10 Best Discrete Math Online Courses & Classes [Updated June 2023]

Best Discrete Math Online Courses & Training Classes


Approximately thirty to forty percent of the questions in middle school as well as high school mathematics competitions are focussed on discrete math. Over fifty percent of the high-level mathematics contests, such as the American Invitational Mathematics Examination, are also linked with discrete mathematics. Students who do not have the right skill and knowledge are unable to perform well in the competitions. To ace these competitions, you need help and guidance from a professional. For this, you can enrol yourself in one of the discrete math online courses. There are several hundreds of discrete math online courses on the internet. Of this abundant overwhelming variety, how do you find the best online discrete math course? 


TrumpLearning along with 28 mathematics experts has laid the groundwork for you and shortlisted some of the best discrete math online courses. Let us take a look at them one by one.


10 Best Online Discrete Math Courses and Training Classes

  1. Introduction To Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science Specialization - Offered By University Of California San Diego National Research University Higher School Of Economics [Coursera]
  2. Master Discrete Math 2020: More Than 5 Complete Courses In 1 [Udemy]
  3. Discrete Mathematics Online College Course [University of North Dakota]
  4. Master Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Math Logic, and More [Udemy]
  5. Discrete Mathematics - Offered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University [Coursera]
  6. Discrete Mathematics [Udemy]
  7. Discrete Mathematics Courses [edX]
  8. Master Discrete Mathematics: Set Theory [Udemy]
  9. Graph Theory [Udemy]
  10. Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic [Udemy]
Introduction To Discrete Mathematics For Computer Science Specialization - Offered By University Of California San Diego National Research University Higher School Of Economics [Coursera]


About the course 

Discrete Mathematics is a computer science language. For success in the field, one needs to be fluent in several areas, including machine learning, data science, and software learning. So, the best online course for discrete mathematics would make the language fun, interactive, and engaging. This course is exactly all of it.


Firstly, you will solve several interactive puzzles, which are designed carefully for this best online discrete math course. Further, going down the lane, it will explain several things, such as solving the puzzles and introducing multiple vital ideas along the way. This is perhaps one of the best ways to be introduced to get an in-depth understanding of the subject and appreciate the beauty of the multiple underlying concepts.


In this discrete mathematics online course, your mentor has tried to work together with effective course content for a problem that is required by the delivery companies across the world a million times every day, that is, the problem of the traveling salesman. The essence of this problem is to travel to all the given places as early as possible. So, how to look for an optimal solution to the problem quickly? Honestly, there are no provably practical algorithms to cater to this complex computational problem, and this is the core of the P versus NP problem, which is the vital question to solve in Computer Science. Through this course, the mentor has tried to implement many effective solutions for the traveling salesman problem by taking many real world instances. When drafting the solutions, the educator claims that he relied massively on the material that is learned in the specialization course – probability, proof techniques, graph theory, and combinatorics. You will also look at many examples of employing discrete mathematics ideas to arrive at the most efficient solutions. 


Learning outcomes

Upon successfully completing this discrete mathematics online course, fifty percent of the students were able to start a new career, and forty percent of the students received a promotion or a pay hike. 


This best online course for discrete mathematics will fetch you a shareable certificate of completion. So, you can share it on your LinkedIn or download and print the certificate and include it in your CV.


What do you need?

This is only a beginner-level 100% online course, so, you do not need any prior experience. The course takes about six months to complete, and you will have to put in an effort of five hours every week for the course. Since the course is in English, you should have a complete understanding of the English language. However, you can find the course subtitles in different languages, such as Italian, English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Greek, German, Turkish, and Spanish. 



Reviews by Emanuela M.
The Specialization I completed was an eye-opening learning experience. It changed my perspective on the ways I could help advance my field.


Master Discrete Math 2020: More Than 5 Complete Courses In 1 [Udemy]


About the course 

Next in our list of best online discrete math course is a course by Udemy with a rating of 4.4.


As one of our top-ranked discrete math online courses, this one comprises text and video explanations of everything about the Discrete Math. Further, with the course, you get 150 quizzes along with their solutions. So, after every lecture, you can study through the course to examine your understanding. There are also 30 additional workbooks, along with over 500 additional practice problems with a solution to every problem. This can help you gauge your understanding all along the way. 


In short, it is one of the most straightforward and comprehensive discrete math online courses on Udemy. So, regardless of whether you have been excellent at math or you wish to learn about the advanced discrete math feature, this is the course for you.  



This discrete mathematics online course is divided into 24 sections, all of which will be covered in the order listed below. 


