8 Best AutoCAD Courses Online: Take Online AutoCAD Classes [Updated March 2023]

Best Autocad Courses Classes Online


Gone are the days when architects and engineers had to draw the blueprints of buildings, bridges, roads, and machines on papers. Can you imagine being in that era when a small iteration would require you to rework the entire blueprint? It was a designer’s worst nightmare. Apart from being highly frustrating, the whole process led to a lot of waste of time and effort. Thanks to John Walker who along with Autodesk came up with the revolutionary solution – the AutoCAD.


AutoCAD is computer-aided designing software used to create both 2D and 3D drawings for construction and manufacturing. It not only helps in improving the proficiency of designers but also works as a database for manufacturing and for improving communication through documentation. As the software upgraded, it is now also being used by interior designers, graphic designers, product designers, and artists to conceptualize ideas and create efficient drawings.


If you have been planning to take AutoCAD training online and are still rummaging through numerous AutoCAD course online, we are here at your rescue. Since the internet is overflowing with information it is but natural to get caught in the rut about the best AutoCAD training online courses.


TrumpLearning in consultation with 15+ AutoCAD experts has curated a list of top AutoCAD course online. Check out our list below to get a clear idea about AutoCAD courses for beginners as well as advanced AutoCAD course online. Select the course wisely and enroll yourself for the best online AutoCAD classes today.


8 Best AutoCAD course online and online AutoCAD classes:

  1. Complete AutoCAD 2018-21 Course [Udemy]
  2. AutoCAD: 3D Architectural Modeling [Lynda]
  3. Cert Prep for Autodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting [Autodesk]
  4. Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to AutoCAD [SkillShare]
  5. Draft and Craft Designs with AutoCAD [LinkedIn]
  6. Autodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Exam Prep [Coursera]
  7. Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing Specialization [Coursera]
  8. The Complete AutoCAD 2016 Course [Udemy]
Complete AutoCAD 2018-21 Course [Udemy]


For those searching AutoCAD courses for beginners, the first in our list is this comprehensive AutoCAD course online with a whopping 186 online AutoCAD classes to cover the A to Z of AutoCAD. This course requires a basic understanding of the Windows operating system to begin with and access to the AutoCAD software (any version will do). The best online AutoCAD classes under this course hand-hold you from being a newbie to a PRO in AutoCAD in the shortest possible time. By the end of this course, you will be well-quipped for the AutoCAD certified professional exam.


This course covers all the features of AutoCAD 2018, 2019, 2020, and 20121 versions making it one of the most elaborate AutoCAD training online courses.  Those who are already familiar with the software can also take these online AutoCAD classes to hone their skills. The tools and commands in this course are taught using real-world examples and it also contains a separate section to practice drawings such as floor plans, wiring diagrams, surface models, etc.  This AutoCAD course online also has a 150 command list and quizzes eBook at your disposal and offers lifetime access to all its content.


This course has been divided into 20 sections/modules containing 186 online AutoCAD classes spread over 18.5 hours. Mentioned below are some of the topics covered in this expansive AutoCAD course online:
  • Creating and modifying the drawing
  • Status bar toggles
  • Drawing tools and properties and managing drawing with layers
  • Dimensioning and annotations
  • Working with text, tables, blocks, and groups
  • Dynamic blocks
  • Layout, printing, and publishing
  • Customization and collaboration


This is one of the best AutoCAD courses for beginners with a rating of 4.5 and 42,608 students on board. The instructor for this AutoCAD training online is Jaiprakash Pandey, Co-author of Learn AutoCAD book. You can purchase this AutoCAD online course with certificate by paying a one-time fee that also comes with a money-back guarantee. What more can you ask for, right?


Review by Nidhi Khattar
The way everything was explained, precisely was above my expectations. It's the perfect course for all those out there who are gonna start AutoCAD from scratch. Definitely worth a five star rating!!


AutoCAD: 3D Architectural Modeling [Lynda]


AutoCAD is being used extensively by architects and engineers as it makes 2D and 3D modeling a much simpler and time-saving process. If you are an architect working on 2D designs, this course can help you take your game up a notch. This intermediate AutoCAD course online has been designed specifically to learn 3D animation and 3D drawing using AutoCAD tools.


This intermediate course has been divided into seven modules covered in 4 hours26 minutes that help you step-by-step to build a 3D community center based on an archetypal midcentury design. Under these modules you will learn:
  • Arranging elevations and sections around a plan
  • Rotating objects in 3D
  • Modeling doors, windows, stairs, and a tower
  • Building slabs
  • Build the second floor and roof surface
  • Sculpt the terrain with NURBS surfaces


This course uses AutoCAD 2019 version for the online AutoCAD classes. The instructor of these online AutoCAD classes is Scott Onstott, a trainer specializing in CAD, 3D, and other software used in architecture, engineering, and construction. This is a subscription-based course available on LinkedIn Learning and has already been viewed by 24, 955 people. No certificate is awarded at the end of this course.


