h 1m of class content. Further, the good thing about this course is that you’ll get lifetime access. So, you can view it anytime and anywhere in the future. Furthermore, another reason for this course to be included in our listing of the food photography courses is that you can stream it offline on your mobile and desktop by syncing with the iPhone & iPad apps. So, at all times, you get a guarantee of 100% satisfaction.


Reviews by Elouisa

Great course from the perspective of a professional. I feel like this should be advertised as more of a food photography using natural light course though and also it seems quite dated. She is talking about the previous recession so I think this course is at least 9 years old however the techniques don’t date just the information on business.



So, these, according to us, and the 35 of the best food-photography experts are the top 9 best food photography courses. To avail of more information on these best food photography courses, you can visit their website. We have linked all of these food photography courses for your easy access. Good luck!


Best Food Photography Courses and Classes Online Reviewed by 35 Food Photography Experts 4.4
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