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Best Django Tutorial Courses Training Online


Django is a beautiful framework for web developers since it provides the infrastructure necessary for database-driven sites, which include user authentication, content management, contact forms, file sharing, and much more. Rather than creating each of these attributes from scratch, you may use the Django framework and for some pre-existing elements. This will help you focus solely on building your application. If you are going to operate with Python, particularly for web applications or web designing, you would want to know that the Django framework will save you a whole lot of time! It is a free and open-source framework that is designed together with Python and supports data management. Django makes it effortless to construct better web applications that are fast and can be created without code. Building sites with Django isn't just efficient and smart, but enjoyable too! With Django, you can start with a web application from the idea phase and have a fully developed product in your hands within a matter of days.


No wonder, Django is an extremely in-demand skill in the present. But there is a huge demand and supply gap, and we have a scenario where a lot of Django professionals are required. Also, the salary packages are quite lucrative. Unsurprisingly a lot of beginners and professionals are then looking to learn Django. Needless to say, you need a trustworthy resource to direct you to the best django tutorial to learn from the masters of the trade. No one wants to go down the wrong road, which will lead to a lot of wastage of time and frustration with no significant improvement in the skill set. Therefore we are at TrumpLearning, along with a team of 20 python experts, have compiled the list of the 8 best django tutorial and courses that you can undertake to start your Django learning today. So without further ado, let's dive into the article.


8 Best Django Tutorial & Courses

  1. Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp [Udemy]
  2. Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp [Udemy]
  3. Learning Django [LinkedIn]
  4. Advanced Web Development with Django [LinkedIn]
  5. Building a Personal Portfolio with Django [LinkedIn]
  6. Django Fundamentals [PluralSight]
  7. Code School: Digging into Django [PluralSight]
  8. Web Development with Django and AngularJS [PluralSight]
Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp [Udemy]


This 32-hour video django course with eight downloadable resources focuses on creating websites through a variety of technologies, including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, and most importantly, Django. There are no prerequisites for this django online course, and complete beginners with no information about web designing can take this course too. This is a full-stack web development django course that also teaches you about front end development. There are a lot of projects, coding exercises, downloadable notes, assignments, and slides to apply what you learn. Also, professionals who are looking to bridge the gap in their knowledge can enroll in this django course.


Major topics that you will study in this django training are:
  • Understanding HTTP requests
  • Model views template structure
  • Quick styling of websites
  • Working with DOM
  • Creating landing pages
  • Two spectrum projects


Just like many other Udemy courses, this django online course is also backed by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


Reviews by student:
It's awesome. I highly recommend this course to people who have no experience of programming and want to learn python. One of good things is that there are tons of exercise for each section such as JavaScript practice, HTML, CSS, Python, Django, Deployment and so on. People would be a definitely better programmer.
Yoshiharu Ito


Django 2.2 & Python | The Ultimate Web Development Bootcamp [Udemy]


Via this 10-hour video django course, you will learn the intricacies of both front and back end development. Also, you will be building three complete websites and publishing those with the help of DigitalOcean. Though this django certification course does not require you to have any prerequisite knowledge, any coding experience would prove to be helpful. You will be learning about the Django Framework right from the beginning till the very end. There are a lot of coding quizzes and challenges spread throughout the django course as the creator follows the methodology of learning by doing. The course starts with Python language, and in case you do not know anything about it, there is a refresher to speed up the process.


You will be working on three main websites in this django online course:
  1. i) Word counting website
  2. ii) Personal portfolio
iii) Product hunt clone


Primary topics covered in the django certification course are:
  • Connecting Django to a database is like SQLite
  • Functions and class-based views
  • URL routing
  • Postgres and virtualenv
  • Nginx
  • Migrating a project


You will also be taught about GIT to create multiple versions of your code in the syllabus of this django online course. Finally, you will learn about publishing your website live on the web through a virtual private server.


Reviews by student:
Perfect course!! Kudos to the trainer. For the coder how wants to learn/work in django from the scratch without prior knowledge of it, this is the course for you guys.


Learning Django [LinkedIn]


This is almost a 1-hour 30-minute django course meant for intermediate level students. You will be beginning from scratch, and will create a brand new Django project, define data model, field, query the database, use Django's built-in query handler, and structure the backend in this django advanced tutorial. You will also learn about incorporating CSS and JavaScript to improve the style and usability of the Django templates in this django advanced tutorial. The LinkedIn platform provides a free one month trial so that you can test the waters before paying for any of the courses.