Cert Prep for Autodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting [Autodesk]


If you are already comfortable with the basic tools of AutoCAD and want guidance to prepare for the exam to become Autodesk certified professional, this is the best Autodesk online training you need. You know you are in trusted hands as the course has been designed by Autodesk itself.


This is an advanced architecture AutoCAD course online that will give you an overview of the skills required to undertake the certified professional exam.  The course consists of 10 modules that are in-line with the exam’s objective domains and follow similar workflow and features of the software.


The key takeaways of this Autodesk online training are:
  • Drawing and organizing objects, using advanced editing functions, and managing layers
  • Drawing with accuracy using the User Coordinated System
  • Creating and managing layouts, outputs, printings
  • Using annotation techniques such as markup tools, hatch and fill, multileaders, and dimensioning
  • Performing drawing management techniques
  • Demonstrating the skills and knowhow to undertake the Autodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting exam


This is a free AutoCAD course online offered by the Autodesk design academy. It has a 4+ rating and 3542 enrollments. This course does not offer any certificate on completion but surely prepares you for the professional certification exam.


Autodesk AutoCAD Masterclass: The Ultimate Guide to AutoCAD [SkillShare]


Scouring the net for AutoCAD courses for beginners? Join this SkillShare AutoCAD course online to take the best online AutoCAD classes at your convenience. This is truly one of the best AutoCAD courses for beginners who wish to learn from scratch how to create computer-aided designs, 3D models, and architectural drafts.


This 10 hour 55 minutes long course consists of 91 video lectures to learn and practice the basic tools of AutoCAD. You can also download AutoCAD training online videos and study at your own pace. At the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to create technical and precise drawings or work on existing drawings.


The key topics covered in the online AutoCAD classes are:
  • Drawing basic and complex shapes
  • Working with properties and layers
  • Edit commands
  • Blocks, annotations, and dimensions
  • Hatching, templates, and xRefs
  • Printing and publishing


This AutoCAD course online has been created by Ozgur Gorgun, an Adobe and Maxon certified instructor. He has worked with some of the biggies in the film and TV industry such as SKY, Sony Pictures, BBC, Google, etc. This is a subscription-based course and the online AutoCAD classes have been enrolled by 1203 students. Though this AutoCAD course online does not provide a certificate on completion, however, you can avail of a 50% discount on the official AutoCAD certification exam.


Review by Nathaniel Thomas
I took this class as a means to entering into AutoCAD. I learned an awful lot even on my first day! This is an excellant resource for a beginner such as myself. I cannot yet speak to whether it is a good tool for more advanced users, as I myself am not one, but from as far as beginners, this class takes things one-at-a-time, not rushing or lingering too much on any one topic. The instructor is very clear and well articiulated (I like the accent!), and has a very reassuring tone. This class is a fun, easy to follow, experience!


Draft and Craft Designs with AutoCAD [LinkedIn]


Civil engineers, engineers, and architects have to work daily with numerous 2D designs for construction, manufacturing, etc. If you can relate to this, or aspire to build a career in these fields take up this short AutoCAD course online to learn the basics or to brush up your design and drawing skills. By taking up this AutoCAD training online you will be able to draw simple geometry, create annotations, and build documentation for sharing and printing.


This AutoCAD course online has been divided into four main modules consisting of a total of 25 online AutoCAD classes. Module 1 – The AutoCAD interface Module 2 – Drawing simple geometry Module 3 – Annotate simple designs Module 4 – Communicate your design intent


The instructor of this AutoCAD course online is Shaun Bryant, an Autodesk certified instructor. The online AutoCAD classes have been watched by 35,396 people already. You can also download the files used in the online AutoCAD classes for the ease of learning. This AutoCAD course online can either by subscribed with a one-month free trial or bought with a one-time fee. However, this AutoCAD training online does not offer any certificate upon completion.


Autodesk Certified Professional: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Exam Prep [Coursera]


This AutoCAD course online is another option for professionals who wish to prepare and apply for the Autodesk professional certification in order to stand out in the competitive world. The lessons in this AutoCAD online course with certificate are attuned with the format of the exam and mirror the exam’s objective domains. The online videos in this course are the best online AutoCAD classes as they follow the same work-flow as that of the software.


Since professional certification is the recognized standard for measuring your proficiency in the software, this course is meant for advanced users who already have sound knowledge of the tools and features. This is the best online AutoCAD course for individuals who have around 400-1200 hours of real-world experience with the software and have been using AutoCAD for at least 2 years.