  1. Mathematical Statements
  2. Set Theory
  3. Functions And Function Notation
  4. Relations
  5. Additive And Multiplicative Principles
  6. Binomial Coefficients
  7. Combinations And Permutations
  8. Combinatorial Proofs
  9. Advanced Counting Using The Principle Of Inclusion And Exclusion
  10. Describing Sequences
  11. Arithmetic And Geometric Sequences
  12. Polynomial Fitting
  13. Solving Recurrence Relations
  14. Mathematical Induction
  15. Propositional Logic
  16. Proofs And Proving Techniques
  17. Graph Theory Definitions
  18. Trees
  19. Planar Graphs
  20. Coloring Graphs
  21. Euler Paths And Circuits
  22. Matching In Bipartite Graphs
  23. Generating Functions
  24. Number Theory


In each section, you will get videos explaining the concepts and notes that you can read through to back your understanding of what's been taught in the class. After every session, you will also be given workbooks and quizzes to check whether you have correctly comprehended what's been taught. Further, you will get lifetime access to all the resource materials and friendly support in the Q & A section with every course. Following the completion of the course, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion. 


With this course, you get a full 30-day moneyback guarantee. This means that if you are not 100% happy with the course's progress, you can reach out to the tutors and get a 100% refund, no questions asked. So, this means that you will end up with the Discrete Math skills and progress well in your career and tests, or you will try out this course and get your money back if it does not interest you. So, there is nothing to lose. 


Learning outcomes

Through this best online course for discrete mathematics, there is a lot for you to learn. Some of the things that this course teaches you are: 


  • Interpretation and analysis of the truth value of statements by quantification, gauging logical connectives, and the truth value of every atomic component.
  • Distinguishing between different set theory notations and applying the set theory concepts to build new sets from the older ones.
  • Interpreting the functions from the point of set theory and differentiating between surjective, injective, and bijective functions. 
  • Constructing new relations, which include partial orderings and equivalence relations. 
  • Application of the multiplicative and additive principles for counting disorganized sets efficiently. 
  • Synthesizing the counting techniques developed from binomial coefficients, lattice paths, and counting bit strings. 
  • Formulating the counting techniques for approaching the complex counting problems using combinations and permutations.  
  • Proving certain formulas, which are authentic via the use of complex counting techniques and special combinatorial proofs, which involves bars and stars. 
  • Solving several recurrence relations with the use of polynomial fitting. 
  • Employing the characteristic polynomial for solving challenging recurrence relations. 
  • Mastering the mathematical induction and the strong induction for proving sophisticated statements, which involve natural numbers, via the use of several examples. 
  • Using Boolean Algebra and truth tables for the determination of the true value of complex molecular statements. 


What do you need?

For taking up this course, you need to be: 

  • Comfortable with high school algebra. 
  • Ready to learn an insanely high degree of incredible stuff. 
  • Prepared to succeed in any high-school level Discrete Math course. 
  • Preparing yourself to learn a lot of new content. 


Who should take this course?

It is the perfect course for anyone who wishes to learn about Discrete Mathematics, regardless of prior experience. This is also one of the best courses for complete beginners who do not have any Discrete mathematics experience. Further, children who have a decent understanding of Discrete Mathematics but wish to learn the advanced level will also benefit from the course. Hence, if you have just one course, which can help you learn everything you need to know about Discrete mathematics, this is the course for you. 


Reviews by Shibbu Joseph
The course covers a lot of Discrete math topics helping someone like me who knew nothing about discrete mathematics. The course structure is well arranged and the explanation for every topic is given in a very simple manner . It helped me a lot . I really want to thank the instructor for helping me to explore this amazing world of discrete maths.


Discrete Mathematics Online College Course [University of North Dakota]

About the course 

Discrete mathematics covers a myriad of topics, which are incredibly vital for specific areas of mathematics and computer science. There are way too many topics included in this area that is known as discrete mathematics and must be covered for a single semester.

A key reason why this is the best online discrete math course is because it is challenging and has a significantly different flavor as compared to the other mathematics classes that you have taken before. As opposed to concepts, such as college algebra, learning the concepts and perspective of discrete maths is just as important as mastering the different computation techniques. 


The methods used to solve and describe the problems in discrete maths are as diverse as the topics. You will study inclusion-exclusion counting, permutations, characteristic polynomials for recurrences, properties of sets, rules of logical and methods of doing proofs, combinations, and many other tidbits along the way.  


Beyond the vocab and methods, the primary goal of discrete maths is to learn to read and build proofs, primarily writing of the proofs using induction. Induction is indeed one of the primary tools of both math and computer science.


