7 Best Body Language Classes and Online Courses [Updated June 2023]

Best Body Language Classes and Online Courses


Did you know that almost 93% of our communication is nonverbal? This nonverbal communication consists of body movements and posture, facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, and tone of voice.  Nonverbal cues can help you put others at ease or make them nervous or confused; a negative body language can even act as a deterrent in putting your thoughts across. On the other hand, a positive body language can help you build trust and turn you into a people’s magnet. If you feel you need a helping hand to understand the nuances of body language, enrolling for a body language course can help.


Leaning from experts in some of the successful body language classes can help you in improving your nonverbal cues that are essential to be able to communicate effectively. To help you learn body language online and use these skills to your advantage in your personal or professional life, we at TrumpLearning, in consultation with 14 body language experts have curated a list of best body language classes. Continue scrolling to learn what a typical body language course entails.


7 Best Body Language Classes & Online Training Courses:

  1. The Secrets of Body Language [Udemy]
  2. Never Be Lied to Again: How to Get the Truth in Any Conversation or Situation in 5 Minutes or Less [SkillShare]
  3. The Power of Body Language [CreativeLive]
  4. Free Body Language Online Course [Centerforbodylaguage.com]
  5. Body Language for Entrepreneurs [Udemy]
  6. Body Language [goskills]
  7. Digital Body Language [Udemy]
The Secrets of Body Language [Udemy]


About the course

We would like to begin our list of body language classes with one of the most-selling body language course on Udemy. Since every day we communicate with many people in different setups, having knowledge of these subtle cues can help us gauge others better. Whether you are on a date, or in a business meeting, or negotiating with someone of the street, knowledge of body language can help you mold your conversations accordingly for a positive outcome.


This is one of the best body language online course as the instructor is very engaging and entertaining in her video lectures and most of the course content is based on scientific research which makes it more credible. This course has been created to teach you how to comprehend other’s body language as well as how to improve your own body language to communicate better. In this course, the instructor has also used real-life examples and practical tips that will help you decode the secrets of body language in no time.


This two-hour-long course has been divided into six sections that consist of 22 video classes. What makes this course the best body language course is that the instructor has embedded a quiz in each section to keep a track of your learning and has also included four downloadable resources. The instructor of this course is Vanessa Van Edwards, an author and behavioral investigator at the Science of People which is a human behavior research lab.


This bestseller course to learn body language online has been rated a 4.4 and has already been enrolled by 49,653 students. You can avail of this body language online course by paying a one-time fee that is also backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee. You will be entitled to full lifetime access to this course and will receive a digital certificate on completing all the body language classes which you can access both on mobile and TV. While there are no requisites per se, all you need is a computer with speakers or a smartphone to access the classes.


What will you learn?

By undertaking this online course you will gain the following skills:


  • How to read people and their body language
  • How to detect hidden emotions
  • Face and microexpressions
  • Eye and head behavior
  • The cycle of body language and emotions
  • Signs of a nervous body language
  • Body language of power, confidence, and alphas
  • Positive body language cues
  • Rapport building body language for business and social world
  • Proxemics and Haptics
  • New body language cues called emblems and punctuators
  • How to spot if someone is lying
  • Body language for men and women


Who should take up this course?

This is the best body language course for beginners who wish to demystify body language. Usual participants include:


  • Employers and employees
  • Parents
  • Public Speakers
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Poker players
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Daters


Reviews by Raman Mace
Yes, good match for me. Learning about many of my own body language tells and nervous tics. Learned a lots of useful information.


Never Be Lied to Again: How to Get the Truth in Any Conversation or Situation in 5 Minutes or Less [SkillShare]


About the course

Are you tired of being lied to in your personal or professional life? Does the fear of being cheated make you lose a good night’s sleep?  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. While it is difficult to predict someone’s future actions, a person’s body language can give you the telltale signs and help you mitigate losses.


This body language online course will teach you step-by-step what you should be saying exactly to get the truth out of someone without the other person getting suspicious. There are no pre-requisites to learn body language online in this course. While it has been mentioned as a beginner’s course, the tactics taught here are suitable for all levels of learners.


This is truly the best body language course on lie detection that one can think of as this course has been created by Dr. David Lieberman who conducts training on lie-detection and interview/interrogation for FBI profilers, the NSA, and the United States military. You can rest assured that you are learning from the best since he has also created a program that is mandatory for all Psychological Operations graduates in the United States Air Force. By attending David’s body language classes you will be able to figure out who may be out for you and who may be out to get to you.


This course consists of 11 video classes that will take approx. an hour to complete. At present, it has 1410 enrollments. You can enroll for body language training courses on SkillShare by taking a monthly or annual subscription. This body language course, however, will not provide you a certificate on completion.


What will you learn?

The key takeaways of these body language classes are:


  • Stealth lie detection tactics – what someone is thinking, the alibi buster, and the integrity tester
  • Delay tactics and qualifiers
  • Deflection and depersonalization
  • Impression management
  • Interrogation sequence – timeline distortion, unforced explanations, building the narrative
  • Employing ego defenses


To put these tactics to practice, the instructor has also included in this course a couple of quick exercises to test your newly-acquired lie-detection skills.


