15 Best DevOps Certification, Training, And Courses [Updated March 2023]

Best DevOps Certification Training & Courses Online


DevOps isn’t a framework or a programming language yet is highly sought after skill these days. And hence the rising demand for DevOps certification and DevOps training modules. Put simply, DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations in order to ship releases faster and better to the end user.  Thus the expression 'DevOps.'


These days DevOps engineers are required everywhere as the development complexity has increased and the release time have shrunk over a period of time. Add to that the fact that everything is slowly moving towards cloud makes their presence all the more important. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that typical salary of a DevOps engineer is approximately $140,000 per year in Silicon Valley region.


This is 20 percent higher than the wages of an applications engineer. Having a strong command over DevOps Skills signifies you'll be making giant leaps in the competitive job market! All these are reasons enough for you to take a high-quality DevOps course or DevOps training. Thus we here at TrumpLearning, along with a team of 25 experts, have curated this list of the 16 best DevOps certification, training & courses online.


But before we delve deeper into the list of the best DevOps online courses and training, it would be prudent to pause for couple of minutes and understand the landscape a bit. In the industry, there are 2 prominent cloud service environments -


  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)


So the majority of the job roles one would see would either feature Azure or AWS and hence there are specialised DevOps certifications for them. However DevOps is not restricted to only these 2 environments therefore one could learn the essentials skills beyond these environments as well. 


15 Best Azure DevOps Certifications & Training

  1. Azure DevOps Training [Intellipaat]
  2. Become an Azure DevOps Hero [Udemy]
  3. Microsoft Azure DevOps Certifications
  4. Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform [Udemy]
  5. AWS DevOps Training and Certification [Intellipaat]
  6. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Continuous Delivery and Automation [PluralSight]
  7. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Training [edureka!]
  8. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Get 3 Certifications 2020 [Udemy]
  9. DevOps Bootcamp [Udemy]
  10. DevOps Certification Training [edureka!]
  11. DevOps Engineer [SimpliLearn]
  12. Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course [Udemy]
  13. Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers [Udemy]
  14. Architecting with Google Compute Engine Specialization [Coursera]
  15. DevOps Foundations [LinkedIn]
Azure DevOps Training [Intellipaat]


The focus of this DevOps certification program lies in helping you master the concepts of both Azure and DevOps. From Azure Resource Manager, Virtual Network Connectivity, and Windows PowerShell to Azure administration, Git, Jenkins, Ansible, and Docker are some of the other important areas that this Azure DevOps certification course focuses on. Microsoft has accredited this Azure DevOps certification course, and Microsoft has also issued the course material for 'Integrating On-premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure' and 'Implementing security in all modules of Azure Infrastructure.' The DevOps online training course is a perfect balance of theory and practical content to help you master the concepts. In all, there are 3 industry-related projects that you will be working on.


A few essential things that you will study in this Azure DevOps training module are:


  • Containerisation with Docker
  • Configuration Management with Puppet
  • Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines
  • SVN, Maven, Nagios
  • Azure Boards, Azure Repos, Azure Pipelines
  • Azure Test Plans and Azure Artifacts


The Azure DevOps certification course has 70 hours of instructor-led training and around 108 hours worth of exercises and projects. Further, you get free lifetime updates once you enrol in the course. The course can be taken by anybody interested in learning about the precepts of DevOps and Azure, but basic programming knowledge is required to understand the Azure DevOps certification course content.


Become an Azure DevOps Hero [Udemy]


This is a 2-hour video Azure DevOps training course that will help you learn the principal concepts of DevOps and Azure in a practical setting instead of just listening to monotonous theoretical lessons. However, this DevOps online training course requires you to have some background knowledge in .net, JavaScript & SQL Server, and a PC capable of running SQL Server Management Studio. The focus of this Azure DevOps training course lies on continuous integration and continuous deployment using Azure DevOps. The course will also teach you how you can deploy a 3-tier application through multiple environments using quality gates. By the end of the course, you would be comfortable in deploying Azure SQL Databases, .NET core APIs, and React front end applications.


