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How to Prepare for TOEFL Examination?

Do you intend to attend one of the top-rated universities in an English-speaking country? Well, if yes, you already know how important TOEFL is for materializing this dream. Thus, you must understand how to prepare for TOEFL? What is the requirement for English to qualify for this exam? How to study for TOEFL? Would you need any preparation course to pass this exam without any hassle? How long does it take to prepare for TOEFL? And lastly, what all can you do to accentuate your abilities to take the TOEFL test or rather as we’d like to put it what is the best way to prepare for TOEFL? We’ll answer all of this, and more through the course of this article.



Well for starters, TOEFL is an important proficiency test, which can be your gateway to the several thousands of universities from around the globe. Taking this test would give you an advantage of being a part of one of the most recognized universities in countries like Canada, US, and Australia. So, TOEFL is your tool to shine, where and when it matters the most, i.e., at the time of the admissions.


It is prima-facie a test for every individual from a non-native English language country to assess their ability to speak, write, read, and hear the language as it would be spoken amidst the classroom and the university. The primary goal of the TOEFL examination is to ensure that you are adept at expressing yourself freely and confidently with language not being a barrier in any way.


So, here, we have come up with a list of 10 Steps formulated by 10 language experts, which will answer the big question – How to prepare for TOEFL? It is our sincere effort to help you find the best way to prepare for TOEFL.


Step 1: Know the format of the questions in the TOEFL Test

Well, for anyone who intends to appear for the TOEFL test, you must get familiar with the format of the test even before you start to look for how to prepare for TOEFL. Further, you need to know the answers to the questions asked in the examination and locate the test centres around you. To get better clarity on all your questions related to how to study for TOEFL or the TOEFL format, you can enrol in a TOEFL online prep course wherein the expert tutors will ensure that you prep for TOEFL in a manner that it is certain for you to clear the examination.


Primarily the TOEFL test comprises of 4 sections – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. So, to ace the test, your 4 communication skills will be checked. You’ll start with reading or listening, and then respond to it by speaking or writing. To get a better hold and to pass this test, you can get yourself enrolled in the TOEFL course online. The good thing about these courses is that they’ll give you a complete guide on how to prepare for TOEFL exam and a thorough practise so that you’ll have enough confidence to pass the exam without any hassle.


To understand how to prepare for TOEFL test, you need to have a thorough understanding of the structure of the TOEFL exam. So, here, let’s take a look at the structure.


Structure of the TOEFL exam


  • Reading 

    Under this, you’ll have to read through the passage and then answer the questions that follow. This part will have about 30 to 40 questions, and the time allotted for it would be 54 to 72 minutes depending on the number of questions in the section.

  • Listening 

    Under this, there’ll be a brief classroom discussion or a lecture, and then you’ll have to answer questions with regard to this session. In it, you’ll face approximately 28 to 39 questions, and the time allotted to attempt these questions would be approximately 41 to 57 minutes.After the two sections, you’ll be given a break of 10 minutes.

  • Speaking 

    Following the break, there’ll be a 17-minute speaking test, wherein you’ll have to perform 4 tasks. You can speak about some familiar topic, or discuss the material that heard or read in the previous sections.

  • Writing 

    Lastly, there’ll be a writing test, which will involve two tasks to be completed in 50 minutes. For this, you’ll have to listen to an audio record and read a passage, then write down your response accordingly.


There are some brilliant TOEFL courses online, which you can enrol yourself in to crack this tough nut and get answers on how to prepare for TOEFL. The good thing about these courses is that they’ll give you enough practice of all the four sections to ensure that there’s no way you do not clear this test in one go.


Step 2: Why are you taking this test? What should be your score to clear it?

How to prepare for TOEFL IBT, knowing that around the world there are more than 9000 agencies, colleges, institutions, and the universities, which admit you only once you clear the TOEFL test. This rule is applicable in more than 130 countries. However, to prepare well, you need to first ascertain your reason for taking this test. Why exactly are you taking it? Different people have different reasons to prep for TOEFL.


For instance, some people take the TOEFL test:


  • Just to ascertain how proficient they are with the English language
  • To land their dream job in a foreign country
  • To get admission in a course in university from an English native country
  • To apply to their dream university
  • To fulfil the immigration requirement


So, firstly, you need a thorough clarity on your reason for taking the test. Then, based on this reason, you’ll need to plan as to how to study for TOEFL? A thorough study routine will help you clear the passing requirement of the test.


For instance, if you are taking up the test to get into your dream university, you need to perform well in all the four sections, because all of the sections will be essential for you to survive in this English-native university. Take up an online TOEFL course, tell them about your objective of giving the examination, and then they’ll guide you on how to prepare for TOEFL test accordingly.


Step 3: Fill in the examination form when you are thoroughly ready

TOEFL examination is not any low-cost examination. So, prepare for the examination well, and then accordingly book your date of examination when you are ready and confident about your language skills. You can get enrolled in one of the TOEFL preparation course and streamline your preparation process.