Who should take up this course?

This body language course is meant for people who wish to go beyond reading body language. Someone who is tired of being lied to or being manipulated by others can also learn body language online here. Law enforcement security professionals may also undertake these classes to learn the skills.


Reviews by Andreea Popa
Awesome course!!! I wish I knew about it earlier. The examples were very useful and I appreciated the description about the liar's behavior when they know they're guilty. If there is something to be improved (in my opinion) is the speaking pace of the teacher. I am not a native English speaker and even if I use English in my everyday life, I felt the need to rewind at some points and hear again to better understand.


The Power of Body Language [CreativeLive]


About the course

Be it your first date or a job interview, creating a powerful first impression is something we all desire. This body language online course will help you use nonverbal tools to create a positive image and to be the most desirable person in a room. By undertaking the body language classes included in this course, you will be able to:


  • Read people by picking up the visual cues
  • Improve your body language to be a hit in your meetings
  • Detect when a person is lying both in personal and professional space
  • Take charge of telephonic conversations with voice modulation
  • Do a statement analysis to improve your written communication


This course consists of 27 video lessons that will take 15 hours 31 minutes to complete. We have selected this course for our list of best body language course because, in addition to the class content, the instructor of this course has also included exclusive bonus content for the enrollees in the form of downloadable PDFs that would work as your supportive text during the classes. Access to a computer or a smartphone and the willingness to learn are the only things required to get you going for this course.


The instructor of this course is Vanessa Van Edwards who is the lead investigator at the Science of People. More than 38000 students have already enrolled to learn body language online and 98% of them have recommended this course. You can either purchase this course with a single payment or take a monthly subscription, whichever suits you best. Taking a subscription will also give you access to the other classes on Creative Live.  Besides that, you can also access these body language classes offline on a desktop or mobile and can even sync offline on an iPhone or an iPad through their app.


What will you learn?

Taking this course online to learn body language will equip you with the following set of skills:


  • How body language can be used to change perceptions
  • Microexpressions – reading facial cues
  • Discovering and addressing emotional needs
  • Elevator Pitch – common mistakes and  how to rectify them
  • Body language tips for networking
  • Nonverbal sales pitch
  • Human lie detection
  • How to create or improve your nonverbal brand


Who should take up this course?

These body language classes are suitable for anyone of you who wants to learn and identify your verbal and nonverbal language, the impact it is having on the other person, and the ways in which you can improve both for positive outcomes.


Reviews by Samantha Nouy
Very informative. It makes me feeling more confident in front of people. Love ot so much! Just a bit sad about looking for some contents Vanessa is refering to on her website which are not available anymore.


Free Body Language Online Course [Centerforbodylaguage.com]


About the course

If you are searching for free body language training courses, then this is one of the best courses you can opt for. This body language course has been curated by Patryk & Kasia Wezowski, Founders of Center for Body Language an organization that has been conducting body language training for more than ten years.


The body language classes in this two-month-long beginners’ course are the world’s only micro expression training videos in 4K quality, making it one of the best body language course available for free. All you need to do is signup on their website and you will get a new link every week for body language classes. Almost 100,000 people have already enrolled in their courses and benefitted from it.


What will you learn?

Each week you will receive a new lesson by enrolling for this body language online course. The topics are:


  • The three most overlooked hidden signs – introduction to microexpressions
  • Five criteria for accurate interpretations and how to avoid errors in interpretations
  • Positive signs in body language
  • Mind reading in real life
  • Three techniques to spot micro expressions and spotting fake micro expressions
  • Lie detection – how to spot lies
  • Testing your body language skills


Who should take up this course?

This course is suitable for people in sales, job recruiters, and business leaders who want to be able to detect lies and also bolster their sales.


These body language classes are also apt for individuals who wish to increase their emotional intelligence.


Body Language for Entrepreneurs [Udemy]


About the course

Having a sound understanding of body language can help you make those little tweaks that can make or break a business deal. If you are a business owner or planning to run a business in the future, taking body language training courses can benefit you immensely while dealing with clients, investors, or while networking and give you that extra edge over your competitor in the market.


This beginner’s body language online course will teach you how to use the understanding of body language in different aspects of a business. These areas of business dealing include:


  • Customer Relations
  • Nonverbal Brand
  • Building Business Team
  • High-Pressure Business Situations


This body language course has been divided into six sections that comprise of 29 video lessons that will cover the above-mentioned topics in five and a half hours.  The instructor of this course again is Vanessa Van Edwards and Science of People; create of the previous Udemy body language training courses mentioned in our list.  In addition to the body language classes, this course also includes quizzes in each module to keep a track of your progress and two downloadable resources for your help. You will also be awarded a certificate of completion here.


You can avail of this course with a one-time fee that will give you full lifetime access to the content on mobile or TV. This fee is also secured with Udemy’s no questions asked 30-days money-back guarantee. The only two requisites for undertaking these body language classes are interest in body language and a desire to succeed.


What will you learn?