The good thing about this best online course for discrete mathematics is that all the materials that you possibly need are included with the course. So, there is never a need for you to buy a textbook or any other material. Following the enrolment date, you have about three to nine months to finish the three proctored examinations and eighteen online math lessons. For those students who stay out of the US, the exams conducted outside must be administered only at a learning center or an English-speaking testing center.  



What will you learn?

In this discrete mathematics online course, you will learn a bunch of things. Some of these things include: 


  1. Symbolic logic
  2. Set theory
  3. Relations
  4. Functions
  5. Proofs by induction
  6. Recurrence relations
  7. Counting techniques


Master Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Math Logic, and More [Udemy]


About the course 

Next in line for the best online course for discrete mathematics is a Udemy course with a rating of 4.2. It is one of the most comprehensive discrete math online courses.


It is a course that has been designed to help you master the tough discrete math topics and have you better prepared for a long-standing career in actuarial science, computer science, mathematics, and even engineering. Your instructor for this course has been tutoring students for many years. Thus, he has a phenomenal teaching experience. 


In this course, you will get more than 30 lectures, which will introduce students to several topics, including several properties and the sets, along with multiple advanced counting techniques, graph theory, and mathematical logic. The student's progress can be assessed along the way by way of numerous practice quizzes and videos, which have examples that follow almost every new topic. 


The course can be classified into a few categories. These include: 


  • Set theory 
  • Mathematical logic
  • Advanced Counting Techniques


The course comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Further, the course has 7-hours of on-demand video, along with complete lifetime access. You can watch the course on your TV and mobile. Following the completion, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.


What will you learn?

As one of our top-picked discrete math online courses, there is a lot for you to learn under this course. Some of the things that this course will teach you are: 

  • A thorough understanding of mathematical logic. 
  • Grasping the complex topics of counting in advanced mathematics. 
  • Knowing when to use the permutations or combinations. 
  • Solving real-world problems with the use of permutations or combinations. 
  • Discovering the ways and means to solve mathematical proofs by the use of different methods. 
  • Learning mathematical notations to be able to understand the complex proofs. 


Who should take this discrete mathematics online course?

This course will benefit: 


  1. People interested in mathematical logic
  2. Math Majors
  3. People interested in the math behind computers
  4. Computer Science Majors
  5. Anyone wanting to expand their mathematical knowledge


Reviews by Anshuman Borkakoti
Quick course covering the basics of discrete mathematics in a crisp and well-explained manner. I really liked the chalkboard illustrations.


Discrete Mathematics - Offered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University [Coursera]


About the course 

Discrete mathematics sets the foundation of computer and information technology. It is indeed a fascinating subject in itself. 


Through this course, students can get familiar with various mathematical objects, such as functions, sets, graphs, relations, etc., which are a vital part of computer science. In a way, this course is quintessential in setting a base for your mathematical maturity. It will help you understand the formal statements, along with their proofs. Upon studying the course, you will be in a position to come up with impeccable results. It attempts to be rigorous instead of being formal. It implies that your educator will present to you at least one vital and interesting result for every concept included in this best online course for discrete mathematics, along with a complete proof. However, all of this will be done without any formal notation, with the use of figures and examples whenever possible. 



The primary topics of this course are: 


  1. Sets, relations, and functions
  2. Enumerative combinations
  3. Network flow and matchings
  4. Graph theory


In this course, the educator will not cover algebra, modular arithmetic, and logic. These topics have a completely different flavor, but you can find courses on Coursera on these topics.  


Once done with this discrete mathematics online course, you will be awarded a shareable certificate. You can share it on your LinkedIn or download, print, and include it in your CV. This will better your chances of landing a job. 


What do you need?

This is a 100% flexible online course. So, you can start and finish your schedule. The course has flexible deadlines, which can be adjusted according to your needs. More so, for taking this intermediate-level course, you will need 42 hours for completion. The course is available in English, but there are subtitles in Portuguese, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, English, Turkish, Russian, Korean, German, and Vietnamese. 


Reviews by IA
This course requires some background knowledge of mathematics, and the exercises require some hard work. It's interesting, engaging, and has a lot of knowledge on offer!


Discrete Mathematics [Udemy]


About the course 

Next, in line for the top discrete math online courses, is a best-selling Udemy course with a rating of 4.5. 


Discrete mathematics is the most vital aspect of computer science and mathematics. It involves the study of topics, which are a must for every CS or Math student. The topics included in this course are all vital topics that will be important for all math and science students at some point in time or other during their education.