A few important concepts that you would study in this Azure DevOps training course are:


  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • Azure Resource Manager Template Git Repository
  • Create Release & Setup Variable Groups
  • Clone UAT & Production Environments
  • Create Release Pipeline & Test Application
  • Securing Secrets


This DevOps online training course wants to enable you to ship products to production quickly. You would be able to haul up Azure resources with just the click of a button and deploy infrastructure for a full-stack application in almost no time. And most importantly, this Azure DevOps course will also teach you how to schedule your releases so that something is going live even while you are sleeping. As always, the course is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee from Udemy.


Reviews by student:
Good content. It is a high level overview of Azure DevOps. It is easy to understand if we already have hands on some deployments before.
Skye F.


Microsoft Azure DevOps Certifications


When it comes to azure devOps certifications, the gold standard is is Microsoft devOps certification. For one to become Microsoft certified Azure DevOps Engineer, one needs to clear any of the pre-requisite certifications -


  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate


Once either of these certifications are complete, one exam needs to be taken i.e. Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions post which Azure DevOps Engineer Certification can be taken up.


There are both self paced learning path as well as instructor-led. Self faced online learning path is free whereas instructor-led is a paid one.


Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform [Udemy]


This 8-hour DevOps online training course is all about teaching you how to automate your infrastructure with Terraform. The core technologies covered in this AWS DevOps training course are Terraform with AWS, Packer, Docker, ECS, EKS, Jenkins. The course requires you to have an AWS account to be able to do the demos. You will start by learning the basics of Terraform and then move on to learning how to automate the infrastructure. The AWS DevOps certification course is mainly for individuals who are in an Ops or DevOps position but can be taken by other professionals too. And lastly, you would also be learning about using terraform with Packer to create custom images.


Some of the few valuable lessons that this AWS DevOps training course teaches are:
  • Terraform Variable Types
  • Terraform Commands Overview
  • Launching EC2 instances in the VPC
  • Advanced Terraform Usage
  • Docker on AWS using ECS and ECR


The course has been backed by a Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee that allows you to test the course content before you become a paying customer.


Reviews by student:
The course is good from the coverage point of view. Would be nice to have real world deployment scenarios in addition to basic scenarios.
Natarajan Sankaraiya


AWS DevOps Training and Certification [Intellipaat]


This is a AWS DevOps training course that has been delivered in collaboration with IBM and created by industry experts. The focus of this AWS DevOps certification course lies in helping you leverage your skills in implementing DevOps on AWS. In this course you will gain mastery over technical expertise in provisioning, managing, and operating distributed applications. Cloudformation, code commit, ops work, etc. are some of the other topics covered in this AWS DevOps training course. To ensure mastery over the precepts of both DevOps and AWS, there is a sufficient balance between theory and practical training by the inclusion of various hands-on exercises.


Some of the topics covered in this AWS DevOps certification course are:
  • Autoscaling and load balancing
  • Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI
  • Architecting AWS – whitepaper
  • Software Version Control
  • Configuration Management using Puppet
  • DevOps on AWS


There is almost 70 years of instructor-led training and around 108 hours worth of exercises and projects. Further, the platform also provides you with job assistance along with the certification once you complete the DevOps certification training course. You would also be working on three major industry-related projects once you are done with the AWS DevOps certification course content.


Reviews by student:
The customer service at Intellipaat is awesome! I got quick response whenever I raised ticket. Learning is made easy, quiz made my learning more interesting.
Anjan Mehra


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Continuous Delivery and Automation [PluralSight]


This is an advanced level AWS DevOps certification course of around 4 hours and 17 minutes in length to prepare you for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Certification. Also, it is the first in the series of four AWS DevOps training courses. Continuous delivery and process automation portion of the exam is what the focus of this AWS DevOps certification course lies on. Mike Pfeiffer, who is the teacher of this DevOps certification course, is a twenty-year IT industry veteran, published author, and international conference speaker. The PluralSight platform provides you with the free 10-day trial to test out the DevOps certification course content before you pay for the enrolment.


Essential topics that you will learn in this AWS DevOps training course are:
  • Implementing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Understanding Application Lifecycle Management
  • Automating Infrastructure with CloudFormation
  • Deploying Applications with Elastic Beanstalk
  • Creating Stacks and Managing Configuration with OpsWorks
  • Scripting and Automating Operational Tasks


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Training [edureka!]