By enrolling into one of Vanessa’s body language training, such as this one, you will pick up the following skills:


  • Using body language for effective networking and to get more clients, business and projects
  • Mastering your nonverbal communication and communicating with confidence
  • Detecting the hidden meaning in business interactions
  • Spotting lies while potential hiring
  • Making a successful elevator pitch and increasing sales effectiveness
  • The right body language for public speaking
  • Increasing your influence and sales effectiveness


Who should take up this course?

This beginner’s body language online course can be undertaken by anyone who wishes to grow their body language in a fun and engaging manner. Individuals who would surely benefit from this body language course include:


  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers and consultants
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Authors
  • Public Speakers
  • Students and whiz kids


Reviews by Berta Martinez
This course had good topics about body language. How this affects the way we interact with each other. As coworkers, leaders, and friends. This was a great experience for me.


Body Language [goskills]


About the course

Next in line in the body language training courses is this course on goskils.com. Professionals face a number of challenges at work every day; having strong communication skills and the right body language can help you communicate effectively with peers, juniors, seniors, as well as your clients. This beginners’ body language course aims to help you refine your body language to come across as a confident and self-assured individual during meetings.


This body language online course consists of 20 online body language classes. The instructor of these classes is TJ Walker who is a public speaking trainer and author. The duration of this course is 3 hours 38 minutes and has a rating of 4.5.


This is one of the best body language course as its content gets updated regularly to stay relevant to the ever-changing business dynamics. This course contains self-paced premium video tutorials, access to unlimited tests and quizzes, and constant support from the course team and instructor.  This course is also certified by the CPD UK (Continuing Professional Development Certification Service). You will grab a certificate of completion that you can share on your professional social media profile. In order to learn body language online through this course, you can take up a monthly or annual subscription of goskills.com.


What will you learn?

The body language classes prescribed in this course will teach you how to assess your body language in a realistic manner without giving into the myths and misconceptions. In this course, you will also learn:


  • Identifying and eliminating the main source of bad body language
  • From the body language of great speakers how to move and communicate
  • How to dress appropriately, choose the right hairstyle and hair color to send the right message
  • Using eye contact as an important tool of body language
  • How to make great first impressions, correct body language for a seated meeting, and how to appear comfortable and approachable for business networking
  • The best practices to overcome your nerves during public speaking, staying poised during press conferences, and being impressive and confident during media interviews
  • The common misconceptions of body language and how to overcome them


Who should take up this course?

Since there are no pre-requisites for this beginner’s course, the body language classes here are suitable for anyone who wants to learn how to conduct oneself at the workplace and in high-pressure business scenarios.


Reviews by Renee Stott
Such a great course, so helpful! Will definitely be coming back to it in the future. Great product!


Digital Body Language [Udemy]


About the course

Our list of body language training courses would have been incomplete without mentioning this best body language course to study how to maintain your digital brand though social media pictures, websites, blogs, etc. This body language online course will debunk some of the common myths of having a digital brand.


Each one of us has an online presence, be it a dating profile, a Facebook or Instagram profile, or an account on LinkedIn. Believe it or not but all of these platforms quality to be termed as our digital brand and maintaining a desirable digital brand needs the right digital body language. Whether you are a business owner or not you need to have a personal digital brand. Also, irrespective of what content you post on your social media profiles, the nonverbal cues play a massive role in forming the perception of your digital brand.


This body language course will help you fix your digital branding problems through the 16 video lessons classified under three sections. The duration of these body language classes is around two hours. This course also comes under the courses created by Vanessa Van Edwards. It has also been termed as a bestseller amongst the top body language courses.


This body language course has a rating of 4.5 and has already been enrolled by 20,195 students. You can grab this course at discounted rates by paying a one-time fee online. In addition to getting full lifetime access to the course content on mobile and TV, this course also comes with a hassle-free 30-days money-back guarantee. What more could you ask for - enroll for this course today to learn body language online.


What will you learn?

These self-paced body language classes for beginners will teach you:


  • How to improve your online presence and personality
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for networking and  meeting prospective employers and employees
  • How to put up better pictures on social profiles to utilize the power of your face and gaze
  • How to level up your digital brand using videos and colors on your website
  • How to use confidence and authenticity cues online


What are the pre-requisites?

Since this body language online course is about maintaining a digital brand, having a social media profile or a website would help it putting the principles to practice to see quicker results.


Who should take up this course?

This body language course is applicable to anyone who has a:


  • A profile on dating apps or websites
  • Anyone with a Facebook profile
  • Business or personal website
  • A LinkedIn profile


Even if you do not fit into any of the above criteria, these body language classes can be taken up by anyone who goes online or is curious to understand online branding.


Reviews by Trevor Kosloski
Very helpful analysis of body language as it pertains to the digital landscape! Definitely made me rethink some of my digital presence.



That brings us to the end of our list of best body language training courses. Our body language plays a crucial role in how we project ourselves to the outside world and how we interact with others by picking up their nonverbal cues. We at TrumpLearning hope that our list of best body language classes would help you adopt the best practices in using and understanding nonverbal communication to succeed in your personal and professional life.


` Best Body Language Classes and Online Courses Reviewed by 14 Body Language Experts 4.4
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