Step 4: (Most Important) – Practice, a lot of practice

Well, we cannot stress the importance of practice enough while answering the question how to prepare for TOEFL? Without practice, you cannot pass the TOEFL test. Head to the official website of TOEFL, read through their practice guide, get yourself enough practice resources, and then take the exam.


Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it isn’t easy going to a university abroad or bagging a dream job in the foreign land. However, to simplify all of it to an extent, you can enrol in a reputed and an authentic TOEFL course online where the tutors will ensure that you are well acquainted with the test, and only then take up the test. In your online preparation, they’ll help you get familiar with all the four sections so that you can quickly solve the questions in the allotted time. However, to do well in this exam, you certainly need a lot of practice. You can find some free resource guides on the website of TOEFL that can give you a good kick-start.


Step 5: Enroll yourself in a TOEFL preparation course

There are millions of students and applicants across the world who prep for TOEFL. But do you know why a lot of them do not get through this exam? Well, it is predominantly because they aren’t prepared well for it. So, an important element of how to prepare for TOEFL exam is practising enough.


So, yes, practice is the only way to succeed in this test. However, to ensure that your practice and the time is going in the right direction, you need an online preparation course for TOEFL that will give you a direction on how to study for TOEFL exam. The good thing about these courses is that they’ll first familiarize you with the kind of questions that you’ll be asked in the examination, and then it will be followed by giving you the adequate practice of these questions.


Moreover, before the actual TOEFL test, these preparation courses will check your abilities and understanding through a series of mock tests. So, in the mock tests, the pattern, structure, time allocation, and the type of questions will be similar to the actual TOEFL examination. These TOEFL preparation courses, will not put you through one such test, there’ll be tests after tests to ensure that there’s no chance of failure.


Do you know why we advocate the TOEFL course online over self-preparation? Because, before you start with the preparation course, the tutor will take a test to understand how much work he has to do with you. Then based on this, your preparation course for TOEFL will be tailored. Trust us when we say this, they know the drill and can help you do it better.


Step 6: Download the TOEFL Go! Application

To be updated about all the latest news and information with regards to your TOEFL examination, you need to have the TOEFL Go! Application on your phone. It is an application by ETS, which is responsible for the drafting of your TOEFL tests. Having the application in your phone is necessary to ensure that you get all the insider tips that you might need before appearing for the test. You can buy resources, practice from the free available resources, understand the structure of the program, analyze your progress, and do a lot more. Those who wish to have all the tips on how to prepare for TOEFL test at their fingertips, this app will certainly be helpful. You can download it for free from the Play Store or the App Store.


Step 7: Know some tips for improving your English

Enrolling in the TOEFL course is only one aspect of how to study for TOEFL. But to be ready for TOEFL exam, you need to work on your language. For this you should:

  • Watch some English shows or movies with subtitles to get more reading practice
  • Listen to English radio channels
  • Get listening practice from audiobooks
  • Read English novels
  • Listen to English music
  • Converse in English with your family and friends
  • Join a conversation group, where you can interact with different other people in English


Step 8: How much time should you dedicate if you want to prepare for TOEFL the best way?

Honestly, the time that you need to dedicate to TOEFL preparation depends completely on you and your level of understanding and grasping the things. So, how to study for TOEFL? While some feel a 2-week preparation is enough for them, others dedicate 2 months to prepare well for the examination. If you join TOEFL online courses, you can find courses which come with 2-weeks plan, 4-weeks plan, and 2-months plan. You can pick the course that you think will help you the best. So, whether you prepare yourself or get an online TOEFL course, the time you dedicate to it would depend on the results that you wish to seek and your effective study hours.


Step 9: Time is the deciding factor

If you follow the guidelines listed here on how to study for TOEFL well, your English proficiency will certainly improve. However, even though you have the right skill, you might fail the exam, if you do not complete it in time. So, practice enough mocks and time your tests so that you get into the habit of completing it in due time without feeling pressurized.


Step 10: Be consistent and prioritize your goals

There’s no shortcut to success. So, be consistent in your preparation, focus on your goals, and forget the rest. If you follow the correct instructions by experts on how to prepare for TOEFL nobody can stop you from acing this test, irrespective of your accent. For somebody who’s just started learning English, there will be problems, and you’ll have your share of insecurities, but remember no good thing comes easy.


Remember to ace the examination, all you need to do is:


  • Answer all the questions in the four sections of the examination
  • Answer these questions in correct grammar
  • Try to express yourself as accurately as possible


In both writing and speaking sections, it is not your knowledge on the topic that would count, what would count the most is how you express yourself even if you have minimum knowledge on the subject. So, enrol yourself in one of the courses available online and get ready to live your dream of working or studying in one of the top universities in the world.


Hopefully, with the ten steps listed above, the big mystery around the question – how to study for TOEFL exam is solved.