This edureka DevOps course will help you prepare for the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam to validate your technical expertise in provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. You will be taught advanced technical skills related to CodeCommit, Codepipeline, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, Beanstalk, etc in this DevOps course. Infrastructure-as-Code, CI/CD pipeline, Immutable Infrastructure, Deployment Strategies, Containers, etc. have also been covered in the edureka DevOps course curriculum.


Major topics covered in the edureka DevOps certification training course curriculum are:
  • SDLC Automation
  • Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
  • Monitoring and Logging
  • Policies and Standards Automation
  • Incident and Event Response
  • High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery


To get the best out of the edureka DevOps online training course, you need to have some pre-existing knowledge about DevOps and Amazon Web Services. Also, knowledge about AWS Development or AWS System Administration, one or more high-level programming languages, and Linux or Windows systems at the command-line level will also be beneficial while taking this DevOps training.


Reviews by student:
Edureka has redefined the e-learning service with the help of technology. They have excellent faculty and support team that has given a real class room learning experience. Anybody can upgrade their skills at their convenience! Edureka has expertise in Big Data Analytics and they are providing opportunity to acquire these skills in a short time!
Chandra Bhushan K


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer: Get 3 Certifications 2020 [Udemy]


This beginner-level DevOps certification course with 22+ hours of learning, practice tests, and quizzes-Learn from industry professionals will help you prepare for 3 AWS Certifications. The three certifications for as follows:

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

This certification proves that you have an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud platform. AWS core services, security, pricing, and support services are what this certification would focus on.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

If you want to enhance your skills in AWS to help organizations design and migrate their architecture to the cloud, then this is the certification you want to get. The skills that you learned from the Cloud Practitioners Course would be developed further. High Availability, EC2, VPC, Storage, and Overall Management of the AWS Console are some of the major areas that the certification deals in.

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

For provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform, you need no other certification. Deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS, highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform, agile and other development processes and methodologies, etc. are some of the areas that you need to have proper abilities and to obtain this certification.


To help you become proficient for the exams, the following are some of the topics that have been covered in the DevOps certification course:
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Jenkins CI Deployment
  • Security-Governance-Validation
  • Monitoring-Metrics-Logging
  • AWS Compute
  • Identity Access Management


As always with Udemy, this DevOps training program comes along with 30 days Money back guarantee.


Reviews by student:
This is really good experience to learn new things. I would like to continue learn new things.
Rahul Thakur


DevOps Bootcamp [Udemy]


This is a 5-hour beginner level DevOps bootcamp that helps you learn the most popular tools from DevOps toolset and understand three ways of DevOps. Also, this DevOps bootcamp shows you how DevOps impacts the real-world scenario in the IT industry. Further, you would also be exploring the relationship between DevOps and the cloud. Docker, Vagrant, CI/CD Process and tools, Jenkins, etc. and the most popular services proposed by AWS have also been thoroughly discussed in this Udemy course. Whether you want to learn DevOps, manage cloud resources or the infrastructure as code, this DevOps bootcamp course is perfect for you.


Major topics that you will study in this course are:

  • Git Basics
  • AWS
  • Vagrant
  • Docker
  • Packer
  • Terraform


The Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee also backs this DevOps bootcamp.


DevOps Certification Training [edureka!]


This is an edureka DevOps certification training program to help you gain in-depth knowledge about various DevOps tools, including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, and Nagios. The whole DevOps certification training training program has been designed in a convenient way to make you capable of being a certified practitioner as soon as you are done with your edureka DevOps training. Starting with concepts like version controlling, code automation, continuous integration, you would then move onto the more advanced topics like continuous deployment, configuration management, and monitoring of the application in the course. Professionals like software testers, system admins, solution architects, security engineers, application developers, and integration specialists can take this edureka DevOps course.


Key concepts that you would be studying in this DevOps certification training are:
  • Working with Remote Repositories
  • Build and automation of Test using Jenkins and Maven
  • Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver
  • Understanding images and containers
  • Docker Container Networking
  • Configuring Ansible Roles


The edureka DevOps course requires you to have basic knowledge of a scripting language and command over Linux fundamentals. To ensure the same, along with the edureka DevOps course, you get the fundamentals of python scripting and Linux as extra modules. There are 36 hours of instructor-led training classes in this course, and the live projects that you would be working on would be based on real-life case studies. Successful completion of this DevOps certification training program would give you a certification.