The primary object of this course is to develop the foundation for advanced computer science courses, such as algorithms, data structures, mathematics courses, such as combinatorics, abstract algebra, number theory, probability, and logic and set theory, linear and relational, and database theory, and structures. 

With this course, you get the ability to comprehend the math language, and depending on that, the Udemy tutor has divided the course into the following sections: 


1. Sets

2. Logic

3. Number Theory

4. Proofs

5. Functions

6. Relations

7. Graph Theory

8. Statistics

9. Combinatorics 

10. and Sequences and Series


The course comes with a 30-day refund guarantee and comprises 19 hours of on-demand video and four downloadable resources. Further, you get complete lifetime access to the course. You can watch it on your TV and mobile. Following the completion, you will be rewarded with a certificate of completion.


All the materials of the course are delivered by way of videos. This makes the complex subject incredibly easy to comprehend. You can find more details on the lessons delivered by way of text files to offer more examples or explanations. The entire course is taught in English, and there are no complicated mathematical jargon used. Hence, it will be easy for you to understand. Furthermore, the course has way too many quizzes, which you can take after every lecture. These can help you assess your knowledge to ensure that what's been taught has sunk in. 


What will you learn?

There are a bunch of things that this best online course for discrete mathematics will teach you. A few have been listed down. 


  • Through this course, you will develop and learn how to read, think, and write abstractly and mathematically. 
  • This course will help you understand and learn the Set theory fundamentals, which include the set builder notation and set properties and operations. 
  • This course will provide you with an understanding of the contradictions, tautologies, logical equivalence, De Morgan's Laws in Logic, along with formulating quantified statements.
  • The course will help you learn to create the truth tables and give you the truthfulness and falsehood of a compound statement.
  • With this course, you learn to read, write, and prove the Mathematical segments via the use of different methods. 
  • You will understand black boxes, boolean expressions, digital circuits, and logical gates. 
  • You will also learn modular arithmetic, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetics, and the tips for finding LCM and GCD. 
  • You will develop a solid foundation in function composition, functions, combination, inverse, and bijective functions. 
  • You will learn the vital concepts of Statistics and Combinatorics. 
  • You will develop an understanding of finding equivalence classes and equivalence relations. 
  • You will master geometric and arithmetic sequences and partial sums. 
  • You will develop an understanding of fundamental concepts in Graph Theory, such as incidence and adjacency matrices, hamiltonian paths and circuits, eccentricity, Ore's Theorem, connectedness, and walks. 


What do you need?

As it is an intermediate level discrete mathematics online course, it does require adequate knowledge and understanding of algebra. 


Who should take this course?

The course is designed for students minoring or majoring in mathematics, computer science, and engineering. 


Reviews by Cameron Riemensnider
This was a great course! It was a very helpful primer on the topics in discrete math. It was presented in a fun and easy-to-understand manner. I would recommend to anyone interested in the topic!


Discrete Mathematics Courses [edX]


About the course 

edX offers a range of discrete math online courses. These are all free courses, which are taught by the recognized institutions and schools to better your skills.


Some of the topics covered under discrete math include:

  1. Theoretical computer science
  2. Information theory. Logic
  3. Set theory
  4. Combinatorics
  5. Graph theory
  6. Probability
  7. Number theory, and more


Though these are free courses, if you need the authentic and original certificate with the institute’s logo, you will have to bear a small fee.


Master Discrete Mathematics: Set Theory [Udemy]


About the course

Next, in line for the discrete math online courses is again an Udemy course. It is a high-rated course and is indeed excessively popular amongst the students. 


Are you struggling with the basic mathematical skill that you probably need as a computer scientist? Are you not satiated with the instructor’s ability to teach you the requisite skills you possibly need to perform well in the math course? If you answered yes, then Set Theory is the perfect pick for you. In this course, your instructor will cover all the vital topics, which are a part of the university level exam by way of example videos, lecture videos, sample exams, and additional problems with challenging and unique questions that can help you gauge your weak points, and master your learning. Every video included in this course will provide you with all the information related to the topic in less than 15 minutes. It simplifies the things for you instead of making them appear lengthy and confusing. Hopefully, upon careful learning, you will succeed well in the course. 


This best online discrete math course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. With the course, you get 1.5 hours of on-demand video, two articles, and nine downloadable resources with lifetime access. You also get a shareable certificate of completion in the end.


What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of this discrete mathematics online course, you will learn a bunch of things. Some of the things that this course will teach you are: 

  • Adequate knowledge of set theory to help you ace your exam. 
  • Finding subsets, power sets, unions, intersections, complements of the sets, differences from the given two or more sets. 
  • Understanding of set laws and Venn diagrams, when the two sets are equal. 