Primary concepts that will be covered in this django certification course are:
  • Importing CSV data
  • Working with the Django admin
  • Querying data with Django ORM
  • Django migrations
  • Implementing URL patterns
  • Implementing Django views


Advanced Web Development with Django [LinkedIn]


This is an almost 3-hour django training course that is strictly meant for advanced students that have some background in web development. You will be learning about developing powerful websites quickly and learn to code in a way that is clean and easy to maintain. Further, in this django advanced tutorial, you will be building fast and powerful APIs, but the focus of the course mainly lies in keeping your projects secure. Also, you would be learning how to make projects that are easy to work with in this django advanced tutorial. From advanced uses of class-based views, building rest APIs, and Django’s rest framework to leveraging graphQL, this django training course teaches you all. In this django advanced tutorial, you will also learn about minimizing the change between environments, protection against common web threats, and handling testing using Django.


Core concepts that you will study in the django training course are:
  • Using mixins
  • Creation of custom CBVs
  • Scaffolding
  • Authentication with DRF
  • Working with mutations
  • Testing models and views


Building a Personal Portfolio with Django [LinkedIn]


This is a beginner level django training course of around 2 hours in length. Here, in this django tutorial, you will learn about the basics of Django by creating your own website and working on it. It will help you achieve your personal portfolio and as a skill that should be reflected in your resume for employers to even consider you seriously. Starting by creating a database, and designing the layout of your website, you would then move on to adding and updating URL paths, connecting Django projects to Postgres, and managing static files in this django online training. This django training course focuses on both the front and back end development. Also, in this course, you have a free one month trial to test the django training course content before paying for it.


A few things that you will study in this django course are:
  • Creating models in Django
  • Making Django migrations
  • Creating model objects
  • Bootstrap overview and installation
  • Adding static images
  • Page layout and templates


Django Fundamentals [PluralSight] This 3 hours 43 minutes intermediate-level django training course will teach you about the basics of the Django framework. You will learn everything there is to know about becoming a python web developer in this django online training. You will be building a complete web application in Django under this course. Starting by creating attractively styled pages, you will then be adding the URL mappings for these pages in this django online training. Further, in this django online course, you will learn about handling user interaction with forms. Finally, the focus will shift to storing and manipulation of data, model APIs, admin interface, and how the various parts of Django work together in this django online training.django online training


Core principles covered in this course are:
  • Django design principles
  • Virtual environments
  • Adding pages
  • Apps models and migration
  • Custom model manager
  • Template inheritance


Code School: Digging into Django [PluralSight]


Through this course to learn django online, you will be building a fully functional and scalable web application by learning the Django Framework in depth. This is a relatively short course to learn django online that is around only 54 minutes in length but will teach you the necessary basics so that you feel confident and know what exactly you are trying to achieve. It is not meant for complete beginners and should only be taken by intermediate level students who have some prior experience in programming and web development. The PluralSight platform provides a free ten-day trial where you can try out the course before enrolling in it and making the payment.


A few things that you will learn in this course are:
  • Delving into grids
  • Digging up forms
  • Smarter forms with a metaclass
  • The image field
  • User authentication
  • Ajax


Web Development with Django and AngularJS [PluralSight]


Via this course, you will be building a web application using both Django and AngularJS. With around 3 hours and 42 minutes of content meant for intermediate level students with some prior experience in programming and web development, this course will be teaching you about full-stack web development. In this django online training, Angular JS will help you achieve a rich and interactive experience for the user, whereas you would be using Django to write the server-side code. You would also be studying about REST and persistence to a database. After creating a basic web application with Django, you would then move on to using Angular JS for an interactive front-end.


Major things that you will learn in this django online course are:
  • MVC versus MTV
  • Virtual environment on Windows
  • Django REST framework
  • Angular directives
  • Retrieving data using $http
  • View set and router


The last part of this django online training teaches you about using REST and Ajax to pass the data between front end JavaScript and back end Python code.



While Django is rapidly rising as a popular framework, combining it with other technologies would give you the best results. Here we have given out the best django tutorial list for you, but to maximize your results and learning, we recommend you to take other courses too and study technologies that can be combined with django. Being a good web developer means that one should also be aware of the latest technologies around them and incorporate those in work. This will significantly benefit your career as an employee for a big organization or your business in case you are working on your own project. We hope we have provided you the answer to what you were looking for in this article for the best django tutorial. See you in the next article.


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