Reviews by student:
The instructor has in-depth knowledge in DevOps tools. He explains the each one very clearly, thank you so much.
Senthil V


DevOps Engineer [SimpliLearn]


This is a Master's program to help you become a DevOps Engineer and focuses on the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, and IT service agility, using DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins. You would be getting access to more than 120 instructors led online training classes and will be working on 7 real-life projects. The methodology followed in the lessons is a hands-on approach, i.e., the focus would rather lie on practical learning than theoretical concepts. Also, you would be gaining in-depth knowledge about two major cloud platform providers i.e., Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Agile and Scrum methodologies will also be discussed thoroughly.


Essential topics covered in this Masters program DevOps certification course are:
  • Agile Scrum Master
  • Test-Driven Development Approach with JUnit5
  • Overview of Ansible
  • Analysis and Cost-Effectiveness in AWS
  • Understanding the Puppet Run Cycle
  • Templating, Control Flow, and Iteration in Jinja2


There is more than 90 hours of content, along with various quizzes, simulations, and other exercises. The DevOps certification course also offers many electives like Core Java Certification Training, AWS Technical Essentials, MongoDB Developer and Administrator, and Apache Maven Online Course, to name a few. Fundamentals of JavaScript and Linux training have been provided as free courses in this Master's program.


Reviews by student:
I have enrolled with AWS DevOps Architect in Simplilearn. The course content was detailed. I am really satisfied with the course. The certification helped to get a promotion in my present company. I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted to get into DevOps.
Harikrishnan k


Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course [Udemy]


As the name suggests, this 13.5-hour DevOps course is all about Kubernetes and running and managing your containerized applications through it. To install the requisite software, you can either choose between a local setup docker or select the full cluster on AWS. The DevOps online training course also includes lectures to install Kubernetes in a wide variety of environments. This DevOps training course suggests you have some pre-existing knowledge about Linux / Docker / AWS to understanding the course content better. However, it is not mandatory. You would also learn about how to build apps in containers using docker and then go on to the deployment phase in Kubernetes.


Key topics covered in the DevOps certification training course are:
  • Kubernetes Administration
  • Packaging and deploying on Kubernetes
  • Continuous development with Kubernetes
  • GitOps with Kubernetes
  • Serverless on Kubernetes
  • Installing Kubernetes using EKS


Real-world examples of Wordpress with MySQL have been used to understand the concepts. The DevOps training course optionally makes use of Kubernetes on AWS. However, if you want to learn about AWS itself, then you would need to study an extra AWS DevOps training course.


Reviews by student:
It was a very nice course with lots of information to get started with Kubernetes. I just have one thing to say, it was missing Windows Containers so that we could see works and what doesn't in k8s with Windows as well as how to have a hybrid k8s cluster.
Charles Levesque


Docker Crash Course for busy DevOps and Developers [Udemy]


This is a relatively short DevOps training course for 3 hours that will teach you about the development and deployment of web applications with Docker technologies. The DevOps training course requires you to have some basic knowledge about Git and Linux, Docker Technologies, however, it is not compulsory. Fundamentals about the Docker software have been covered in this DevOps online training course. Further down the road, you would be learning about applying the right docker workflow and continuously delivering better software. From containerizing a web-based application through microservices, automating the workflow using Compose, to skills like setting up continuous integration pipelines, this DevOps training course teaches you all.


Some of the most important topics that you will study in this DevOps training course are:
  • Working with Docker images
  • Deep Dive into Docker Compose Workflow
  • Host Network and Overlay Network
  • Push Docker Images To DockerHub from CircleCI
  • Docker Swarm and Setting up Swarm Cluster
  • Docker Software's Client-Server Architecture


The author of the DevOps training course has worked at many companies such as Amazon and Google. Just like many other Udemy courses, this too, has been backed by a 30-day Udemy guarantee. This DevOps training course can be taken by anybody who wants to learn about Docker technology and gain valuable experience.