What do you need?

As such, there are no prerequisites for taking this discrete mathematics online course. 


Who should take this discrete math online course?

This discrete mathematics online course is perfect for math majors, undergrad computer scientists, or anyone interested in math fundamentals. 


Reviews by Aden Hawsh
wonderful, very clear, very calm and know the subject very well, the best tutor I have ever sat on his course.


Graph Theory [Udemy]


About the course

Next in line for the discrete math online courses is a Graph Theory course by Udemy. It has a rating of 4.7. 


One of the vital aspects of advanced mathematics is Graph Theory. At a University level, this topic is mainly faced by the senior students who major in computer science or mathematics. With this course, you bag an opportunity to acquire a solid foundation in graph theory in a minimal time span. More so, for taking up this course, you do not need a background in advanced mathematics. 


The course has been designed to be understood by a 12th grader as the course’s structure begins with a fundamental idea of creating a graph. Further, with every step, the idea tends to get more and more complex. In the course, there are several sections in a single section. You can find video lectures where some concepts are explained in detail. Further, you also get some quizzes and their solutions, which you can take post every lecture. It will help you assess your understanding of what’s taught in this best online discrete math course. 


With this course, you get 10 hours of on-demand video. More so, if there are any doubts, you get a Q&A section for the support. You can view all the resources on your mobile and TV, and all the resources come with lifetime access. Following the completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. More so, the course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. So, if you are not happy with what’s been taught, you can request your refund.



The syllabus covered in this course is: 


1. Supplements

2. Fundamentals     

3. Paths

4. Graphs Types

5. Trees

6. Digraphs and Tournaments

7. Planar Graphs

8. Graphs Operations

9. Graph Colorings


To make the most of this course, you should take down notes while the lecture is going on. Also, if you have any doubts, you can always go back and revise and review. Every class also has quizzes that can help you comprehend all that you have learned so far. 


What will you learn? 

On taking this course, you will be able to: 


  • Master the Graph Theory’s fundamental concepts. 
  • Understand Hamiltonian and Eulerian paths and circuits and several topics related to Paths. 
  • Get to know a variety of different Graphs and properties. 
  • Get the ability to perform Advanced and Elementary Operations on Graphs to yield a new Graph. 
  • Learn more about Graph coloring. 
  • Know how to turn Graph into Matrix and vice versa. 
  • Acquire a solid foundation on Expression Trees, Tree Traversals, and Trees. 


Reviews by Dr. Amita Joshi
The course is really very interesting. From this, I have gained more knowledge. The lectures are also very well explained


Master Discrete Mathematics: Logic [Udemy]


About the course

Last on our list is again a Udemy course. It is one of Udemy’s bestseller discrete math online courses with a rating of 4.7. 


In this course, your educator will cover all the vital topics thoroughly taught at the university level. These are taught by way of additional problems, examples, lecture videos, and sample exams with unique and challenging questions that can enable you to identify your weak points and get a better grip over the subject.


All of the videos have relevant information that is needed to explain the concept in less than 15 minutes. More so, your educator has made all of these videos so straightforward that it is easy for you to tackle even the most tricky questions coming your way. 


This course comes with a 30-day moneyback guarantee. The course comprises 1.5 hours of on-demand video, six articles, and 11 downloadable resources with lifetime access. You will also be rewarded with a certificate of completion.


What will you learn?

This best online discrete math course will teach you some vital things, such as: 

  1. Translating English sentences into predicate logic and propositional logic. 
  2. Employing truth tables and logic laws for determining when two formulas are equivalent. 
  3. Building truth tables based on logical formulas. 
  4. Negating quantified formulas. 
  5. Understanding the relationship between converses, conditional, contrapositives, and inverses. 
  6. Using inference rules for deducing a logical outcome given a set of premises. 


Reviews by Christian Kennedy
The course is put in a very simple and easy to understand way. something that is quite complicated is put across in such a way that it makes you wonder why it's difficult.



Bottom Line

So, these are the best online courses for discrete mathematics. We have also included the website link along with the useful details and information about these discrete math online courses. You can browse through them and make your pick for the best online course for discrete mathematics.
Also, if you wish to strengthen your mathematical foundation in other areas such as geometry or precalculus, we have the right courses for you.

Please bear in mind that this list for the discrete math online courses has been prepared after a thorough consultation with some of the reputed mathematics and computer science experts worldwide. We hope you were able to find the correct course that you were looking for.


Best Discrete Math Online Courses & Classes Reviewed by 28 Mathematics Experts 4.5
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