No wonder this is one of the best online AutoCAD course as it has been designed by Autodesk itself. The Autodesk online training spreads over two weeks and consists of 41 online AutoCAD classes, 23 readings, and 4 quizzes. The AutoCAD training online has been divided into two broad modules that take approx. 17 hours to complete.


  • Week 1
    • Advanced drawing
    • Organize objects
    • Drawing with accuracy


  • Week 2
    • Layouts, printing, and outputs
    • Annotation techniques
    • Reusable content
    • Drawing management


This AutoCAD course online has a rating of 4.7 and has been enrolled by 34,599 students. This is a subscription-based Autodesk online training course. You can also avail of financial aid for the ease of payment. This is an AutoCAD online course with certificate that offers flexible deadlines.


Review by AG
Thank you for this course. I get know experience and knowledge in using different kinds of online tools which are useful and effective. I'll use some of them during my lessons. And lots of thanks.


Autodesk CAD/CAM for Manufacturing Specialization [Coursera]


AutoCAD has revolutionized the manufacturing industry and has become the most widely used software. Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) have helped to automate the design and manufacturing process which has led to faster production, reduction in iterations and errors, and subsequent reduction in cost and waste. If you belong to the manufacturing industry and wish to up the ante, taking this specialization will help sharpen your skills.


The intermediate specialization offered on Coursera is a series of four AutoCAD course online with the best online AutoCAD classes that will help you understand the fundamentals of CAD and toolpath generation. If you are already familiar with the basics you can choose from the four courses that you wish to undertake. However, subscribing to any of the courses under will automatically subscribe to the entire specialization of the AutoCAD online course with certificate.


Under this AutoCAD course online you will also develop technical skills to use Autodesk Fusion 360™, an integrated concept-to-production platform.  This Autodesk online training course is the best online AutoCAD course as it will help you unlock an additional Autodesk credential. You will earn a digital badge and certificate that you can showcase on your social media profiles for better job prospects.


The four courses offered in this AutoCAD training online are: Course 1 – Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining Course 2 – 3-Axis Machining with Autodesk Fusion 360 Course 3 – Creating Toolpath for a CNC Lathe Course 4 – Multi-Axis CNC Toolpath


This is one of the best online AutoCAD course that will take four months to complete. The online AutoCAD classes are loaded with quizzes and also a hand-on-project which you will need to finish for earning a certificate. This is a subscription-based specialization that also has an option of financial aid. This AutoCAD online course with certificate has a rating of 4.9 and is already subscribed by 4397 students.


Review by Pronita G.
Coursera helped me hone my skills and switch careers thanks to high-quality coursework, readings, exercises, video lectures, and discussion forums.


The Complete AutoCAD 2016 Course [Udemy]


This AutoCAD online course with certificate is a precursor to the first course in our list -The Complete AutoCAD 2018-21 Course. This is the best AutoCAD course for beginners as it only requires a basic knowledge of the Windows operating system. This course is fit for students who aspire to make a career in engineering design or architecture and thus ranks high in AutoCAD courses for beginners.


Undertaking these online AutoCAD classes will help you learn the software from scratch and reach a professional level. You will be able to work on projects that require AutoCAD skill set and make high-quality engineering drawings. While this course uses AutoCAD 2016 as the base for the AutoCAD training online, the lessons are relevant for other versions as well.  The classes under the course are the best online AutoCAD classes as they cover some of the very basic commands and tools that other courses may overlook.


The USPs of this AutoCAD training online are:
  • Explanation of the commands and sub-commands
  • Example based lectures
  • Application of commands in real-life designing and drafting
  • Use of actual engineering drawings as data files
  • Advanced topics such as dynamic blocks and sheet set also included
  • Tips for troubleshooting and repairing drawing files


This AutoCAD training online too has been created by Jaiprakash Pandey, a certified Autodesk AutoCAD professional. This AutoCAD online course with certificate has a rating of 4.3 and has already been enrolled by 4949 students. You can purchase this AutoCAD course online by paying a one-time fee which also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.


Review by Bharat Madan
Easy to understand and very practical for a person like me who has no knowledge of Autocad. Thank you very much for such an easy course to understand the basic of Autocad .



Sound working knowledge of AutoCAD will go a long way in ensuring lucrative jobs in the field of designing, engineering, and manufacturing. As more and more professions are moving towards automation, one needs to be updated on the technology and skills to stay relevant to the industry. Even if you are completely unfamiliar with the software at present, it is never too late to begin. Scan the AutoCAD training online courses once again and decide the best online AutoCAD course for yourself. Whether you are looking for the best online AutoCAD classes, an AutoCAD online course with certificate, or want to undertake Autodesk online training, we have covered it all. We hope that TrumpLearning along with its team of experts was able to help you give a detailed overview of the best online AutoCAD classes. Keep learning keep shining!


Best Autocad Courses Classes Online Reviewed by 15 Autocad Experts 4.6
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