Reviews by student:
Very effective course to get started with docker. James Lee did excellent job with designing this course which focuses on essentials of docker and practical hands on coding
Vijay Patil


Architecting with Google Compute Engine Specialization [Coursera]


This is a specialization of 5 DevOps online training courses offered by Google Cloud. The objective of this specialization is to help you build a stable career in Cloud Architecture and design, develop, and manage cloud solutions. The focus of this DevOps online training is on the Compute Engine. Infrastructure components such as networks, systems, and application services will be started in detail through presentations, demos, and hands-on labs in the course. Practical solutions, including securely interconnecting networks, customer-supplied encryption keys, etc. have also been covered thoroughly in this DevOps specialization.


The 5 DevOps online courses in this specialization along with the important topics covered in them are as follows:


Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

Introduction to the important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This is an intermediate level DevOps online course that should take you around 14 hours to complete in 1 week at the suggested pace of 6 to 10 hours per week.


Important topics covered in this DevOps online training course are:
  • Virtual Machines in the Cloud
  • Storage in the Cloud
  • Containers in the Cloud


Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation

This DevOps course will teach you about how to use the Google Cloud Platform through the console and Cloud Shell. This DevOps course will take you around 11 hours to complete in 2 weeks at the suggested pace of 3 to 5 hours per week. It is an intermediate level DevOps online course.


Important topics covered in this DevOps online course are:
  • Virtual Networks
  • Virtual Machines
  • Introduction to GCP


Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services

Customer-supplied encryption keys, security, and access management, quotas are some of the topics covered in this intermediate-level DevOps training online course. You can complete the DevOps training online course in around 13 hours with 2 weeks of study at the suggested taste of 3 to 5 hours per week.


A few important topics covered in the DevOps training online course are:
  • Cloud IAM
  • Storage and Database Services
  • Resource Management


Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation

Securely interconnecting networks, load balancing, autoscaling, and infrastructure automation are some of the concepts that you would be studying in this DevOps course. You should be able to complete the DevOps online course in around 13 hours with 2 weeks of study at the suggested taste of 3 to 5 hours per week.


A few key lessons in the DevOps training online course are:
  • Interconnecting Networks
  • Managed Services
  • Infrastructure Automation


Reliable Cloud Infrastructure: Design and Process

This DevOps training online course teaches you how you can build highly reliable and efficient solutions on Google Cloud Platform, using proven design patterns and principles derived from Google Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). This is an intermediate level DevOps training online course that you can complete in around 12 hours with 2 weeks at the suggested pace of 6 to 8 hours per week.


Core concepts covered in this DevOps training online course are:
  • Defining the Service
  • Business-logic Layer Design
  • Data Layer Design


Cloud Solutions Architects, DevOps Engineers or individuals using Compute Engine are the people for whom this specialization is meant for. However, it can also be taken by anybody willing to learn the Google Compute Engine.


Reviews by student:
When I need courses on topics that my university doesn't offer, Coursera is one of the best places to go.
Larry W.


DevOps Foundations [LinkedIn]


This is a 3-hour beginner level DevOps training online course by the LinkedIn platform where you also have the facility to avail of a free one month trial. The instructors of this DevOps training online course are well-known DevOps practitioners Ernest Mueller and James Wickett. You would be getting an overview of the DevOps movement, and then focus on the core value of CAMS (culture, automation, measurement, and sharing). Further down the road, you would be studying about the various methodologies and tools an organization can adopt to enable transition into DevOps.


Major topics covered in the DevOps course are:
  • 10 practices for DevOps success
  • Kaizen: continuous improvement
  • The building blocks of DevOps
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Design for operation: Metrics and monitoring
  • The future of DevOps


A few sections of this DevOps training course also focus on how old-school principles like ITIL, ITSM, and SDLC fit within DevOps. Finally, the course culminates with the three central tenets of DevOps i.e., infrastructure automation, continuous delivery, and reliability engineering.



We hope that we were able to give you the best resources on this list of the best DevOps certifications, trainings and courses. Again we would like to reiterate that DevOps is not a tool that you can learn and call yourself a DevOps engineer. It is a whole mindset and a process the ultimate goal of which is to see a happy customer. Therefore enrol in the courses only when you are clear about what develops is and what it can do for you. With these words, we take your leave and promise to see you in the next article with more awesome content!


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